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in. A college girl gets some punishment [FM][light domination][spanking]. The rest of the story is purely my creation. I have no relation to this excellent video. I link it here for your entertainment. You could watch it before or after reading the story.

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Dating Nick was a ll-consuming. I had never known anyone more intense before, or since. He had no off switch. I never saw him relax the entire time I dated him. His intensity. I was center stage. Was I making up for hood with two sisters and distracted, travelling parents? All I know was that holding a captive audience was a treat for me. Even if some of the attention got uncomfortable. And I should also mention: he was drop dead gorgeous. It was a bold move in my first year of college to date an upperclassman — to the jibes of my hallmates — but he was so mysteriously handsome that I fell hard for him.

I was powerless to avoid it. This story begins on a stormy east coast night at the end of January. It was a tough class known for weeding out freshman from the honors program that I was so proud to be a part of. The term had gotten under way and I was already behind and worried about the big mid terms creeping up on me. He had holed up at our dorm during the storm and we were in the rec room, alone on the big couch there with the TV muted so we could make progress on our homework. I thought with dread about the volume of work I faced this next week and beyond.

Like really put the work off. He pulled himself up on the couch and looked at me seriously. You just need to develop your discipline. All of the sudden I will just start doing everything I need to, every day. On time. He remained serious. You can train yourself. You just need the proper framework. I raised my eyebrows in surprise at this comment. You would be amazed how having real consequences will teach you self discipline in a hurry. Your grade is directly determined by Spanking stories lite choices that you make and you have plenty of time. It freaked me out a little, seeing how stern he got just telling me about this idea of his.

I was already scared enough of the work in the honors program, without being worried about having my boyfriend judge me and enforce some vague penalties. Maybe even smack me around. Well, I dismissed that conversation and for the next week went back to school as normal. As things would go, and not really a surprise knowing myself, I did goof off on Thursday with two girlfriends from the dorm — we skipped our last class and went shopping downtown and ended up catching a movie and some dessert afterwards, coming home late.

It was therapeutic to hang out with friends and de-stress. I needed it. I bombed it badly. We score the quizzes in class on the spot, so it gave me a wake Spanking stories lite call. I left the class shaken, again unsure if I would survive this term in the honors program. That night Nick took me out for a late pizza dinner.

You want to stay in the program, right? You actually want me to that? Trust me on this. Let me show you what it would be. Right there in the restaurant booth he pulled out his notebook and started intently writing on a blank. I leaned back and sipped my coke, wondering if this was real. I looked at all the other couples making small talk with their dinner dates, smiling and laughing with each other.

And here I was, being given a slave contract from my new boyfriend saying, yeah sure, tie me up and spank my ass if I failed French Lit. Rows of his neat handwriting filled the top half of the and there were two ature blanks at the bottom. But you can bet that I will enforce it. It sent a little shiver through my spine. You would just ignore it.

I thought that over. He was right. I sat up and read through the text carefully. It just said that I, Christina, would empower him, Nick, with all the means he deemed necessary to ensure my performance in Spanking stories lite French Literature class this semester.

I thought about the situation carefully. I was in trouble. Nick was right about that.

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I needed something bold to jar myself out of the complacency pervading my second semester. Maybe — well hell, yeah Spanking stories lite — this would keep me focused and working hard. I looked over at Nick. He was so serious. I smiled, though. Handsome bastard. But he was intense enough that this would scare me. This is real. If you this, I will be your partner in making sure that you perform in this class. You need to have some skin in the game for this to work.

And I do mean skin. Would you? In very short order, like this weekend. You need powerful motivation. Go home tonight and think on it. You need a deadline. Tomorrow, Saturday, at noon, this paper must be ed and returned to me at my house, in a sealed envelope, if you wish to proceed. We said goodnight stiffly and I walked back to my dorm, confused. One moment I would think, this is fucking crazy, I know this guy from only a few dates, do I trust him to manage me like some schoolgirl? The next moment I would think, yes, I know myself well enough that I was in real trouble, as he had pointed out.

Would it even work? I tried to imagine having ed the contract, and knowing my French Lit homework was due Monday.

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Yes, I would. Damn straight I would. It would be the first thing I would go do. At least not in this way, and I smiled at the image of him on my bare ass in a very different way. He was right that it would be a most powerful motivator.

Spanking stories lite

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