Skyrim roleplay stories

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Okay, I know we did it before but I like to read about your characters. If you have many and don't want to write about them all pick your favourite or your current one. By the way, what are your favorite races to play? I like Dunmers and Bosmers and I do rogues in general. Background : My character was born in a minor but very rich ancient noble family of Valenwood. She had an older brother who always fought with their parents on everything : their morality, goals, political associations.

She was immature and manipulative just imagine her speech skill because that's the way she was raised but her very close brother her avoid her to go on a dangerous path by focusing her attention : he told her he was a famous master thief, trained her in archery and all the traditionnal stealth skills then quickly she became a better archer than him. He also taught her his most important rule : do not kill unless you have to eat or protect yourself and your kind. Or if it's retribution. One day, their parents' political games blew up to their faces and the Thalmor murder them during a purge.

Falinn was not at home and she had no idea where her brother was or even if he was alive. Lost, she barely escaped Valenwood and wander, unable to know what to do with herself. Two years passed, she decided to search her brother but a thief knows how to cover his tracks and she almost gave up until she heard something Skyrim roleplay stories Stormcloaks in Skyrim boarder by an informer in Cyrodiil.

He hates politics, what's going on? Falinn decided her next travel must by to Riften, where her brother have friends in the Thieves Guild. She was caught in Helgen must be why the Thalmor where thereprobably sold. After Noraa's adventures in Skyrim, he fled to the province of Valenwood, where he raised Hytus alone in a secluded area of forest and rough lands, while his nurturing methods were often harsh he taught solid values and that respect is an art worth perfecting.

By the time Hytus was Skyrim roleplay stories 5 he was already mastering bow and shield techniques, as his father would preach religiously, a man needs to know how to kill from range and how to defend himself in close quarters. By the age of eight Hytus' swordsmanship was that of local legend, known to close friends of Noraa as the son of the Devil. He requested the mark of such be tattooed to the flesh of his face black war paint at the age of 16, his father though reluctant, allowed it.

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Noraa challenged his son daily to dagger duels and fist fights, some of which he let Hytus win, but not many. He Skyrim roleplay stories fed the art of remaining unseen to his son's ideals, to the point that by the time Hytus was 19, he could place the blade of his favourite dagger on his father's throat before he felt his breath on his neck. Noraa past down a book of wisdom, his own wisdom, a collection of techniques, philosophies and ideals he had pondered upon since his own adventures began.

Hytus bid his father fairwell on the eve of his 25th Birthday and vowed to visit Skyrim on his journey to fulfilling his own destiny. Hytus remains blissfully unaware of his father's passing, it was at peace, in his favourite chair, a chair embroidered with the symbol of the Nightingale. With a note laid at his lap, which simply read. Let's say she didn't like the Idea of being a Posh, Teenage elf being married off, So the night ended with thier home bursting into flames, and Kimberly being exiled from house Telvanni, Thus Introducing her time in prison in the imperial city, and her shipment back to morrowind.

She's back in the Imperial city prison. Witnesses the Empororer's assassination and escapes. They got Close, if you catch my drift.

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She s them and lives out her life as an agressive Vampire elf. Sadly, all other save-files I've had in the past were Skyrim roleplay stories corrupted, or I may have deleted some others due to boredom. I am anxiously awaiting TES6 to finally be released. Though disaster had struck Morrowind long ago, and the conflicts with the remaining Dunmer were long over, the An-Xileel still expected him and many of his kin to be ever watchful for any of invasion.

His watch would not last for too much longer, however, Skyrim roleplay stories the An-Xileel took note of his skill and tasked him with searching for a rogue Hist tree that the other Hist had sensed was within Skyrim, though they knew not exactly where. As per the An-Xileel's intelligence on the province, the plan was that he would enter Skyrim with the invented story of being a relative to one of the dockworkers in Windhelm. When he made it to near Darkwater Crossing, he witnessed an Imperial ambush catch a band of rebels known as the "Stormcloaks" off-guard, and watched as they captured two other hapless Nords who seemingly weren't involved.

