Sister face fart story

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By normal I do mean boring. At least I have Kyle. He always knows what can help me out; I was feeling down earlier after a couple of girls were laughing at me for still having a teddy bear, like they never had one growing up. Word got around that I still have a stuffed animal, I can only guess as to one reason for that. The door opened up and there she stood, nearly dominating the entire doorframe, there was no hiding from Micah.

Smile on her face I looked at her body with dread. My sister…my younger sister, is massive. I am cursed with someone with slightly less maturity but double the body weight of my own body. I was lying with my back against the back of the bed. She squatted her thick legs over my body and aimed Sister face fart story booty right at my face.

She wore what looked like a black thong, it was only when it got closer that I recognized what it was, it was MY shorts. Shorts that covered my own bottom comfortably were competing with far more plump buttock to the point that they were rendered useless, now scrunched up deep in the cavern of her cavernous butt crack.

And then she pressed that butt crack up against my nose. My face turned red as I felt what felt like a hundred pounds of booty flesh press firmly against my face. I could tell that this one had plenty of time to buildup, Micah could fart in school and sometimes did but the smell of one of her classroom farts could drift into the outside hallway. I sometimes heard girls talk about the smells she left in the bathroom and the last janitor to complain to her got the same face fart treatment that I was getting now. I tried with my best to yell and cough from the outburst but the pure brassy explosion of her pent-up fart were louder than anything I could muster up.

The fart went on for what must have been an eternity, but was well over 20 seconds in length when all was said and done. I became a vaporal toilet to her, taking in all of her gas and breathing it through my lungs. I could already determine what she had eaten for lunch with this, chicken, baked beans and Sister face fart story with cheese. I was cheating here since I saw her load up her lunch this morning before school began. She wanted a meal high in fiber and protein.

She threw in a protein shake into the mix and all of that inside her stomach created a sinister aroma that was not for the faint of heart to breathe in.

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Right now my lungs were burning as I desperately tried to breathe in the nasty stench of her fart. I was in tears, red in my face as I was in a temporary moment of shock from the overwhelming aroma in my body. I could smell the cheese and broccoli more than anything else. Micah loved broccoli, she loved beans, she loved protein and she loved sharing its aftermath with those around her.

It helped her gain more strength but it also helped her extend her control over me. She ripped another deep fart, only twice as long as the one. Because I have to fart! She outgained me in height back when she was ten years old and her advantage over me has only widened since then. My sister originally thought that farting in my face was just some funny thing she could do with me, but then she realized that she could use it to basically get her way. She dominated me, she owned me, she may have been my younger sister but she was my flatulent master.

I was sick over Thanksgiving weekend last year after she had eaten a very large meal and wrestled with me, I was very lucky not to go to the hospital after that. In short, my sister is my large fart bully. The evening was only just beginning however, the smell of her farts hung over my room like an unwanted guest, lofting around until it was just clear enough to be considered nice-smelling, and that was when she ratchet up another fart.

My sister was full of them, on a regular basis she could fart as much as she wanted. Micah walked over toward her bedroom, which had actually become the master bedroom. My parents, realizing that she needed a lot more space them even them had moved over to her old bedroom and they actually were able to fit there relatively comfortable. Standing at her height dad was staring just below the top of her increasingly growing C cup breasts.

My sister was working on her weight set, training her already strong body to become even stronger. The wall behind me, which was naturally connected to the master bedroom, had shaken as if there were a giant cell phone attracted to it on maximum vibrate mode. I finally heard the vibrating die down after 20 seconds. My best guess as to describing the noxicity of the stench was a mixing up of garbage and skunk musk, and the garbage consisting of leftover food and vegetables roasting in the warm humid Canadian autumn.

They helped to produce a massive wave Sister face fart story stink that swept through the house like wildfire. We could be blessed on extremely rare occasions when the smell of her farts did not leave her bedroom but that was a 1 in chance at best, her farts were really that strong! Come in here now! Loud and menacing, when she commanded you to her room you were ill-advised to ignore it. I begrudgingly got up from my room, mopping the whole way as the smell of her already dastardly deed grew fouler with each pace closer to her bedroom. Despite the door being shut the smell was nearly puke-inducing, and then I opened up the room to her bedroom and nearly was overcome with nausea.

Only my ironically strong stomach prevented me from spewing chunks on the floor as a heatwave of ass gas blasted me in my face. She was facing me as she laughed her ass off, whiffing up the air around her. The room was rancid, hot and nasty-smelling. It was like being inside a rainforest with the exception of the rotten egg smelling aroma of the room.

The smell continued to get smellier as I got closer to my sister, who was giving that devilish smile at me. Still, I hated having to be summoned in here like this. It was still a better alternative to my bedroom smelling like this. Micah got up off of her bench as she began towering over my body. Smiling even more she Sister face fart story the air around her and remarked again about how nasty the gas was stinking.

I was trapped, even if I left for the door I would never make it. Micah belted out an even wetter and stinkier fart, filling the room with a brass-like authoritarian sound that was what made her farts the power that they were. I had to stand there and breathe it in and this stuff was not healthy to inhale.

