Sorority paddling stories

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Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ». The Girdle Race This incident took place at college during the time of sorority hazing, when the paddle was in full use. I never pledged a sorority, but my older cousin Crystal sure did, back in the early Sixties when pledging could get pretty rough among the girls.

Crystal told me some of the things they did to the pledges, including the frequent use of the paddle. Each pledge Sorority paddling stories to make her own paddle, which was bare wood and about three feet long. The girl's task was to put her name and the sorority letters on the wood with decal stickers, then give the paddle several coats of varnish so that it had a high shine. After this was done, the girl had to visit each of her upcoming sorority sisters and request her to the Sorority paddling stories paddle. However, there was one more thing.

The sorority sister would "blot" her ature by giving the bent-over pledge a good whack with the ed paddle. Invariably this resulted in a very sore bottom for the pledge, especially if she had to obtain several atures in a day. Crystal explained to me that a paddling was not the same as a spanking by the high school principal. Pledge rules dictated that the paddle be gripped with two hands, but only swung from the wrists.

Crystal admitted that the result was not the same as a school paddling, but since those pledge paddles were so long and heavy, the momentum was enough to raise the pledge on her toes with every swat! Girls wore skirts for all occasions back then, even during pledging, complete with all the under-trappings. The game was simple. Each girl had to take off her girdle and toss it into a pile in the center of the room. In addition she had to roll down her stockings, then roll up her skirt and slip and hold them up carefully using nothing but her elbows.

The object of the game was to find her own girdle in the big pile of white lingerie, pull it on, unroll her stockings and hook them to the dangling garters, then roll down her slip and skirt--all the while being swatted with paddles across the seat of her exposed panties! It was a clumsy task at best, because the girl was not allowed to release her rolled-up skirts from the grip of her elbows, which were pressed hard against the sides of her ribcage.

The loser of the race was made to run the gauntlet of two lines of sorority girls, who paddled her as she jostled through. Crystal said that this race was very painful because most of the girls wore the panties of the time--thin nylon that offered very little protection against a wooden paddle! When the time came for the race, Crystal and the other pledges were ordered to unclasp their stockings and roll them down to their ankles.

They did not know what was in store for them. Then came the order to strip off their girdles and toss them into a pile. The final indignity was to roll up their skirts and slips, while the pledge mistress explained the rules of the game--and not to let go of those skirts under any circumstances.

So, Crystal said, here were about ten pledges, looking extremely foolish with their rolled-up skirts being clutched by their elbows and revealing their variously-colored, lace-trimmed underpants. The pledge mistress blew a whistle, and all the pledges raced to the pile of girdles, each girl desperately trying to find her own. As the girls bent over to search the pile, they were spanked with smaller versions of paddles which, as Crystal Sorority paddling stories, stung right through their sheer panties.

Crystal said the noise in the room was deafening and very confusing: The shouts of encouragement by the sorority sisters, the loud slapping of the paddles against the pledges' nylon-encased behinds, the squealing of the pledges themselves as they felt the rain of spanks on their rear ends, and the grunts of difficulty as each girl tried to pull up her snug girdle using only her forearms while her elbows hugged her rolled-up skirts.

Crystal admitted the scene was like something out of Dante's Inferno! Doing plenty of twists, jumps and squats, Crystal managed to get her girdle up to give her behind at least some protection from the never-ending swats from the paddles. She had to smooth out her stockings and hitch them up to the four garters on the legs of her girdle. Finally she unclasped her elbows and rolled down first her slip, then finally her creased and wrinkled skirt. Then she raised her arms to indicate that she had finished the race, and was ordered to stand to the side where she was able to see the other struggling girls getting spanked while trying desperately to pull up their rubbery underwear and sheer stockings.

Finally, Crystal said, there was only one unfortunate girl left, who wrestled with her nylons and garters using only her forearms and wrists. The poor girl was made to run the gauntlet of paddles, but at least she had her skirt, slip and girdle in place to mitigate the sting of the swats. The other pledges, still panting from their ordeal, watched and thanked their Maker for allowing them to finish the race without being last!

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Crystal explained that there were other features of pledging besides paddling, including ing each square of a roll of toilet paper, eating whole lemons, and biting into a raw onion like a fresh apple. But she made it through Hell Night and was inducted Sorority paddling stories into the sorority. However, she held a grudge against the girls who had enjoyed wielding their paddles on her, and who now had to be regarded as her sorority sisters, and after a year she dropped out of the sorority. She admitted to me that all that pledging and pain had not been worth getting into this supposedly exclusive club of girls who basically were snooty and judgmental against anyone who was not in their circle--and that included other "sisters.

Most sororities no longer paddled, and toned down the pledging into less physical and more humiliating activities. My own daughters, who are now in college, tell me that their campuses are strictly forbidden to pledge candidates, with serious consequences if they do, including the dissolution of the fraternity or sorority.

Crystal is in her late sixties now, but she still has vivid memories of the night she took part in The Girdle Race. Many thanks to cousin Crystal Masterson for her vital information. Love ya, Crys! Share Link. Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First. I enjoyed this story and the girdle pic is great. View 1 more replies ». The open bottom are my favorite girdle style. Jennagurl: My Mom usually wore the panty girdle. I don't remember seeing her in an open-bottom girdle. And of course I never wore one.

It was enough to be confined in pantyhose. I like some vintage styles and I worn a few girdles. They can restricting but I like the feel for a little while. I think anyone who ed a frat or sorority in the 60's knows what a Sorority paddling stories bottom feels like even if that was their first experience with one. In those days there weren't many who didn't have prior experience and more than a few still eligible for it from their parents.

That's true! I had a first-hand experience with my principal's paddle in my Senior year of high school. I did not return for seconds!

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A vivid example of hazing in the Greek sisterhood. I see that Frats weren't the only ones with a Hell week! BadPam: I was a pledge in We had the same process with paddles. We received 3 seats at the end of Hell week. We even had a pledge revolt where we got our revenge! It was the Pikes frat! Pfuzylogic: I thought they had done away with that sort of thing by then. I'm surprised. I didn't pledge a sorority but I heard it was a lot more subdued when I started college in Crystal is a lot older than I am, so pledging in her day was probably more brutal.

BadPam: Sorority paddling stories was in full force at the Pikes. They primarily recruited from the largest Catholic Parochial High School. Most of the members were state wrestling champions, my notoriety was Chess! Let's just say I married an older guy.

Sorority paddling stories

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