Spying on mom stories

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I had been masturbating to ejaculation for a few months, but the whole 'sex between man and woman' thing was still limited to 'book-reading only' knowledge. I had seen a few nude pictures but Spying on mom stories of the actual act. But my education was furthered quite dramatically one night at home! I had been jacking off quietly one night in my room when I realised I had not prepared by bringing some toilet paper in the bedroom earlier, which was my usual way of catching the evidence.

So, my hardon tucked back in my underwear, I tip-toed down the dark hallway to the bathroom to get some paper. I got it, then quietly snuck back down the hall. But as I was passing my parent's room, I heard heavy breathing and moaning. Noticing the door was ajar a crack, I eased toward it and peeked in through the Spying on mom stories opening.

My adolescent eyes bugged, and my dick got so hard I thought it would rip out of my underwear, as I realised my parents were making love! In the bright moonlight coming through the window on the opposite side of the bed, I could see their silhouettes plainly, with many details of their bodies lit up as well. My dad was on his back on the bed, and my mother was leaning over him sucking his large penis! I nearly flipped! I could see her moving her mouth up and down its length, and playing with his balls with her hand. She would occasionally slip it out of her mouth and pump it with her hand, licking the head and then going back down on it.

I immediately took out my dick and began to stroke it in time with my mom's sucking motions. After about five minutes of that, she came up, and she got on her knees on the bed. My dad, his stiff dick swaying in the moonlight, got behind her on his knees and slowly pressed it between her buttocks, sliding it in all the way as my mother moaned.

I was close to cumming as he began to pump in and out. My mom's breasts were swinging back and forth with the motion of my dad's thrusting into her. I could hear not only their breathing and moaning, but also the squishy sounds her pussy made as he slid in and out!

The scene was too much for me and I blew my load into the toilet paper I was holding. I filled it full with the hardest, longest ejaculation I had had up to that point. As I was finishing, I heard my parents groaning and both of them breathing the words, 'I'm cumming!

Under the covers I still had a solid erection, and jacked off again thinking of what I had witnessed. It supplied the masturbation material for my mind for many months afterward. But it was not the end of the matter. A few days later, my dad and I were home alone while my mom went shopping.

The subject turned to sex, and since my dad was easygoing, I had no discomfort. He asked if I had any questions about sex, and I said I knew pretty much what it was about. He said he knew I had been masturbating and that it was perfectly normal. He said he did it also, and I noticed it was 'did it,' not 'had done it,' which meant it was ongoing.

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I like the thought of that. But foremost was the question of how he knew I had been. I asked him that after admitting it, and he said that one night he had went to the bathroom and stepped in a puddle of semen I had left at their bedroom door! My face turned red and I panicked. He grinned, and said, 'I imagine you must have gotten a good lesson in sex that night, huh, son? Next time, catch it with a sock or something, huh?

I don't mind cum on me, but I don't like stepping in it!

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After he left I had another jackoff session thinking about my dad jacking off too. Copyright SMI-Help.

Spying on mom stories

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Spying On Mom Stories