Sister panty stories

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I was a seventeen-year-old, naturally horny boy, who seemed to be always preoccupied with masturbation. I had two older sisters, one being eighteen and the other, nineteen, almost twenty. Both sisters lived at home at that time, the younger one preparing to go off to a live in a trainee nurses' post in the near future.

The older one was saving up to get married and planned on staying in the family home for another year or so. What I found when I finally did, surprised me.

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I had, in the past, thought that all teenaged girls might wear sexy underwear. I had seen plenty of pictures of them in a mail-order catalogue which my mother had, and I had managed a few sneaky looks in the porn magazines that my father had got hidden in his wardrobe.

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This proved not to be the case where my sisters were concerned. Pretty much all waist-high, cotton, white, navy blue, and black school-style knickers. They were however as much a turn-on for me as any sexy little panties might have been. They immediately took me back to the time last year that a school-friend and I had masturbated each other on a couple of occasions in a pair of similar school knickers that he had stolen from his sister. Being a bit nervous about getting caught, I did not take a pair away with me, but decided that I would go back to my own room after closing the drawer, with the intention of masturbating while the memory of what I had seen and touched was fresh in my mind.

As it turned out, with a hard-on that needed immediate attention, the temptation became too great, so I stayed in her room. After pulling my prick out of the front of my jeans I opened her panty drawer again, took out a navy blue pair, and masturbated there and then while standing up in front of the open drawer, with various other pairs on show for me to look at.

With the knickers wrapped around my rock-hard prick, I got close to ejaculation in no time at all, at which point I let the panties fall to the floor. I just managed to catch my cum as it spurted out by cupping my spare hand and catching it without making a mess on the carpet or on the panties, which were now down by my feet.

I wiped my hand on my jeans, and the feeling of guilt followed as I carefully folded and returned the knickers Sister panty stories the drawer and sneaked back to my room. It was three or four days later when I was home by myself again. They were mostly plain white, cotton, but pretty much all of thinner material.

They still looked to be the high line style. I had a quick feel of the fabric of a couple of pairs, and then held one pair up for a more thorough inspection. With my oncoming erection overtaking my common sense, I decided that I needed Sister panty stories, and quickly closed the drawer and hurried back to my bedroom with my trophy.

Once in my room with the door closed, I removed all of my clothes and put the knickers on. The feeling of the soft cotton on my prick and balls while I masturbated was something that I had never felt the likes of before.

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When I shot my load into them it felt like the best climax I had ever had and I was sure at the time that I had produced at least double my normal amount of cum. I took the knickers off, got dressed and hid them in the bottom of my wardrobe. It was on the following Monday that I found myself at home with just my youngest sister. She was in her bedroom beginning to get her clothes and other bits and pieces ready to pack prior to leaving home to go to nursing college. I was taken by surprise when about mid-morning she tapped on my bedroom door and asked if it Sister panty stories OK to come in.

She asked if I could come to her bedroom to help her with something. I felt a twitch in my penis at just the thought of going in there again and Sister panty stories getting a glimpse of her panties that she was preparing to pack. When we got into her room she closed the door behind us, which unnerved me a bit. She told me to sit on the edge of her bed and she sat down next to me. I knew at that point that this was more than just a wild guess. You must have thought no-one else was home.

What do you do with them? Boys have to catch their cum in something. Anyway, panties feel sexy and they help. I was getting hard and decided that something may have to be done about it soon. I hoped that maybe she might get turned on too, talking about this stuff. I did as instructed and saw that her eyes widened and she let out a small gasp as she saw my now fully hard prick spring out in front of me.

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I pulled the knickers up. They came up to my waist and covered my erection completely. She removed her own jeans to reveal a very pretty little pair of primrose-coloured nylon panties, and then pulled off her tee-shirt and a matching bra came into view, which covered her modest tits. The panties were getting visibly wet between her legs when she suddenly stopped rubbing, raised her bum a little, took off the panties and tossed them on the floor. This is how a girl does it. She put two fingers inside and moved them in and out of her opening.

She did this for a few minutes as I watched, willing myself to hold onto my own cum.

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Her body started to writhe about and she gave herself a few final strokes of her now dripping wet opening with her fingers. There it is. Got it? Now shift your hand and put your tongue on it. Imagine that you are licking an ice lolly.

That should do it. I began to masturbate through the knickers. Then I pulled the waistband down to expose my erection and began rubbing it hard. It was not long before I began to jerk and I quickly pulled the knickers back over my stiffness. Almost straight away, my load forced its way into the knickers in several long spurts.

The cum began to soak in straight away. She seemed fascinated by what had just happened. I can see why you use the panties to catch your stuff. I think you may as well keep that pair of knickers if you like. She told me to get back to my room so that she Sister panty stories sort herself and her bed out. Reluctantly, I gathered my clothes up and began to get dressed and off I went. I also wondered if I might have the same sort of luck with my other sister, but that never happened either.

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Fun With My Sister In Panties "A young man soon finds that there is more to enjoy in his sister's bedroom than her panties" 40 Votes Score 4. Published 6 months ago. I decided to come clean and admit it and told her that it had only been twice. I am eighteen years old, you know. Next, she lay back on her bed, lifted her knees and parted her legs. Aaaahhh, Aaaahh! Now you know what it looks like when a girl cums. She took it and guided it to her clitoris. Exactly like that. Oh fuck! Are you going to get on with it?

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You look ready to me. Have you got lo of cum in there? I usually have lo. So much stuff. That would be weird. Incest Fantasy panties knickers masturbation fetish sister.

Sister panty stories

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Sister Panties Stories