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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 24th of July Report. This is a fictional story; none of the people in this story are real. My name is Marty, I'm 22 years old, and have a younger stepsister Abbie who is I didn't have a problem with this as she had never been any bother. The weekend came and Saturday started as any normal Saturday did and for most of the day I was lazing about in my room watching TV and listening to music. Later in the afternoon, I took my Dad and Sharon to the airport so they didn't have to pay for parking and saw them off at the terminal.

When I got back, Abbie was in her room watching TV so I saw this as a prime opportunity to have a wank. I walked into my room closed the door and put my PC on and loaded a porno, took my clothes off and laid on my bed and started masturbating. After about 5 minutes, Abbie came bursting into my room shouting about something she had just seen, mid sentence she must have noticed the porno on my PC and then seen me laying naked on my bed, hard cock in hand. I just lay there in shock not really realising what was happening, she just stood there staring at my cock.

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You see for a 15 year old she had a really hot body and her tits where very well developed about 34C, just a bit more than a handful each, just the way I like them. Still ignoring me she lunged for my cock and started rubbing it to see what it felt like. It felt so good to have her young hands wrestling with my throbbing member. A grin started to form on my face and she looked at me and saw it. When I noticed her looking at me the grin quickly disappeared. She had a point, but it still made me uncomfortable. Having thought about it for long enough, my animal urges took over.

I slowly guided her hand back down to my still hard cock and she took hold of it. I shifted to the edge of the bed and pushed her down between my legs. Her hand worked up and down my shaft, and it felt like she had done this sort of thing before, but she assured me that this was her first time touching a cock.

She started moving her hand faster and faster and her other hand slipped down the front of her jeans and knickers and she started to rub her pussy, she must have been really wet down there as she bought her hand up from her pussy and used the juices to lube my cock up some more.

As she got more into what she was doing, I could see her moving her mouth towards my groin, and she looked up at me for confirmation. With that she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of my raging hard on. That was nearly enough to send me over the edge, but I kept my cool. Liking what she tasted, she slowly slid her lips round the top of my cock and started sucking on it. One of her hands had worked its way down to her pussy again and was rubbing it furiously. Between slurps, she let out low guttural moans that just served to turn me on more.

With all that was going on I was very close to losing it, and after about 2 more minutes of her sucking I felt my cum start to rise. It raced up my shaft. I tried Sex with step sister story pull back, but the bed stopped me, and her sucking mouth followed me. I felt the first spurt, and then Abbie pulled me out of her mouth and I finished squirting on to her cute face. She kept rubbing my cock as it began to soften and I sat up and looked at her, amazed at how good she had been for a beginner.

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She just knelt there on the floor looking at me with splashes of cum on her cheeks and chin. She brought one hand up to wipe the cum off of her face and licked it off her hand. I noticed she still had her hand down the front of her jeans, rubbing her young pussy. I stood up and gently pulled her up from the floor. I looked at her and it suddenly dawned on me that she was still fully clothed.

She finished pulling her top over her head and pulled her jeans off so she was stood in just her underwear. She was wearing a purple silk bra and panty set, and she looked even more hot than I thought possible. I could see a wet patch on her panties where her juices had soaked through. My cock twitched back to life and she just stood there staring at me obviously not sure what to do next.

When we finally broke the kiss my hands slid down her back to the clasp on her bra and undid it. I pulled her bra off and she gasped as her young breasts were exposed to the cool air. The first look I got of my young stepsisters breasts was breathtaking, for such a young girl her body was that of a goddess, her cute face framed with mousy brown her, her slender neck and shoulders leading down to the most magnificent pair of breasts I had ever seen.

Sex with step sister story nipples were no less than perfect pointing straight out from a small circle of dark pink areola. Then on to her mid section, her beautiful curvy hips, then round the back was her small but pert arse. Then round the front again, her panties were still covering her pussy, teasing me as to what may come later on. Then finally, a long slender pair of legs that any man would have killed to have wrapped around his head. She stood there waiting for me to tell her what to do, I thought for a bit and then it hit me.