His mission had priority, but he was curious to see how events would unfold My best build I think is named khonarik He was born on the day Alduin returned to Tamriel. He had always been interested in the dragon priests and his dad was an adventurer and he would go in aincent Nordic tombs a lot for the loot and money to run the family.

Every time young khonarik would be wanting to go with his father but every time he said no. Khonarik expected it to be because he was too young but there was a more sinister reason. One day when his dad was off on a week long adventure he went to go and speak to a dragon living on shearpoint. Khonarik was awe struck and krosis said.

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Three words were glowing. He walked up and he felt a strange feeling. He felt his body absorb some powerful magic. He shouted all three words of the shout and the ground trembeled at the night of his shout. Krosis explained that he was the ancestor of khonarik and that it was his duty to bring all dragons under the same banner which he will do to fulfil his destiny to destroy Alduin. He did allow a couple to serve him until death where after they will be united on the side of their brothers again. My main is david;he is a elf racist sry to elf lovers and after reaching lvl 37 went on an elf purge.

My main is a Bosmer called Rose. I legit was going Skyrim roleplay stories do an archer-mage play through but my brother told me not to use double sided battle axes bear in mind this was my first time so I was like watch this and made it a battle axe light armour rarly using bow never using magic theiving assasin awsome wood elf. No, it doesn't make sense. But you know what? It actually works really well for some reason although now that I know more about skyrim I am suprised I didn't lose more often starting off. Birth I know that's not part of this post but I thought it's a cool idea : The Apprentice.

Description: Dark Brown mohawk, moustache and chin hair, small jawed, fair chin, has the warpaint of a small hand on forehead, whole red eyes. He learned of the Good Daedra as his Gods but mostly worship of Azura. When he and his parents left home, they went to Cyrodiil, and young Zalryn wanted to learn magic there.

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But little did he know that there were no Mages Guild or anywhere to practice the clever craft, for the province were about politics. He saw Mephala as a secretive but difficult of trust, Boethia as a cunning warrior but mostly involving violence, as for Azura he would trust her most and knowing not to cross her or there'll be consequences to defy the Goddess of Dusk and Dawn.

He took this perspective from reading books about the Reclamations and their history of his people, and expand his faith with the Nine Divines part of his worship. As for other Daedric Princes, he hates Mehrunes Dagon for wanting to sacrifice Silus, Molag Bal for being the rival of Boethia even though he was forced to kill Logrolf the Willfuland Namira for Eola trying to convince him to be a cannibal.

For the Civil War, Zalryn Oeri tries to be the middle ground, but the involving the ill conditions of his Dunmeri kin in Windhelm makes him want to the Imperial Legion. He sees Ulfric as another fool of history for what he Ulfric doesn't realize is that he's more of a pawn to the Thalmor than Elisif being supported Skyrim roleplay stories the Empire. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Here is the back story of a character I'm creating : Identity : Falinn, 20, female Race : Bosmer Description : big orange eyes, dark hair longdusky complexion, petite Important active skills : Archery, 1-handed Important passive skills : Speech, heal, lockpicking, pickpocket, sneak Background : My character was born in a minor but very rich ancient noble family of Valenwood.

Your turn now!

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Races Skyrim Character Creation Skyrim. Mother: Unknown. Backstory: After Noraa's adventures in Skyrim, he fled to the province of Valenwood, where he raised Hytus alone in a secluded area of forest and rough lands, while his nurturing methods were often harsh he taught solid values and that respect is an art worth perfecting.

Ideals Hytus adopted from his father: "Embrace the fear you cannot control, for when you become naturally afraid, you have a better chance of surviving" "Never trust the words of a man who has never seen the losing end of a fight, he has nothing to offer in ways of wisdom" "When you feel alone and afraid in the dark, know you are not weak, you are ready" "Respect the land that carries you and respect the wilderness that hides you" "Only take the lives of those Skyrim roleplay stories would take the life of another" "Always make sure you see the enemy before the enemy sees you" "If you have to choose between sword and shield, choose the shield, the sword is the action and not the thought.

My character is 20 years old at the time. Code name kitten is a kajit from the future.

Skyrim roleplay stories

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