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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 28th of February Report. Introduction: The following is a recollection from my college years. Individual names and the name of the sorority have been changed for reasons of privacy. I looked up at the middle-aged Mrs. Dullwater in annoyance. She returned my look over the top of her reading glasses with a lofty stare of superiority.

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Now, do you have any questions for the pledges at this point? In my senior college year, Mrs. Dullwater was a new and unwelcome aspect to the ly-enjoyable prospect of interviewing the yearly crop of fresh and oh-so-eager-to-please sorority pledges. Last year rumors and complaints had begun to surface of a few isolated hazing practices the pledges had to endure.

The university had reacted swiftly, and now we were Sorority girl sex stories with the likes of Mrs. Amongst ourselves it was quickly rebranded the SUCK Committee, but that bitter little bit of humor did nothing to reduce its annoyance factor. Every step of the pledging process was now conducted per an elaborate set of rules and was carefully monitored. And predictably, all the fun had been wrung out of the event. I glanced to my left at my sorority sister, Lexi.

The blonde girl made no effort to stifle a huge yawn, and then went back to sketching bored doodles in the margins of her pledge evaluation form. Underneath the table, Baxter -- the Great Dane sorority dog -- snored in his sleep. I kicked off one of my shoes and rubbed my toes along his furry flanks. He stirred briefly, responding with a lazy stretch that caused his back legs to quiver. But Baxter could recognize terminal boredom as well as the rest of us. With a sleepy groan he flopped over onto his side and gave a heavy sigh before resuming his nap.

As Mrs. Dullwater droned on, her voice faded into the background. I thought back to several years ago when I had been an eager young pledge girl at this very sorority. I recalled with a dreamy smile that times sure were different back then I was so excited I could barely control the jitters in my tummy. And here I was, one of the few remaining pledge girls left in the running after a long day of tests and interviews.

We had to recite the sorority motto backwards and forwardsknow the sorority history by heart, and memorize a seemingly endless list of rules and trivia. And of course there was the usual hazing and teasing, but mercifully that had been minimal and relatively harmless so far. As afternoon gave way to evening, the large group of applicants had been steadily whittled away, and now it was down to just a few remaining pledges. We were finally allowed a much needed break and sat down to a dinner in the grand old dining hall of the sorority house.

We had been split into smaller groups of hopeful applicants throughout the day, so this was going to be my first opportunity to meet some of the other remaining pledges and sorority members. I was seated next to a cute little blonde -- one of the other pledge girls. I introduced myself as Sasha, and she replied that her name was Lexi. About halfway through the meal she whispered to me that she was going to take a trip to the ladies room.

That struck me as a good idea, so we subtly excused ourselves from the large gathering at the table. Giggling and a bit tipsy from too much wine, we made our way down a long hallway and found the bathroom. Finishing up, I stepped out of the bathroom stall and saw Lexi primping her long blonde hair in the mirror.

I knew the sorority selection Sorority girl sex stories was based in part on appearance, and Lexi was serious competition for me. She was trim and athletic, with beautiful golden locks, cute-as-a-button features, and a mischievous grin that she could summon on demand. I looked her over, jealously admiring the firm curve of her rump that strained the limits of her impossibly tight little skirt.

I let my gaze linger, mentally chastising myself for wearing jeans instead of a short skirt like Lexi. Then I looked up at the mirror, seeing Lexi looking back at me in the reflection. She gave me a friendly smile but I knew I had been caught checking out her ass for far too long. I stepped up to the sink next to hers, touching up my lipstick and giving my silky black hair a quick tussle with my fingers. I adjusted my ample cleavage in my low-cut blouse, noting that I certainly had her beat in that department.

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She had an instant charm about her that just won me over. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and a girl peered inside. Abandoning any hopes of getting back to dinner, I gave myself one last glance in the mirror and then followed Lexi out of the bathroom.

We both obediently trailed the sorority girl further down the hallway, our shoes clicking on the tile floor as we hurried to keep up. Without a word Stephanie led us on a winding route, eventually down a dimly lit stairway into the basement and then through a storeroom filled with the sorority household supplies. The noise from the crowd of girls in the dining room had long since faded away, and I began to get an apprehensive feeling, realizing how isolated we were down here.

At the far end of the storeroom was a plain looking door. Stephanie held it open and motioned for us to go in.

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The room was dark, and Lexi fumbled for a moment to find a light switch on the wall. I found myself holding my breath with nervous anticipation, not knowing what awaited us in the gloom. I exhaled a sigh of relief as Lexi and I entered. Stephanie followed us in, closing the door behind her. I looked anxiously at Lexi. So far the sorority hazing had been relatively tame and harmless, but we had all heard rumors. I wondered what was in store for us next. Stephanie looked us over as we anxiously stood in silence. She slowly circled around behind us and then back around, inspecting us as I tried to resist the urge to fidget.

Finally she broke the prolonged quiet. There is a depth to our commitment that cannot come from swearing an oath, or ing a piece of paper. It is a trust that must be earned, and a trust that must be tested to prove its worth. You should be truly proud. If you perform well, then we will accept you into our sacred order. But if fail these challenges then you will be asked to leave. And you are free to leave at any time if you choose not to continue. This is all entirely voluntary.

Also, the two of you are now a team. If one fails, then you both fail. Do you understand? We were both nervous, but excited to have made it this far. I knew we were both determined Sorority girl sex stories do whatever it took to pass the final tests.

As I said, there is an emotional bond between the sisters of the Pegga-Delta-Pi order that must be forged and then tested. We will start with just a simple test of your commitment, which you two may demonstrate by sharing a passionate kiss. Had I heard her correctly? The blonde girl and I were supposed to kiss? I had never had any sort of intimate contact with another female. Nervously I turned to look at Lexi, who also seemed hesitant and unsure of what to do.

Stephanie had little patience for our delay.

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She reached up and gently brushed her fingertips across my lips, I felt a shudder of nervous energy go through me. But I tried to fake a display of calm. I mean, where was the harm in a simple kiss? Shyly I looked at Lexi, noting once again that she was in fact a very attractive girl. I closed the distance between us and traced my fingers along her cheek. I brought my hand to the back of her head and slowly pulled her towards me.

Our lips met and we engaged in a wet kiss. Neither Lexi nor I dared to break off contact too quickly, wanting to prove ourselves to Stephanie. The sorority girl stepped in for a closer look. I felt the tip of her tongue flutter out, nuzzling my lips. I opened my mouth and responded in kind. The tips of our tongues teased each other, and then Lexi slipped her oral digit deep into my mouth, wriggling and exploring. After a moment she withdrew, and I followed her inviting retreat, working my talented tongue deep into her mouth. I could feel her breathing change, taking on a deeper, more urgent pace.

In response, I felt my nipples begin to swell and harden, the erect nubs raising visible protrusions in my blouse as I pressed myself against her heaving chest. Finally Lexi withdrew, panting and doe-eyed with surprise and arousal. I gulped and nodded in agreement, my eyes wide as a blush of embarrassment began to creep its way up my face.

Nervously I gulped, breaking off eye contact and looking down at the floor to avoid falling under the spell of gazing further into her beautiful eyes. Lexi offered up a strangled choke of dismay. Maybe Stephanie was joking?

Stephanie snapped Sorority girl sex stories fingers, indicating that any further delay would be frowned upon.

Sorority girl sex stories

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