Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories

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By: War Dove Afraid that Sesshoumaru will abandon her soon, Rin takes desperate measures to ensure she will forever be able to remain by his side. I do not own InuYasha and its characters in any way, shape or form. I'm not sure how people will react to this, because of the content, which includes death, rebirth and sex all in one generally making this just plain weird I think.

But as usual I throw it out to whoever re this to judge whether it's and okay fic or just plain crap. This one-shot is a lemon, so it does contain sex.

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My breath quickens as my eyes catch his approach, always silent and graceful, as if he glides on the air itself. I flutter my lashes as I take in the male figure before me, tall and lean, but strong and powerful. He is already nude, having just come from the hot springs, minutes after I had left. His body still wet, I cannot help but follow the path of the be of water that drizzle slowly down his tight, muscular form. His long, white tresses, tussled by the light wind appear as streaks of the finest silver as they catch the moonlight perfectly, creating an aura of magnificent beauty, an unearthly god who has graced the earth to come to the woman he so dearly feels for.

I raise my hands to close the gaps of my garment, but their wrists are caught and stilled, the taunt muscles of his arm flex as his grip on my wrists tighten somewhat. Now, let me look at you. And when the sharp orbs of golden light return to catch the glint of my dark eyes I see in them the look of heated lust and pure desire, softened, however by an eternal promise that he will always love and cherish me. His hand releases my wrists, only to capture the back of my obi secured around my waist and with a few effortless tugs the red material is gone, having been left to lye at my feet.

I then feel his large, soft hand gliding up my back where his fingers then hook under the collar of my kimono, parting it even more, until it is fully open and off of my shoulders. He then lets it go so that the soft material slides down the rest of my body, pooling at my feet ing the white silk with the red, resembling blood on snow.

Long, nimble fingers that can only be his run briefly through my loosened ebon hair, hair which has never been bound back nor cut, as per request of my guardian and soon-to-be lover. Catching a few of the thick locks, he tugs down on them gently, so that I am once again looking up at him. His eyes still watching me, watching always, ever since I was child, for I know he has always loved me, though Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories cannot remember when it was he began to lust for me.

When his eyes started seeing me, no longer as a little girl, but as a grown woman with needs and desires, beauty and grace, with the capacity to give him everything that he could ever want, in this life and all others.

I no longer think of those things as his lips descend upon mine, their kiss chaste and simple, but only for a moment before turning brutal and desirous as our bodies pull down on each other until we are both on the ground, lying horizontal to one another, his body spread over mine and his hand everywhere upon in. My hands cup his face and I force him to look at me, one of the few times he has ever let me control his actions.

Joy in the fact that I know I please him. Joy in the fact that I know I will forever be by his side, and joy in the fact that we can truly be free to love one another as we wish. One day seems like a lifetime. One day after the eve of my nineteenth birthday, and one day since my transformation. Before then, it had been three years since Sesshoumaru had begun putting more distance between us then he had ever done before. Three years he had talked about my leaving, so that I could return where I belonged, to the human world, the world where I could find a mate of my kind to love and fulfill my needs.

He was foolish however thinking that that is what I wanted. I no longer cared for my kind, just as I know he did not care for them. I no longer considered myself human though I knew it was something he could never forget about me. However, I never argued, for I had grown so accustomed to listening to everything that Sesshoumaru told me, that I questioned him little, if any.

But, the heart of a woman can be stubborn and defiant, even against a great demon, the one who had been her master for as long as she could remember. My demon savior had always taught me to be resourceful and smart, cunning and sly and it was with these skills that I sought out Kikyo, the only one who could help me fulfill my request for eternal youth and life. I remember it very well. That in the Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories men will only betray your trust and use your life for their own means and gains and then discard you with little regard or remorse.

I told her however that my lord Sesshoumaru was different, that I knew he could love me, that he wanted to love and that if she refused to grant my wish that I would then make sure that she truly would be dead forever. She smiled thinly and raised an eyebrow to my threats, her cold, hard eyes laughing at me. I knew she was not afraid, not intimidated, but that I was desperate and in love, willing to do whatever it was to gain the man that I wanted. She pulled from her pocket a dagger, with a white ivory handle and sliver tipped blade.

Then, with both hands she held it out to me telling me that in order to be reborn as one like her that I at first would have to die. With shaking hands but a solid resolve I took the metal from her, grasping the hilt firmly, pointing the blade inward between my breasts, and with a final thought of Sesshoumaru and a quick, forceful thrust I plunged the dagger's tip into my flesh and pushed it in even more, until the entire blade had been swallowed by my heart. I gasped aloud and felt the blood swell up through my chest and into my throat where I began to gag and choke, the lack of air forcing me to my knees.

There was so much pain, so much blood, but no regrets for this was an ends to a means and soon I would return to my lord Sesshoumaru a new woman, no longer a pitiful, lowly human. My ears picked up a faint cry of my name and as I collapsed upon my side I saw him at a distance nearing me until he was by me, holding me in his arms.

It matters not, now. He had bypassed my question with his subtle evasiveness; humility will never be a trait my master will ever cultivate. I had expired, only to be minutes later reborn, as I had died, in the arms of my love. And as he raises his body once more over mine, he shares with me the taste he so loves, in the sweetest, most intense osculation. His fingers fan over my breasts, his thumb and forefingers pinching and teasing my nipples and when his mouth finally does catch up, placing upon them its own pleasurable torments I can no longer take it and I come once more.

I am now breathless and limp, sated to the point of exhaustion but still I ask for him to enter me. To fill me, complete me, to make me his forever. And so he does. It only takes a single, powerful thrust before he is through my virgin barrier, wedged deep inside of my more then ready canal. I squirm somewhat and Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories my cry of pain, for it is merely the final phase of pain that I will ever feel to be with my Sesshoumaru.

He then begins to move his thick and lengthily girth inside of me, pulling and then thrusting forward, pulling and then thrusting forward, over and over again, setting a steady, rhythmic pace, holding me tight against his body the entire time. You are pure bliss. A warm heat begins to stir and grow within my lower body, a heat as I have never felt before, a heat that I wish would not leave even if it were to sear my flesh from its very bone. But cease it does and soon I am cool once more, my body shivering as apparent from the goose bumps on my body as I find myself welcoming the cold just as much as the heat.

He hovers over me a few more seconds before dislodging himself from me completely. I moan at the loss but not at the feel of the fluids that escape from where his sex had been. Mine and his combined as one, never can it Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories because of my state of being, but then, each other is all we will ever need.

Now on his back he pulls me to him, we are still both naked, the stars having been witness to our first union, knowing that this is only the first of many that they will see between us.

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You have no need for those kinds of things anymore. I wonder if he would ever have spoken to me or touched me so gently had I never lost my mortal shell. To mimic his words, it matters not. We say no more to each other and continue to lye on the soft grass that is just beginning to catch the first drops of the morning dew.

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I close my eyes hearing the cry of the eel-like creatures coming to me, swimming among the waves of the invisible breeze. Bringing to me the souls of the race that I have forsaken, to be forever with the one I had always promised to love.

Sesshomaru and rin lemon stories

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