Slowly shrinking woman stories

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Bees and moths whirr above you like helicopters.

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Flowers and blades of grass loom over you. Familiar household objects are like huge, immovable obstacles. Your fellow human beings blot out the sky with their immense, towering girth. Sound like a bad case of the Mondays? Think again: you've been shrunk! The plots of Shrinking Man stories tend to involve hapless victims of Applied Phlebotinum suddenly becoming one finger tall Magic Pants includedstruggling to navigate a formerly friendly environment such as a house or yard and spending the rest of the episode trying not to get killed or eaten while attracting the notice of normal-sized folks who might be able to change them back to normal.

Don't expect the message to get across immediately. A subset of Shapeshifting. If the characters are shrunk down far enough, they could embark on a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot. Depending on how the shrinking works, they may or may not get their clothes to shrink with them—resulting in Slowly shrinking woman stories Excludes Clothing if the audience or characters are a party to the change, or Empty Piles of Clothing if they are not. See also Sizeshifter.

Contrast with Attack of the Foot Whatever. See also Shrink Ray. For characters who are naturally small, see Lilliputians. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. I still exist! Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh! In Azumanga Daiohthis happens to Chiyo who's short to begin with! Buso Renkin : In the manga version of the series, both Victor and Tokiko are shrunk after getting hit Madoka Maruyama's Bubble Cage buso renkin note the anime changed Bubble Cage's power to simply creating explosions.

While Victor isn't shrunk by much, Tokiko was reduced to the size of a doll until she defeated Maruyama. It reappears several times later, like in a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot where Midori was ill because of a mosquito in her body. Senbei and Arale use the invention to shrink down to very small sizes in order to enter Midori's body and get rid of the mosquito.

Doraemon has various gadget with this effect like the "Small Light", a lamp similar to a flashlight that can shrink objects and people to minuscule sizes. Slowly shrinking woman stories tool that is used in a similar capacity is the "Gulliver Tunnel", which causes a person to grow or shrink depending on which entrance he takes; however, its ratio of shrinking and enlarging is fixed.

In one episode of the original Dragon BallBulma develops an invention that can shrink anybody. Master Roshi decides to use it to watch Bulma go to the bathroom. He doesn't get to see her go, but he does get flushed down the toilet.

Happens in Ghost Sweeper Mikamiwhen the eponymous Action Girl is hit by a dart from a spirit and in few hours she's shrunk to the size of a Barbie doll. She and her assistants must find the culprit and exorcise him, lest she will keep shrinking and disappear.

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Hiroshi from Hell Teacher Nube wakes up one day to find himself no larger than a mouse. Of course, the reality of the situation is stranger still. Of course, since she doesn't want to give away her secret, she uses the latter a lot less than the former. Happens to Narancia in Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure when he's attacked by Formaggiowhose Stand, Little Feet, has the ability to shrink his victims by stabbing them with his dagger-like index finger. Formaggio can even turn the Stand on himself for narrow escaping!

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Also happens to Jolyne in Part 6 after coming across Gwess, whose Stand, Goo Goo Dolls, shrinks anyone Gwess wants to shrink so she can keep them as pets. Anyone who rebels against her gets torn apart by the Stand! Happens in one episode in the anime adaptation of Kochikame when the main character Ryotsu was shrunk by the wizard from Heaven. He goes through mishaps in the police box and later helped taking out criminals holding up hostages.

In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVidthis happens to most of the main cast in the chapters where the Arc Villain reveals herself and has her minion shrink her targets for capture. A One Piece filler character, Lily Enstomach, has the ability to become smaller than humans, despite being a giant. Considering this is To Love-Ruyou can expect what comes from Rito's new perspective. Happens to the 5 main girls in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Happens again to the girls of Smile Pretty Cure! One episode of Urusei Yatsura has Lum's cousin Jariten trading an ice cream for a bottle that can Slowly shrinking woman stories big things, when he shows it to Lum she becomes the size of a mouse, he must find the scarecrow he got it from to get a bottle that will return her to normal size.

Asian Animation.

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Lamput : In "Shrunk Doc", the docs use a shrink ray to make Lamput tiny. A bump during the drive back to the lab causes the ray to shrink their vehicle; Lamput is still inside the car and drives it to evade his pursuers. Jhatka's new shrink ray. The two spend the episode trying to get others' attention so they can return to normal. Wolffy invents shrinking pills in episode 3, as well as enlargement pills to go with them. In The MovieMr. Slowy invents a ray to shrink the goats to microscopic size.

In Slowly shrinking woman stories season Marching to the New Wonderlandthe goats and Wolffy are shrunken down to the size of a bug. They help an actual bug to deliver energy seeds to the top of a tree, since those are the life force of the sun. Comic Books. And of course, there was the appearance of Ray Palmer's Atom at the end of Identity Crisiswherein he shrinks out of existence after finding out his ex-wife killed Sue Dibny. Except that he's actually trapped in a Petri dish, fighting what would normally be micro-organisms.

Ray's also lampshaded some of the oddities of his powers. When questioned about how people can breathe when they're barely the size of a cell, he admits that he has no idea how and he just goes with it. Bumblebee from the Teen Titans and Doom Patrol was accidentally reduced to the size of a small toy. Unlike most shrinking superheroes, she has yet to find a way to regain her original size.

