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It was the summer of finishing school, I was 19 years old and had a five-month-long holiday inbetween finishing the final exams for school and starting uni in October. Me and my friends drove to the next bigger city with the train, to go out, almost every weekend. We went on concerts and metal parties, and sure, we also drank a bit In Germany the legal drinking age is 16 for beer and 18 for liquorbut due to the expensiveness of the drinks, it was Short sex stories tumblr more than two, maybe three longdrinks.

Therefore drinking three of these will still let you be almost sober. I was also used to taking a cab to the train station in the city about 10 minutestaking a minute train ride and then a minute walk home, in the village I lived in. Since the parties only started at 10pm and the last train came at am, I never stayed long enough to be actually wasted. In short, I was partying and drinking responsibly. Going out in a tight knit community such as the one we found ourselves in, due to our taste in music, it means you start to recognize the same faces in the venues you go to for concerts, for parties, for festivals, the people you stand in line with at the bar, are the people who organize the next show, who own the record label, who play in the bands.

You start to know people and they start to know you. Girls and women have whatsapp chats dedicated to leaving the venue together, so that nobody has to go home alone. In short, I had a strong sense of familiarity and security with these people. Then that day came. There was a concert, five bands from the wider region were coming to our city and playing a concert.

Needless to say it was incredibly full that night. The last band that played was one of our friends, so we had made plans with one of them, to spend the night in his flat, he had a big sofa and two camp beds, and his flatmate was out of town, so one of us could also spend the night in their room. At that point we knew him for months, and trusted him completely.

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Before the show, we went to his flat to drop off our things for the night, and to help him transport his equipment over to the venue. Then the problems started. That night there was a mixture of a lot of different genres, which each had a mixture of people in the crowd.

You had your leather jacket bruisers to whom music ended in the mids, paired with super niche neo avantgarde experimental metal, just to name an example, and there were some tensions in the crowd. People were rowdier than usual, and some got ridiculously wasted. I was still more or less new to the scene, having existed in the microcosmos of my home city for years, and never really gone out anywhere else.

I was uncomfortable, and I stopped drinking after my first drink. I quickly became aware of how sober I was, as everyone around me got increasingly wasted. They riled up their posse and Short sex stories tumblr having fights with the people who organized the show, culminating in the schedule being changed, so that they would play earlier than planned, just so they would leave as soon as possible. In the end, I decided to leave early. I wrote in the whatsapp chat if any of the other girls wanted to head to the train station together, but nobody answered.

I waited for an hour, but nobody wanted to leave. Then 1am came, and with that my last chance to take the train. I asked once more, but still nobody wanted to leave. Walking alone in that part of the city, where all of the concert halls and clubs were, on a weekend, was a really bad idea. People got mugged and worse, one of my friends was mugged that summer, Short sex stories tumblr it was just a security measure not to travel alone.

I stayed. I went to the bar and ordered my second drink of the evening. Hours had passed since the first drink, and there was no way this one could have made me as drunk as I became. I remember waiting at the bar for a long time. One of the friends of the band from Dortmund was there. He noticed a patch on my jacket, we talked about Blackthrash, he offered to buy me my drink. I saw my acquaintance at the bar pour me the same drink I had had so many times before, there was no way she was responsible for this. She gave the drinks to him, he paid for them, offered me my drink and toasted with me.

Then he asked if I wanted to go to the outside part of the venue for a smoke. I said sure. I felt bad that he had just bought me a drink. My friend, at whose place I was staying the night was. He was amiable enough to ignore the jabs and just talk on. Sometime during the conversation I handed my drink to my friend, just to tie my shoe. During that moment, the guy from Dortmund had turned his back to us, to light a cigarette against the wind, and I was tying my shoe. It must have happened then.

I was ridiculously wasted within a short amount of time. The guy from Dortmund was friendly enough and took care of me, giving me water to drink and keeping an eye on me, but eventually he had to leave with the band from Dortmund who had been kicked out for punching the owner of the venueto head home, so he found the only person he knew to look after me, my friend. But the memory was all hazy, it was difficult to tell if I had just dreamed it, or if it had actually happened. The next time I woke up was after the gig, hours later.

I woke up with a spinning head. My shirt was ripped at the neckline and I had love bites all on my neck and sternum. I still thought the guy from Dortmund was responsible for this. Especially since my friend was being so caring and friendly with me, and telling me how he had seen that the guy from Dortmund had apparently taken advantage of me in my supposedly drunk state. He told me my friends had gone home when they read my message in the whatsapp chat, leaving me alone with him. I believed him without further thought. He was sober, he was the friend I trusted, the guy from Dortmund was a stranger who had showcased his violent tendencies in the fights before.

I went with my friend, never second guessing. Still drowsy from what I had thought was drink, I fell asleep during the car ride to his place, and I had difficulty walking straight, when we went up to his flat. Then he ed me on his bed, running Short sex stories tumblr fingers over my face. I tried to shove him off the bed and then he hit me, wrestled himself on top of me and ripped up my shirt completely. But everything I said made him angrier. He pushed me down, whenever I squirmed he choked me.

So I stopped moving. He tugged and ripped my clothes from my body and stuffed my underwear in my mouth. Then he turned me around and tied my hands and neck to his bed. I was hazy and exhausted and my body froze up in fear. I had never been beaten before. And so I just… lay there. And endured it. When it was over he lay down next to me and smiled at me, telling me how good I was in bed, and if I needed aftercare. He let me lie there, tied to to his bedpost, gagged, bruised and naked, unable to move, to talk or to scream, while he berated me on how consensual what he did had just been.

And when he finally untied me, I ran and never looked back. I know I should have gone to the police, but I was 19 and stupid and thought nobody would believe me.

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I live in a conservative town, and just the month before there had been a big court case, in which there had been video evidence of a woman being raped, and her abusers had framed it as a consensual bdsm scene, and had walked away from court without a sentence.

I was sure my situation would turn out the same.

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And all of his rambling about had gotten to me. I started doubting myself. I started believing that it had actually just been a normal scene for him. And I was so ashamed of myself. I had broken all of the rules I had been taught. Never travel on your own, never leave your drink unattended, fight your assaulter with all the power you can muster.

I stopped showing up at the local scene, until I eventually moved away, for fear of meeting him. When I moved town, I finally mustered the courage to go out again. And I want to explicitly say that what happened to me has nothing to do with the music scene involved. I just need to tell my story. But I never told my partners.

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I never told my friends. That one night is eating away at me, every day of my life. And I needed to get this story off my chest. If there is one thing I can tell you is please, do all of those things you thought was not necessary or overdoing it. Know your alcohol tolerance. Be aware of how many drinks you can drink to reach what stage of drunkenness. Call them. Just to be sure. Meeting someone at parties and being alone with them is vastly different. Know the people you trust and stick to them.

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Most staff of nightclubs and concert halls will bring to to a safe staff-only room, call you a cab, and make sure you can leave without your assaulter noticing. Those are things that will trouble you for about a month. What happened to me will eat away at my soul for the rest of my life. Whatever you do, find help as soon as you notice something is wrong.

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Tell the staff, tell the police. Get out of there. We're collecting stories of violence inflicted on women who reject sexual advances. Share yours here. I have never told this story before.

Short sex stories tumblr

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