Sissy maid slave stories

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed. Dear Diary's Feed. Story's Feed. The two were very close and shared everything with each other. Under the tight sweater he had a bra, and he wore cute pink sneakers, woolly mittens and penis shaped bells earrings.

Jodi had sent him to her friend who had made him stand out in the middle of River Road licking her boots clean while he had to play with himself for while cars went by. The two sisters both giggled. Jodi suggested that instead of divorcing him, I could use the Sissy to my advantage. And I talked with Mom, and she agreed. So instead of divorcing him, I now have a menial Sissy maid at home who does absolutely whatever he is told to do!

Steve had gone into the family real estate business.

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Britney and Kathy's Dad had died suddenly a few years ago, and Carol, their Mom had taken over the business. But I told her about my idea of turning his Sissy addiction to my advantage as a way of both punishing the Sissy and making my life soooooooo much easier. Mom said that the office needed a gofer, a girl Friday type and demoting the Sissy to that role and letting everyone know would add to his humiliation and punishment.

Beth laughed again. I haven't seen them in a few months, and we can go to the beach house for a few days. There, for their mutual amusement and entertainment, they could see Pussie mowing the lawn. It was one of the Sissy's jobs, along with doing all the housework, laundry, serving and cleaning up meals, washing the cars and running errands. And each task was made as difficult and humiliating as possible. So on this hot August day, Pussie was dressed in his lawn mowing outfit: A thick pink and white crewneck Icelandic sweater that was two sizes too small for him and just reached his waist over his pink wool stuffed bra; A pink garter belt that framed his crotch which was attached and held up a pair of thick pink wool legwarmers; His pink sneakers on his feet; Thick pink and white Lopi wool mittens and to top it all Sissy maid slave stories, a pink wool baby bonnet that tied under his chin with a big woolly bow!

The Sissy's hands were each tightly bound to the handle of an old small manual mower. Britney had forbidden the Sissy to use a power mower as she claimed it made too much noise.

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His ankles were chained together with a 3' chain which prevented him from taking anything but mincing little Sissy steps. This morning Britney had been angry because the Sissy had not perfectly ironed all the pleats on her tennis skirt. To remind him to keep his focus, she had taken some coarse rope, tied one end to the Sissy's wee-wee and the other to a large cinder block.

So the poor thing was mowing an acre of lawn with a small manual mower, dressed in an itchy tight woolly girl's sweater over his bra, his boobs sticking way out, his legs encased in wool leg warmers as were his hands in wool mittens, a big baby bonnet on and dragging a Sissy maid slave stories cinder block with his wee-wee as he mowed!

Britney looked at Todd and laughed out loud. The poor Sissy slowly pushed the lawnmower in the hot sun in his itchy woolly outfit, while his wife and her lover sensually enjoyed each other in the comfort of the air conditioned bedroom, his former bedroom. With his mittened hands tied to the mower handles, and his feet chained together, he had no choice but to take small steps, insuring that it would take a few hours to mow the large lawn.

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With each step felt the coarse rope which was tightly tied around his wee-wee, rubbing against his now very sore wee-wee and with each step felt the a hard yank on his wee-wee and balls as the rope which dropped down and between his legs pulled the heavy cinder block behind him along the ground. Of course this was the first time since late May that his wee-wee was free of the cruel chastity device Todd had made for him.

With the woolly bonnet on his head, the Sissy could only look forward. He was miserable and bored, but of course that is just how Britney told him he would be after she discovered his Sissy submissive interests. The Sissy thought back to that day and its aftermath.

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Britney had not let the Sissy change out of the itchy sweater leotard and tights, or even wash the dried cum off his face after seeing him at Jodi's. Instead, Britney had made him stand in front of Jodi, Susan and herself while she asked him all sorts of questions as to what he had done with Jodi, and why he had not told her that he was a Sissy.

Jodi, Susan and Britney just howled with each answer, with each detailed description of the Sissy's humiliation. Then Britney had stood up and pulled apart the unbuttoned part of the sweater to reveal the Sissy's wee-wee. No wonder he never satisfied me! Britney then took a thick wool mask to fit over the Sissy's head down to his neck, put a pink dog collar, which Jodi had given her around his neck, to keep the mask in place, and hooked a chain leash on the collar.

