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I have had a fetish for panties ever since I was about She had many pairs of all different colours and materials but my favourite were her silky panties. I would sneak in and steal a pair or 2, sometimes a silky nightie, and take them into the bathroom to play with. Quickly locking the door behind me, I would strip off and wrap them round my cock, sometimes wearing them and the nightie. I remember feeling how good it felt building myself up, tossing like a mad man and cumming into tissue, taking care not to cum into the panties for fear of being caught!

Babysitting for several families allowed me great opportunities to have easy access to other ladies sexy panties. Soon, I starting stealing pairs. Only one from each lady, but the collection soon built up. Any time my family would visit friends, I would always try and get a pair either from the bedroom or the wash basket.

When I got home at night, I would select a few pairs, trying them on and rubbing them over my hard cock till I could cum into the Sexy pantie stories.

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As the years went on, I started to feel that what I was doing was wrong. Scared of getting caught, I binned all of the pants. I got a new girlfriend that I had known for years, but nothing had ever happened. She has a beautiful rounded bum with massive 36G breasts, yes they really are that big! As things started to get sexual I noticed that she had an amazing collection of underwear. My favourite pairs had silk on the ass and lace on the front. She would go out to work and I would empty out her panty draw. I have lost count of the amount of times I have cum into her pants!

This got my fetish flying again. I never told her about it, scared of what her reaction might be. After a few months we went round to visit her parents for the weekend for the first time. As we came to the door I was nervous of what they would be like, how they would accept me. The door opened and Fel, her mum stood there in a tight white blouse and black skirt.

I was pleasantly surprised and could see where my girlfriend got her sexy figure from. The tight white blouse allowed me a view of a white lacy bra underneath and I could feel my cock twitching as my mind wandered to if she Sexy pantie stories the matching panties on!

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As she welcomed us in I gave her a peck on the cheek and got a good smell of her perfume; she smelt fantastic. This was feeling really weird for me. I had to take my mind off her but had trouble taking my eyes off her large breasts in their sexy lacy bra, and poking through her thin tight blouse. Then I heard a cough, and looking up I saw David, her Dad, a slightly frail gentleman. As the day went on we had dinner with a few drinks and Jo started to become tired. We soon made our excuse and went up to bed.

As soon as we got in bed I jumped on her. We had a really good session, fucking her hard while thinking of Fel in her sexy underwear. Jo went to take a shower in her parents en suite bathroom and I stayed in bed. She returned 20 minutes later, wrapped in a towel looking really hot. As she dried herself I had an amazing view of her sexy full figure body.

Her large breasts slightly sagging towards her tummy Sexy pantie stories had a couple of curves. As I watched her dry herself I started to get hard, and decided to have a little stroke. She told me not to be such a perv as she started to look through our suitcase for her clothes.

Straight away I was a little annoyed as well as I loved to see her in sexy panties. She would have to get some more and would probably just buy some cheap nylon ones.

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Then she came out with something that took me by surprise. Then she walked back with a pair in her hand. They were a very sexy pink pair with lace at the front with a tight fitting material on her butt. My cock was instantly hard. I desperately wanted to say yes but was scared that she might think I was weird so I just laughed it off. I tried all weekend but to no luck; every time I thought I might have a chance something came up or someone came close to catching me. A few months later her parents went away for a weekend and asked us to pop in every day so that we could feed their cats.

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On Friday night both Jo and I went round and it was a quick in, feed the cats and out. Lucky for me Jo had to go to work Saturday morning, so I had to go round. All Sexy pantie stories night I had a hard-on with the thought of what I was going to get to do in the morning. When I woke up Saturday morning, Jo was already dressed and nearly ready to go. I had seen her in a lacy bra and Jo had worn a pair of her sexy pants so I had high hopes. On the drive there I was so nervous.

As I opened the door one of the cats came up to me so I thought I would get them out the way first. After feeding the cats I went upstairs into their bedroom. As I opened her draw I was so nervous but that was soon replaced by slight disappointment. As I slowly looked through them I started to find a few that were more to my taste. Underneath a pile of old cotton ones I found the lacy white bra she was wearing the day I met her. Wrapped inside were matching pants, and my cock went hard instantly! I knew I just had to play with them! I stripped off and started to rub my hard cock with her panties.

I shut the top draw and looked into the next draw. I was surprised to see a collection of about 10 silky nighties of all different colours and des. I pulled a few out and rubbed myself with them. It felt so good I nearly shot my load. Looking at her pants again I just knew I had to wear them. I slid them on and pulled them up over my hard cock. Oh it Sexy pantie stories so good. I quickly grabbed a tissue and pulled my cock out just as the first jet of spunk came out.

Oh my God it felt amazing! I laid on the bed afterward, still with her pants on, but I knew I had to get out of there.

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I put everything back carefully so she would not know, pulled the curtains and got dressed. I locked up and headed home, thinking if I would get another chance to come back again tonight. Unfortunately, Jo came home early and decided to go round and feed the cats. As time has gone on I have had a few opportunities to have another go and have taken every one of them. She had taken a few pairs with her when they went away so the more I looked the more pairs I found.

She actually had 4 or 5 really hot pairs. Every time I made sure I put everything back carefully, as I was terrified of getting caught. I thought everything had gone ok and nobody knew my little secret, but how wrong could I be! One Saturday morning Fel rung up Jo and asked if she could borrow me to do a few odd jobs. Jo checked Sexy pantie stories me and as I was free for the day I agreed. Straight away I wondered if I might get another chance to have a play. As I arrived at the door, Fel was there in her tight white top and black skirt again. She looked really hot!

I struggled to keep my eyes off her large beautiful breasts. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug, letting my hand brush over her big round ass as I pulled away. She invited me in and offered me a drink. We went to the kitchen as she got some juice out of the fridge and poured me a glass.

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We had some small talk and then she gave me a few jobs to do. Put some shelves up, cut the grass and some general tidying up around the garden. After finishing outside, I went inside to find Fel to see where the shelves needed to go.

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She explained that she wanted them up in their bedroom so she could put her books on them. As I started to measure up where they needed to go, she walked over to the window.

Sexy pantie stories

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