Spanked by stepmother stories

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Hi, I'm Darnez, I am 21 years old female, and last year my father married a complete psycho bitch!

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Her name is Paige. She is about 45, blonde hair, brown eyes, 5' Let me tell you about the first time she spanked me, it was completely unfair, and I absolutely hated her for it. It was last month, and I was going out with my best friend, to hang out at the beach for a party that we had been invited to. My father asked me to stop by his house, on my way to pick up my best friend so that I can return some of the items that he had left at my house earlier that week when he was fixing on my car.

Anyway, when I arrived to his home, Paige answered the door, she invited me in the house, and told me that my father was not at home at the moment and that I could put his belongings in the garage, as I made my way to the Garage, Paige followed me, she was going on about how lucky I am to be young, and have the rest of my life ahead of me and that I needed to apply myself more.

When I reached the Garage, I turned around and faced her, and told her that she needed to leave me alone, and that if I wanted her advice, I would ask her. She looked apologetic and said that she was sorry and that she was only trying to help me not make the same mistakes that younger people tend to make She then started to critise my outfit, I had on a bikini top, and some cut off shorts so that it can make my ass look bigger I told her that my outfit, was none of her concern and that I am grown and can wear what Spanked by stepmother stories I like.

It's true, I am grown, but Paige took my message the wrong way, she told me that she would tell my father about how rude, I am to her, and about my clothes, or lack there of. I told her that I did not care, and I am grown, and there is nothing my father could do, because he does not buy any of my clothes, I do. Then I made the biggest mistake and told her that she needs to Shut-up and stay out of my business.

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She then said, you will never talk to me like that, do you understand. They speak their mind She glared at me, and came closer and closer to me, I slowly backed up and told her that she better get out of my way. I have a party to get to and I do not have time to deal with her. Oh, I think that you will be a little late for that party, Paige replied.

I need to teach you to respect me, and not go out in public looking like a stripper. She had me cornered into the wall, I must admit, I was a little nervous, but I knew that I had to say something back, otherwise my pride would be hurt. I said, get out of my way Paige! I shouted, I am going to a pool Spanked by stepmother stories on the beach stupid, therefore it is okayand like I told you before, I am grown I shoved her lightly, in order to get from trapped between her and the wall.

Your not going any where, she said with a deeper voice, She grabbed me by the ear and took me into the living room. I tried my hardest to get out of her grasp but the more I struggled the tighter her grip got Let me go, Stupid, you can not do this to me!

I can have you arrested for this I said to Paige. A mother, can't get arrested for punishing her child Still holding my ear, she sat down on the sofa,and placed me over her knee That was the most awkward thing ever, I tried to get up, but she held my legs down, with her legs, and had an arm on my back so that I couldn't get up. Let me go, Bitch! I shouted I was very annoyed and angry, and wanting no more than to leave this house.

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You are going to regret that young lady! She then started hitting my ass with her hand, and I couldn't do anything but wiggle What are you doing Paige I asked You need to let me go! I am grown, spankings, are not going to hurt me! We'll see, she said. She continued to hit me over and over, I continued to try and get up, but to my suprise she was so much stronger than me I'm 4'11, but still that is highly, unlikely that someone can overpower me Every smack hurt-ed a little bit more than the one before, and my butt started to sting, so I tried to rub my ass for some relief, but yet again, she pined my arm back, and said, no I don't think so, you need to feel this, she laughed.

My ass got Spanked by stepmother stories the point where I was trying to avoid smacks, because the pain was becoming slightly unbearable, I tried not to give her satisfaction so I made sure that I did not cry or whimper About smacks later, she finally stopped, I was so happy,that it was finally over, or so I thought I remained quiet, because I was afraid she would continue, if I gave her any lip, But I was wrong, it was not over yet I tried so hard not to cry or even frown I didn't want her to think that she won.

She got off the sofa, and then bent me over the arm of the sofa She said, You better not move, or you will be sorry, you will only make it worst for yourself, Do you understand.

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I didn't say any thing, I just nodded I must admit, I was a little afraid, given the situation She took off the belt she had on, it was a brown weaved leather belt, I believed When I saw her take her belt off, I looked forward and then closed my eyes, as if It would make her not do what she was about to. She then said, I am doing this for your own good And hit me so hard, I gasped, I knew it would hurt, considering how sore my ass already was, but I didn't think it would feel like this.

I heard her giggle I know it hurts, silly, it's suppose to Now be a good girl and don't talk unless I tell you too She then gave me another smack with the belt. I tried to hide Spanked by stepmother stories silent tears, Here I was a grown woman, crying, I told you to be quiet. And that I was to go and get her a glass of water I stood up and walked into the kitchen, and thought about leaving out of the back door, she saw me looking at it and said, you better not I got the glass of water, and brought it to her, she took the glass, drink-ed a little and said, go back where you were, and lower your shorts, then bend over, and don't move she ordered She interrupted me, Do as I say, and Do not call me Paige anymore, I am your mother and you will call me mom, Understood.

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Very good, she finished the water and came back around with her belt, She then gave me 20 smacks on each side, and then said, if you ever tell anyone about this, you will be sorry! I just nodded in agreement, she then lowered my swimsuit bottoms, and Gave me a hard ass smack with her hand, I cried out loud, not only Spanked by stepmother stories it hurt-ed so bad, but also because I was embarrassed, and I think that she knew it, because she laughed. I cried just from hearing her say that I cried out loud, and didn't care anymore, about my pride,because it hurted so bad!

After the spanking was over, she told me to stand in the corner with my hands on top of my head, she told me I better not move, or I would have to receive more punishment, for disobeying her She handed me some of her clothes, and said you may go to your party, but I want you to call me when you get home, you must be at your house, at ten. I gave her a weird look Good girl, now run along, next week I want to talk about about your college grades. I got dressed with the clothes she gave me and went to the party I knew it ws fiction when you went to get her water but didn't mention the state of your pants around your ankels or having to pull them up so you dont trip.

Good story thanks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Create New ! The time, I received a spanking from my stepmother Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Posted June 9, She then said, you will never talk to me like that, do you understand I told her, I could talk to her any way that I want, because I Am Grown, and that is what Grown people do.

She then replied, Oh, is that what Grown people do She glared at me, and came closer and closer to me, I slowly backed up and told her that she better get out of my way. Let me go right now Mommy has to teach you a lesson, she said grinning She said, You better not move, or you will be sorry, you will only make it worst for yourself, Do you understand I didn't say any thing, I just nodded I started crying lightly, I said Paige please don't, it hurts so bad Understand Paige, please stop, I'm sorry!

But Paige Yes what she asked. Yes Ma'am, I answered. If you guys, like Spanked by stepmother stories story, and I get good feedback, I will tell you more spanking stories! Link to comment. Was this real? If so then, WOW Thank-you, it is not real, not even a little, but how cool would it be if it was?

I thought it wasn't. But you did a very nice job. Good writing style. Nice flow and story. CoreyB Posted June 9, I wanna read moee.

Spanked by stepmother stories

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