Soggy biscuit story

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By edjrNovember 28, in The Geek Club. ANDOVER — The investigation into an alleged hazing incident involving the Andover High boys basketball program centers around an allegation that two underclassman were coaxed into playing a humiliating sex game. The Easton Police Department is now investigating the incident, which occurred in early July at the Hoop Mountain overnight basketball camp held at Stonehill College in Easton. A source close to the investigation confirmed nine members of the basketball team were attending the camp when two young players were coaxed into playing a game called "wet biscuit" in one of the dorm rooms.

The loser of the game had to eat an Oreo cookie covered with a bodily fluid aka jizz. Calls to an Easton Police Department spokesman were not returned, and the Andover Police Department has refused comment on the investigation. School officials have also refused to talk about the incident, but posted a statement on the school website Wednesday saying, "A full investigation commenced immediately upon the administration's receipt of allegations and is nearly completed.

Andover High boys varsity basketball coach David Fazio, who is entering his 22nd season at the school, was not available for comment, but his attorney, Michael Morris of Andover, spoke on his behalf. Morris said another Andover High coach informed Fazio on Nov.

Fazio Soggy biscuit story promptly, compassionately, professionally, legally and morally by responding to the boy and his parents, some of the parents of other boys involved, to the Andover Police and his superiors all at the Soggy biscuit story opportunity," Morris said. Fazio did everything possible to deal with this 4-month-old situation. This is not a school-related issue.

The source said the boy who made the allegations was one of the two boys who was coaxed into playing the game. Fazio, who is also a physical education teacher at Andover High, talked to the "distraught" victim and then met with the boy and his parents, who were unaware of the incident. Fazio then organized a meeting with the two team leaders and their parents, at the request of the victim's parents. The other underclassman who was coaxed into playing the game has reportedly transferred to another school. Andover High basketball players have been going to Hoop Mountain for six years.

One attraction of the camp for players is that most of the coaches are assistant coaches with prestigious schools in the New England Small College Athletic Conference and the Ivy League. Before the summer camp, Fazio met with all of the players in his junior varsity and varsity programs, including 29 boys this year, to talk about the summer camp option.

Attending the camp is not mandatory. Hoop Mountain basketball director Steve Gibbs did not respond to a phone call or an seeking comment. In earlyPentucket Regional High in West Newbury was rocked by a hazing scandal when a year-old football player came forward to say he and other young players had been sexually assaulted by older players at a training camp in New Hampshire the summer.

The Groveland boy said he was held down and "tea-bagged" by an older player who dragged his testicles across his face. In the wake of the incident, a "zero-tolerance" anti-hazing policy was instituted, several students were suspended and a criminal investigation was launched by New Hampshire state police. He referred all inquiries to Andover Public Schools.

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Upon hearing this story he has decided to move to Penn State and become and basketball coach. I heard of this back when a friend of mine went to the university of lowell. He was rushing a frat and instead of an oreo cookie, they used pizza.

I understand the pizza thing. It happened at other fraternities and clearly the pizza is better deed for this sort of thing. What kind of wet noodles can jizz on an Oreo?

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When I was in HS, you would need about 10 boxes of Oreos for me. I remember the 1st time I came. What a focking mess that was. Now I couldn't cover a dime. It's called an Ookie Cookie, and it's been around a long time. You have to blurka on the dessert morsel.

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Last person to the finish line has to get rid of the tasty treat. You want to be covered with frat boy jizz?? You want to be covered with frat boy jizz Not that having this stuff in my mouth is unusual but that's focking gross and yes it's been around forever in frats and sports hazing and Soggy biscuit story and this really is a non-story. On a side note Sometimes I really can't understand your species. Elephant Walk is gheyer. I was known as a pretty mean hazer in my frat, but I never made anybody eat gross shiat, or do anything ghey.

I don't see how that builds character. ANDOVER — Two Andover High students have been expelled and at least five others kicked off the basketball team for their roles in Soggy biscuit story "disturbing" case of hazing against two underclassmen at a basketball camp last July, sources have confirmed. The punishments may not end there. Sources confirm the Bristol County District Attorney's office will pursue criminal charges and the state Attorney General's office has launched its own investigation.

The Eagle-Tribune reported older students forced two underclassmen to play a humiliating sex game known as "wet biscuit," where the loser was made to eat a semen-covered cookie. The two ringleaders of the hazing were expelled while the others involved received suspensions for an unknown amount of time and will not be allowed to compete in school sports for the remainder of the school year, sources said. I was known as a pretty mean hazer in my fratbut I never made anybody eat gross shiat, or do anything ghey.

I heard of this when I was growing up, before I went to football camp in high school people had stories about Oogie Cookie, and then there was the crab walk with a peanut between your cheeks, loser eats the peanuts. None of these happened though. I am not touching or eating anything with that on it. The idea of even doing that with another dude or in the case of frats multiple dudes is appaling.

I dont care how far into the frat process you arewhen that "game" comes up PUNT.

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If you are willing to eat a bunch of doodes spooge just to get into a frat It's college for focks sake, there are slutty chicks and booze everywhere, go get friends that you don't have to pay and don't make you eat spooge. When I was in college, I went to a party for the rugby team I wasn't on it, I am way too poosay for that. They made their frosh do buttcrack shooters, where you pour booze down the crack of some guys ass after a rugby game, before a shower, for maximum sweaty nastiness and into the waiting frosh's mouth.

I thought that was nasty, but soggy biscuit? I think a lot more guys are gay then want to admit. Soggy biscuit story know Let's all strip down and jerk off in each other's mouths. It'll be so crazy. I'm telling you. Bunny's friend's wife? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. The Geek Club Search In. Anyone up for a game of soggy biscuit? Recommended Posts. Posted November 28, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Patriotsfatboy1 1, NorthernVike 1, I read it was Gookie Cookie, which makes more sense.

Damn I may need to toss my cookies right now.

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Who was the coach, Bernie Fine? Posted November 29, This story is front news today up here in Boston. Kanil I want to BE the soggy biscuit! Daddio 0. Bishop82 Not that having this stuff in my mouth is unusual. Mungwater Don't they do the same to siouxie at the old folks home?

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Giants Fan Posted November 30, Posted December 1, Herbivore Riddlen 1. That's a little harsh How exactly to you "force" someone to jerk off on a cookie then eat it?

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Posted December 2, Posted December 7, Frank M JackARoot 2. Register a new. in Already have an ? In Now. In Up.

Soggy biscuit story

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