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No one is more shocked than Laura when Marie dumps her boyfriend. Although she's been secretly in love with the girl for quite some time, she can't quite get her head around her crush's new taste in men - the first of many big changes to come Abbe soon realizes that his lover, Dusty, is the target of Darius' fat aspersions.

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Yet, he finds himself too preoccupied with the project to keep Dusty from falling under the spell of this wealthy predator. When a woman's need to breed rises above all else. When a woman's body desires to meld with life and there's nothing that she can do about it. Breeding and growing suety become synonymous.

That was me.

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Jack a pompous feeder, makes fun of his ssbbw fiance. Pissed off she has a spell put on the couple so that Jack will have to walk a mile in her shoes before their wedding day.

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Like most young women, Allison was deeply intrigued with becoming pregnant. However, her interest was greater than most. It's known that some people are able to 'will' physical changes to their bodies. Or so it would seem. Dark, morbid, genderbendy tale of a ditzy obese young fatboi who draws the attention of an elite international group of powerful feeders.

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Repost from years ago. May add to it or open up to collaboration on an ending. A girl meets her fiance's family and realizes she's getting a bit more than she bargained for.

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Jordon And Emily were odd kids, both in the closet about their feederism until they meet each other at Uni. A down and out fellow takes an odd job from a gangster. It seems too good to be true. Little does he lnow what he's in store for.

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Ssbbw xwg stories

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