Sister peeing stories

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Forgot your password? By wetwulfJune 28, in Fictional Pee Stories. Janice woke up to the sounds of her sister stirring in the bunk above her. She opened her eyes and looked around the room, cursing the sunlight peeking through the blinds. Janice giggled. Janice snuggled deeper into her bed, pulling the covers over her and up to her neck. Janice reached beneath the covers and removed her panties, smiling as she did so. She rolled over on her side and scooted her bottom back until she could feel the cold of her bedroom wall against her cheeks.

She smiled again and closed her eyes as she sighed and emptied her bladder, enjoying the soft hiss as her morning pee sprayed out of her and all over her inner thighs and her bedroom wall. She could hear it running down the wall to the carpet under her bed. She licked her lips and slid her hand between her legs as she continued to pee. It only took a few light strokes of her slit before she was moaning, and soon a small orgasm overtook her.

Wetting had been a common thing for the girls since they were. Their parents were laid back about pretty much everything, including nudity, sex, and obviously peeing. Her parents were unfortunately deceased after a drunk driver ended their life in a devastating crash just a few years ago.

It was still a painful memory, but most of the trauma Sister peeing stories over and done. So rather than fight over who would live in it, since they were all three single without any kids they decided to share it. Janice could remember the earliest days of their wettings in which there was no dry room in the house.

She could vividly remember her mother kneeling down beside her in the living room as a warm jet of pee sprayed out of her and onto the carpeted floor, or her mother standing in the kitchen cooking dinner as a clear stream snaked down her slender legs, making a puddle at her feet. A few times her mother also wet her pants, rarely saying anything before sighing and making a dark stain in her crotch. As she got a little older, while shopping with her mother she almost squatted right in the middle of the aisle and her mother had to remind her that their peeing was only to be done around the house and not out in public.

Her father would be a little more modest around her and would maybe step away or turn around, but Janice could still see or hear the tell-tale stream. This changed, though, after the twins were born and her father finally had a son. Soon, he was teaching his little boy subtle but effective ways to relieve himself in the house. Janice would often walk by her little brother and see him relieving himself all over his bedroom wall or peeing on the carpet in the corner of his room. Her little sister, Tammy, would her and her mother as they squatted in the hallway or let their pee dribble down their legs or soak their pants.

These habits continued into young adulthood. The most common story was their wealth, and this often made it easier to make Sister peeing stories in spite of the rumors. Janice even recalled a few friends over the years who were into it and ed them as they wet themselves. There were even a few sexual encounters that included wetting, as well. After dozing back off for a few minutes, Janice could hear Tammy moving again and she watched her crawl down the ladder leading from the top bunk.

She had scooted back into the bed, and as she talked to her sister she felt a Sister peeing stories more pee seep from her bare bottom and to the mattress under her.

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I need to make some phone calls for work, and then my friend Susan is coming over. I was thinking we could go for a drive, and then maybe we can invite some people over for a party later? It was cute most of the time but could also be annoying. Janice sat up and got out of bed, not bothering to put her panties back on. As she stepped out into the hallway, she spotted her brother Tommy, who was facing away from them and clearly relieving himself onto the wall.

His head was lifted in an obvious gesture of relief, and although they could not see his dick they could definitely see and hear the strong stream that flowed from him and sprayed the hallway wall. He mumbled his reply as the girls continued down the hall to the steps.

Janice paused at the top of the steps as she had a vivid memory of her mother sitting at the top step, skirt lifted and legs parted, soaking her panties. She followed her sister down the steps and to the kitchen. They worked together to make breakfast, talking about minor things such as school and work, but then Tammy changed the subject.

As she flipped a pancake on the skillet, Tommy walked into the kitchen. He walked across the kitchen and ed Tammy at the table. Janice turned back to the pancakes and soon felt a slight urge in her bladder again. She relaxed as a few small dribbles trickled quietly down her legs. When Janice finished peeing, she dropped a dish towel on the floor and wiped up her small puddle. Janice smiled as she had another flash of Sister peeing stories of her mother walking around the house in a short nightgown and no panties, much like Janice was now, until she Sister peeing stories stop, smile, and spray warm urine down her legs.

She laughed and scooped the pancakes off the skillet and onto a plate. She carried the plate to the table, and as soon as she sat it down her brother and sister both forked a few pancakes onto their own plates. After a playful reach for the syrup, Tommy nabbed it and slathered some all over his pancakes then handed the bottle to Tammy. Tammy stuck her tongue out at him. Janice ed them and forked a couple onto her plate, as well. They were eating quietly before Tammy scooted back in her chair. Seconds later they could all hear the tell-tale hiss and dripping sounds as she emptied her bladder and let it drip to the kitchen floor.

Tommy chuckled and shook his head. He reached under the table and fumbled with his boxer shorts.

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Janice Sister peeing stories that he was taking his penis out of the front of them. He sighed and they could hear his warm pee splashing up, back down onto his lap and onto the kitchen floor. Tammy peeked and then giggled. For a while Janice had suspected that Tammy was more attracted to her twin brother than she admitted, but she never brought it up. Can you two clean up? Janice rinsed her plate off, set it in the sink, and walked out.

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Sister peeing stories

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