I moved towards her and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and started to pull them off. She lifted her butt up off the bed so I could slide them off easily. If possible, her pussy was even more breathtaking than her tits.

It was shaved bare, just the way I like it, and all you could see from the outside was the outer lips and the slit in between. Her cunt lips glistened with pussy juices. Without hesitation, Abbie shifted herself so she was leaning on the headboard. She then spread her long legs and started slowly stroking her inner thighs as I climbed onto the end bed on my knees directly between them.

My stiff penis was throbbing and pulsating like never before and my balls were already dark and swollen. My eyes stayed glued on Abbie, as my hand started stroking Sex with step sister story cock. Not believing how turned on I was. I struggled to keep my grip and strokes light. Abbie, keeping her legs spread, lifted her knees and moved her feet closer to her arse. Smiling seductively, she looked down and we both watched breathlessly as her fingers lightly passed down over pussy and made first contact with the fully exposed lips of her pussy.

She gasped and shuddered lightly as I quickly squeezed the base of my throbbing, fully engorged penis to keep my hot, sticky load contained. Gently separating her swollen outer lips, she quickly located her erect clit. Using her middle finger, she began flicking the hot, swollen button, increasing the speed as her moans merged into one long, building wail. Spreading her thighs even more, she thrust her pelvis upwards and shifting her left hand under her butt and slipping a finger into her tight arsehole. I couldn't believe I was not only getting to watch this, but masturbating while doing so!

We both watched breathlessly as her fingers reached a frantic pace in both her pussy and her arse. Her shoulders and breasts turned bright pink, her breathing coming in short, quick gasps. My hand moved even faster over my engorged penis and I gasped for air myself. Suddenly Abbie's torso lunged upwards as she moaned loudly, thrusting her pelvis in a series of uncontrollable spastic jerks. The veins in her reddening neck strained, her head jerked violently and her toes clenched shut as her moans turned again to gasps.

Seeing my fantasy happen was even better than I had imagined and my throbbing cock was pulsating as never before. Her movements had now gradually slowed and she smiled contently, still gasping for breath but, moaning appreciatively as each load of my swollen ball's production was launched. Finally, the last drops of hot, sticky fluid slowly spewed from my gradually deflating penis.

I fell back totally spent onto the bed. Abbie, her face still flushed just lay there rubbing my cum into her breasts and still erect nipples. As we lay there, she looked at me with her gorgeous hazel eyes and smiled the same little mischievous smile she always had. From now on, that smile wouldn't look nearly as innocent as I'd once thought. I worried for a moment that as the afterglow began to fade I'd suddenly regret getting this physical with my own step sister, but nothing could have been further from the truth; I wanted more, and I could tell there was no way she'd be satiated yet.

I reached out and helped her to rub my cum into her breasts, and her grin gave way to an open smile as her eyes closed at the sensation. I could see her hands grasping at the bed sheets as I ran my fingers across her nipples. She pulled my head up to hers, her mouth meeting mine once again. I was lying across her now, and as we kissed passionately she hooked her leg over mine and pulled me tight into her crotch. My erection was now rock hard again, and so I lifted myself completely on top of her, as she parted her legs to let me between them.

Taking my cock in one hand, I rubbed my head up and down her pussy lips, parting them more and more with each stroke and eventually, gently, entered her. I felt myself bump against her virginity and taking her in my arms I thrust forward firmly, breaking through the delicate membrane and onward into the deep recesses of her pussy. I looked down at her face and Abbie winced as I penetrated her, but that look soon melted into one of ecstasy as the pleasure of taking her first cock took over.

Slowly at first, I began to thrust inside her. As I did, I looked into her eyes and thought how that for most of the night I'd been Sex with step sister story of her as just another girl I was now fucking, but now the realisation that I was deep inside my 15 year old stepsister was right at the front of my mind, and I was loving every moment of it.