Superman kept it in what appeared to be a five gallon water bottle. Whenever Superman and Supergirl wanted to go in there, they had to shrink their bodies. In Supergirl Vol 1 2Kara shrinks herself and one of her teachers to go in the Bottle City of Kandor and find a cure to her professor's illness. In Krypton No MoreSupergirl shrinks her body Slowly shrinking woman stories meet up with the Kandorian council and hear about the J'ai invasion.

War World : Alien overlord Mongul kidnaps Lois LaneJimmy Olsen and another Superman's friend, shrinks them and traps them into a crystalline energy cube. In fact, many comic book characters have shrinking or size-changing in general as their primary superpower i. Ant-ManThe Wasp This happens to Donald DuckScrooge and the nephews along with Scrooge's whole money bin in several different comic books by Carl Barks and Don Rosa. One of these was also "adapted" into a DuckTales episode, except that the episode had almost nothing to do with the story aside from the premise of the characters getting shrunk.

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One quasi-educational story from the early '60s had Donald take his nephews through an uncannily prescient virtual-reality device on a trip through the mundane everyday world while shrunk increasingly smaller to encounter phenomena more fantastic than any make-believe reality the nephews could think of.

Almost every incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has a story of this type. The first cartoon and subsequently, the Archie comic book based on it did this during the "Eye of Sarnath" arc in an episode called "The Incredible Shrinking Turtles".

The Mirage comic book has this as Donatello's current status quo as of May The second cartoon had the episode "The Incredible Shrinking Serling", where time travel don't ask makes him the size of an action figure. The Fantastic Four found themselves in a variant situation when they are captured by Doctor Doom and placed in a machine where their consciousnesses were transferred into miniature duplicates of themselves in a tiny simulation of a town called Liddleville.

Eventually, they break out, manage to defeat Doom in their mini-versions and restore their consciousnesses to their real bodies. In the Marvel Universe in general, anyone who shrinks below a certain limit apparently somewhere between cellular size and molecular size shifts into a "microverse" - the theory is that a shrinking person is actually displacing their mass extradimensionally, and when Among the notable inhabitants of microverses are Psycho Man, Jarella a lover of the Incredible Hulk for a whileand the now Exiled from Continuity Micronauts.

Colossal Boy has this power in the relaunch of Legion of Super-Heroes. So why's he called Colossal Boy? Because he's from a race of giants, and has the power to "shrink" down to six Slowly shrinking woman stories tall. He insists on being called "Micro-Lad. Also from Imsk is her evil counterpart Micro Lad, part of a group of radicals that were responsible for kidnapping Violet and replacing her with Durlan actress Yera. In the Reboot continuity, there was another Imsk hero named Ion who was a candidate for Legion membership before Micro Lad killed her.

The graphic novel In The Small features this happening to every human on Earth due to a mysterious blue flash.

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Shrunken, terrorized by animals and unable to use most technology, they need to rebuild everything in miniature. In the revived Xombi series fromJohn Rozum introduced Nun the Lessa nun who gained shrinking abilities after she ingested bad shrimp when she was In Big Bang Comicsthe Captain Ersatz equivalent of the Atom is the Hummingbird, who was shrunk by an alien ray that was destroyed before he could be re-enlarged. As such, he's stuck permanently at a maximum height of six inches, though among his powers is the ability to temporarily shrink even smaller.

Wonder Woman : Wonder Woman : Queen Atomia's "hydroxo gas" can shrink people to microscopic size. Paula von Gunther developed a liquified form of the hydroxo gas to shrink people and Gerta's Enlarging Machine to bring them back to their normal size. The eleventh issue of Slowly shrinking woman stories Ewoks comic book had Kneesa shrunk by the Fleebogs. Comic Strips. The Wacky Adventures of Pedro has one storyline in which Ordep hatches a world domination scheme that involves shrinking everyone else in the world, including Pedro.

Calvin and Hobbes features several strips in which Calvin, usually with no explanation, finds himself either changed to the size of an insect, or acting out the role of a bug itself. Since these episodes, from what we can see, are entirely within his imagination, they usually end in an anticlimax when a parent interrupts his Slowly shrinking woman stories. In Huge Success, Tony decided to look at Dr. Pym's pym particles without permission and ended up being 6 inches tall.

Some form of shrinking happens in many of GirlX2's stories, often due to " Lilliputian Syndrome. Actually, all of the humans in the chapter have been shrunk. The four manage to find a gun that will unshrink everyone. Paul, obliquely referring to his scene in Help! Sure enough, later on, he does. In Loved and Lostan alternate version of the 2nd season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicTwilight Sparkle defeats Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings by using a power-consuming spell that can shrink multiple beings at once.

All the Changelings are turned tiny enough to trap the entire army in a glass jar. They're soon back to their normal size and locked up in cells, though. Films — Live-Action. It should be pointed out that the Square-Cube Law may have been somewhat averted in this particular movie because Scott Carey very slowly shrinks, thus giving his body a chance to adapt to his changing size.

Except that wouldn't help at all. The primary problem posed by the Square-Cube Law for shrinking characters is accelerated loss of body heat, due to greater proportional surface area. That's not something the body can just adapt to. Matheson also wrote an unfilmed sequel where Scott's wife shrinks and engages in an Action Girl quest to find him, then their adventures getting back to the house as they both start returning to normal.

Slowly shrinking woman stories

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