Slave leia stories

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Re: Likes: 6 Shelves: 0 Comments: 0. More Details. Add to Read List. She collapsed onto the hard metal floor, sobbing over her bright future being crushed before her eyes. The Slave leia stories on the sail barge laughed and shouted wildly; this execution turned out even better than they expected with an intense firefight climaxing into a huge explosion. Jabba, however, was not as pleased. He new that he had to make Slave leia stories example of all slaves that defied him, but he did not want to kill Leia.

She was by far his most beautiful and sexy slave, but he knew what he had to do. So, he decided to make it enjoyable for him and his court. You have until then to prepare yourself. Leia continued to yell, kick and cry as she was dragged to what could be her final night of sleep.

The guards hurled Leia into the lightless cell and slammed the heavy durasteel door shut. When Leia caught sight of the room, she was horrified at all the cheering visitors that had come just to see her die. The room was already packed to the brim, but what scared Leia even more was what she saw next: a holoimager pointed right at the middle of the room.

Then Leia saw it: a rope noose hanging from the ceiling. Her heart sunk at the sight of the rope, somehow it looked evil, as if it were staring Leia down. She was pushed into the middle of the room when Jabba began to speak:. Leia froze at thought about being naked and hanging at the end of that rope; her ample assets floundering as she struggled against the device of her death. Leia hung her head down in defeat as she began to unclip her barely-there bra.

The metal clip felt cold even under the twin suns of Tatooine as she pulled it and her 38c sized breasts were exposed to the spectators. The crowd cheering and hollered at the sight of her large bosom. Foolishly, she covered her nipples with her right arm, even though she knew all the well that the guards would soon yank it away.

Then, with her left hand, she reached down to the buckle on her bikini bottom. On her home planet, nipples were viewed the same with both sexes. Men and women could go topless at their choosing. Her whole body was quivering now as she covered her labia with her hand. As she expected, the guards now pulled her arms behind her back and locked them in binders.

To increase her suffering that was to come, a Gamorrean produced two torture devices. This made her jump as her body was probed with the strange device. For some reason Leia did what he said, although this in reality would only prolong her death. Then, he moved his hands around her neck, brushing past her quivering lip and moving downwards to her huge breasts. Leia now realized that the broadcast had only now begun, which releived her somewhat, knowing that her stripping and Fortuna toying with her were not available to the public at large. She had hoped last night that her death would be quick and relatively painless, like a beheading or firing squad.

But as she stood nude before the putrid Jabba the Hutt, she realized that he would want her death to be as painful and as long as possible.

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These whips were not only barbed, but they were electrified too for ultimate pain. She could feel her skin being torn from her ass and painful wounds forming. Those last words reminded Leia of the thought she had been trying to keep off her mind. She assumed that her four friends were killed in the explosion, but she quaked at the thought that they could be being slowly digested inside the Sarlaac beast. Jabba spoke his final command to Leia:. Leia was panting and wincing in pain as her metal binders rubbed against her tender wounds.

Still, she mustered up the strength to say one last thing. I beg of you to kill me now, pleeease! Leia ran out of breath and her final words were over.

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The trapdoor covering the Rancor pit then swung open, making a loud bang as it slammed against the side of the wall. Leia, although fighting it, began to pathetically gasp for air even though this would only prolong her killing. Her seductive, toned legs thrashed and kicked in reflex to the asphyxiation. She now realized what Jabba meant when he said Leia would dance for him: her limbs were indeed twirling and frolicking. Leia could feel her windpipe being Slave leia stories and restricted as a sharp pain developed in her stomach. Besides fighting her reflex to breath, she now futilely tried to resist her animalistic desires to enjoy the sensation the thing in her pussy was causing.

Over the next 20 minutes, her screams became moans of bliss, as she gradually came to an orgasm. Jabba was panting and inhaling wildly, while the people watching tried to privately masterbate themselves as they watch the voluptuous girl die.

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After she orgasmed, she could tell that death was close to her. As she recovered from her pleasure, her peripheral vision started to black out.

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As her body started to shut down, she felt a sense of peace overwhelmed her. Even as her brain functions cut off, her body kept twitching as her mouth started to produce drool.

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In one last humiliation, her bowls opened up and her dead body released her urine and her bodily fluid fell into the Rancor pit below. Science Fiction naked sexy execution nude star-wars. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site. Drag a picture from your file manager into this box, or click to select. Insert Cancel. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection.

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Slave leia stories

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Slave Leia Stories