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If anybody found out our family would be furious with both of us, but the taboo just made me want her more. I thrust harder, each push going a little deeper and producing a more ecstatic moan from Abbie. She had her arms tight around my back, pulling my head next to hers while she panted and moaned into my ear. Suddenly I felt her lift her legs up, and the next thrust went even deeper, and she cried out in pleasure again.

Wrapping her legs around my arse, she began rocking beneath me, pushing herself into my thrusts in time, plunging my cock deeper inside her. I stopped pulling in and out for a moment and started grinding against her, my crotch pressed permanently against hers as my shaft pushed gently back and forth inside her pussy. She let her arms go slightly to let me up, and turned her head to kiss me again as we lay writhing on the bed together.

I could feel her pussy start to tighten around me, and she released her kiss to let her head fall back against the pillow, eyes closed as her breathing got heavier and faster with each moan. I knew that was my cue, and started to thrust in and out again. She let her legs go from around me and now brought her knees right up towards her chest, legs in the air as my cock stroked in and out of her.

I hooked my arms over the backs of her thighs, and she smiled as I pushed her knees further back, letting me even further inside. As I plunged deeper for the first time, she screamed, and her pussy clenched around my shaft. I kept going, each push against her tight pussy producing another scream as her orgasm waved over her. I released Abbie's legs and they fell back beside mine, as I continued sliding gently in and out of her as her breathing subsided, and she let out a long, low moan of pleasure.

Then, she lifted her head up. As it happened, I was in the mood for doing what I was told. I pulled out of her for a second and rolled sideways onto my back, and she peeled herself off the sheets and straddled me. Taking my cock in one hand, she guided me into her pussy as she lowered herself onto my crotch, her face a picture of sheer pleasure as I filled her. As she began lifting herself up and down onto me, she began squeezing me between her smooth thighs, pressing her pussy tighter around my shaft. She leaned forwards and put her hands either side of my body, her breasts snug between her arms as she rode me, slowly at first, but building up speed.

I lay back in ecstasy as I watched her breasts bouncing up and down in front of me, drops of sweat running into her cleavage as she squeezed and gyrated on my cock. Her eyes were closed again, her mouth open and groaning quietly with every push downwards she made onto me. I lifted my hands and began rubbing them up and down her sides before sliding them round to her front, where I began squeezing Sex with step sister story breasts in time with her thrusts.

Abbie tensed at my touch, her tongue poking out suddenly to lick her top lip before biting it slightly as my fingers tweaked her nipples. She opened her eyes and looked down at me, then let herself fall forward onto my chest to kiss me. We kissed slowly and lustfully as she continued sliding herself up and down my cock, while my hands reached around and stroked her up and down from her smooth, round arse cheeks all the way up to her neck.

Her soft wisps of hair were draped around my face and neck now, and she smiled as I squeezed her arse cheeks. She leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Do you want to get behind me? She squeezed me tight between her legs again for moment as I kissed her neck and shoulders, then she lifted up and started to lay on her front, her arse arched upwards with her red pussy lips parted between her legs. I had other ideas, however; I wasn't about to cum again without holding those fantastic breasts of hers, so I lay down next to her and lifted up her side, spooning her into me as I slipped one arm under her waist and draped the other over her leg, guiding my cock back inside her before running my hand back up her body.

I was in the perfect position to get both hands on her breasts now, and began to massage them as I began pushing myself in and out of her again, my crotch pressed tight against her smooth arse. She gasped excitedly, the new position hitting fresh spots inside her as she squirmed from the attention on Sex with step sister story breasts.

As I continued to slide inside her I could already feel her starting to tense up as her orgasm approached, and slowed my pace a little to prolong her pleasure. It didn't work though; my head tickling slowly in and out of her just drove her wilder, and she started pushing her arse into me.

I started thrusting faster again, and she cried out with pleasure. As her breathing got heavier and heavier, I had one last little surprise for her.

Sex with step sister story

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