Britney drove a Jaguar convertible and there was precious little room in the trunk.

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The poor Sissy had to pull his knees into his chest and bend his head down to squeeze into the trunk. If the poor Sissy had been hot and itchy before, it was nothing like he began to feel as the sweat poured down his body and the itchy wool stuck and scratched.

The thick heavy wool hood tightly covered his face, so that if he opened his mouth he could literally taste the wool. And Britney seemed to be finding every bump in the road. The ride seemed very long. At one point the car stopped, and the Sissy heard Britney get out. She was talking and laughing with someone and it was clearly a deep man's voice. The trunk opened. With the wool hood on, the Sissy could not see. Then the Sissy felt the sweater being pulled apart and his wee-wee, which was now very small, failing out of the sweater.

With that the trunk was slammed shut. Finally Britney got in the car and drove off. After another 20 minutes of bumping along, the Sissy sensed that they had gotten home. Britney opened the trunk. With that the Sissy slowly crawled out of the trunk. He went to remove the hood and felt a hard slap on his hand.

Britney said with anger in her voice. Then she took the leash and led the Sissy into the house. The cropped pink thick wool Icelandic sweater was now stuck to the Sissy's body as he slowly mowed the lawn, first going one way and then turning around and going the other.

The pink fuzzy Sissy bonnet with the big pink bow tied ever so tightly under his chin forced him to look only forward, the woolly legwarmers itched something fierce, but with his mittened hands tied to the lawnmower there was nothing he could do to relieve the maddening itch.

His wee-wee was getting more irritated by the minute with the coarse rope tied to the cinder block between his legs, constantly rubbing up and down his shaft, not to mention the effort to drag the heavy block without his balls being stretched to far! What was far worse than all of that was the fact that the mowing the lawn was mindless boring job, just like all the menial housework Britney had the Sissy perform. And the Sissy had nothing to think about except his discomfort and humiliation. Thinking back to that eventful first day, the Sissy remembered the next morning. He had stripped off the itchy mohair Sissy maid slave stories leotard and everything with it that Jodi had put on him, taken a long hot shower and slept.

When he awoke the next morning, he found the door from the guestroom to the hall locked from the outside. He sighed, remembering Britney telling him he had to stay in the room until she came for him. Then he looked Sissy maid slave stories some clothing. The only person who regularly used the guest room was his step daughter, Carla, who was She had grown up in this house and often came home to visit her Mom. Carla had little use for Steve, and made that clear whenever she came over. Looking through the closet, the Sissy only found some of Carla's clothing, a few winter sweaters, wool skirts, her Old Catholic school jumper, saddle shoes and some bras, panties, and wool knee socks.

So Steve just wrapped his towel around and waited. Steve just sat in the guest room with the towel wrapped around his waist. He wanted to get dressed, but he certainly was not putting on his step-daughter's school uniform.

He was hoping Britney was just angry about his seeing a Pro Domme and after yelling a bit everything would return to normal. After about an hour, Steve heard a key in the door lock. Britney told Steve to come with her and they walked into the den. Steve sat down as Britney put a DVD on. On the screen Steve saw himself from yesterday standing in the middle of River Road, wearing his woolly leotard, licking Susan's boots while he was rubbing himself. Every minute or so he would turn aroundbend over, and show his pink frilly panties with white bows as he shook his rear end for the camera.

Then another picture of him dressed in a short skirt and yellow short sleeved angora sweater, on his knees sucking the same plastic cock.

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I can divorce you, and with all this evidence, which I promise will be made public, take everything you have. You can bet Mom will fire your Sissy ass, leaving you with no income and not a chance in the world anyone will hire a pervert like you. What will you do about those gambling debts you have, gee think I did not know about them and the fact you have not been paying them off. And then there is the IRS, not only do you owe them money, but you never reported the income you got from those cash deals you made and hid from Mom. With no money you won't be able to pay either of them.

I hear those guys you owe the gambling debt aren't very nice. Didn't I read about some guy who the police found having been repeatedly raped, then beaten, and then left tied naked over a fire ant hill with honey on his balls?

Sissy maid slave stories

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