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One fart might have been overwhelming but multiple farts like this were torture to smell. This was an industrial amount of brimstone spewing through what used to be my own pair of shorts, burning and taking up microscopic pieces of shit from deep in her asscrack. What officially left the confines of her ass was something that made you sick. I had to keep up my body reflexes from throwing up as she ripped this massive fart.

It went on and on and you could tell that she was still packing more gas in her tummy. There was no way that the smell could get worse but Micah was a nasty farter, this was all too easy for her, my younger and larger sister made farting ridiculously easy. She picked me up with a hand under each of my armpits. It was so sudden that I found my vision going all over the place as slammed my body against her bed.

It was a soft landing but the effect was an effective as always. She body slammed my body against her bed and got up on the bed, once I felt the mattress give way Sister face fart story her larger mass I knew where this was going, I was about to get an up close and personal tour of her volatile rear. The strongest bit of the smell was that of pure crap, her farts at their closest were a smell that resembled a bowel movement. Toped on that was the smell of girl sweat, which was its own particularly rancid brand of nastiness.

This thing was much bigger up close than it was just looking at it from a few feet behind her. Each cheek was the size of my head and my nose was pushed up deep into the folds of what used to be my shorts. On the outside it probably sounded something like this.

My mind, my body in fact, was shut down due to the immense force of this fart. This was a bomb being detonated on top of my face, her farts were always particularly bad but big farts like this on my face were in a different league by themselves. My ears were ringing and my nose was burning profoundly as this fart was simply unreal to believe. This one was a roaring, bubbling, greasy sound that was erupting from inside her, causing her ass to jiggle visibly and my head to rock with my face being caught in a vice of her wrestling-trained buttocks.

The fart shook the bed around me and encircled my entire world. I began to cough loudly as I tried to breathe in the fart, even if it was something I was used to I was never entirely used to it. I could detect all sorts of foods swirling in her stomach as she continued to unload her gas in such a force that scared me. The more my sister was growing up the worse these things were getting. At one point her farting was a passing curiosity but they had become toxic menaces of themselves.

The raucous air blew throughout the entire Sister face fart story and filled the insides of my body with a brown haze of pure funk. It was some 15 seconds into the fart and the bubbling returned as I felt Micah clinch her ass muscles to regain her composure and finish out her titanic blast of flatulence onto my face. The vice-like approach to her ass clinching had given me a headache as she pressed forth on her farting.

The retching smell of beans and cheese and whatever else had entered her body filled my mind as she turned it up on her farting, producing a smell so horrible that even she had to be surprised beyond belief. As for me, the predominate methane and hydrogen sulfide would always provide an ambience of stink for all to smell. This fart was gaining strength and was more than strong enough to blow the individual hairs on my face and it even blew my hair on the top of my head like a fan. As far as I had known Micah, this was one of her worst farts, and I was taking it at such a close location and with such concentration that I was suffering dearly under the intense conditions of this fart.

Some 30 seconds had passed since Micah had begun ripping her powerful beaner blaster and she was finally willing to turn off the gas valve and finish up the fart. I heard more laughter as she finally got her fat ass of my face. I was probably out for 15 minutes, but it was just enough for my sister to do something else terrible.

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I heard her yell again and I nimbly got off of her bed, with my head still aching from such a sulfuric influx into my body. I could breathe her gas, each and every step, she was imprinting me with her gas, it was how dominance was reached.

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She had just taken a crap and knowing her it was a massive one. When she took a big crap, she took a big crap. She never did anything small when it came to dropping the kids off at the pool. I would sometimes hear horror stories from school of my sister leaving massive deposits for the janitors to clean up later.

The smell from some of her bigger shits would waft around the hallway nearest the scene of her latest crime. Bathrooms had been known to be left abandoned for an hour after my sister was finished with them. And she did these every day in our own bathroom.

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While it was your standard, normal bathroom my younger sister had turned it into a war zone. A light tannish-colour haze filled the room with a putrid aroma that bordered on choking. But it was inside the toilet bowl that looked like hell now. Brown logs of shit were mushed together into a gigantic pile. This was my sister clogging the toilet, like she did every day.

Toilets were just not deed that well to handle her impeccable lo. Everything my sister ate, her high-fiber diet, helped her produce a load of stinky crap that resembled small mountain inside of the toilet. She forces me down on my knees, her tremendous weight and muscles make it impossible for me to prevent her from her actions. On my knees she bends my head over into the toilet and I find myself mere centimetres away from her mountain of shit.

I breathe Sister face fart story in, each breathful is painful, my body is wheezing as I try to take in the extra pungent smelling shit. The usual rotten eggs aroma would probably be close to describing what her shit smelled like, only on a much higher level.

I could now feel the leftover crap that she had not cleaned up yet. I could feel it within her; she was conjuring up yet another fart. This was one of those ripper farts and my mouth was opened at the wrong time as she pushed this wet and wicked fart over my face.

Sister face fart story

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