Starcraft 2 stories

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The StarCraft storyline is the history of the StarCraft universe. As with many such games, StarCraft came with a series of pre-set combat missions for gamers to play against the computer. These series typically start with introductory missions and become ever more challenging battles. These campaigns are set in a time and place in a fictional universe, and events in one battle lead to the next in the campaign. Unlike Blizzard Entertainment 's first two Warcraft games, StarCraft campaigns aren't alternative histories that vary with which side the player chooses, but are sequential parts of a single larger timeline.

Also, the background for StarCraft is far more detailed and complex than many other video games', including the personal stories of tragic and heroic main characters, and was created with the help of professional science fiction authors and artists to give it a full cinematic depth. The campaigns in StarCraft are called "episodes" and are ed, similar to the Star Wars Starcraft 2 stories. Besides the events in the game missions themselves, video clips and text stories and descriptions supplied with the game flesh out the background of the universe. Blizzard has authorized some independent novelscovering events beyond the StarCraft games.

StarCraft fans have supplied additional battles and historical commentary, but these aren't considered canonand are only rarely covered here. StarCraft features three races: the renegade human terransthe noble psionic protossand the horrific insectoid zerg. The storyline covers the fortunes of these three races and their leaders, fighting for dominance in a remote region of the galaxy.

Typically, the player's race makes gains during an episode, but never completely conquers the other races. The xel'naga are a seemingly extinct race of extragalactic scientists. They arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy in their worldshipsand there they began manipulating various species, intending to create something with purity of form and purity of essence, as a necessary part of their life cycle.

They first modified the protoss, an intelligent psychic species they discovered on the outlying world of Aiur. To their joy, they discovered the protoss had both purity of form and essence. However, the xel'naga pushed their creation too far, causing their psychic link to disappear and their purity of essence to vanish. The protoss fell into madness as the xel'naga abandoned them.

The xel'naga discovered another species, the zerg, on the Starcraft 2 stories world of Zerus. These small insectoids demonstrated purity of essence. The xel'naga created the Overmindwhich contained their sentient desires, holding them together with a hivemind. However, the Overmind became aware of the xel'naga's presence and, upon acquiring space flying breeds, ordered its minions to attack the worldships. The greater whole of the xel'naga race was wiped out.

Khas brings the Khala. The protossbereft of their gods as they viewed the xel'nagafell into the Aeon of Strifea massive generations-long civil war. The mystic Khasusing the power of xel'naga artifacts called khaydarin crystalsreforged the protoss psionic link, which he called the Khalaand helped heal their racial wound. The sanity of the protoss was restored. The new protoss society divided itself into three castes — the Judicator Caste which consisted of religious leaders, controlled by the Conclave ; the Templar Castethe warriors who protected the people; and the Khalai Castewhich provided laborers and artisans.

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The protoss used much xel'naga technology. The protoss expanded their influence over many worlds formerly controlled by the xel'naga, and both protected and manipulated lesser races according to their philosophy of Dae'uhl. When the terrans arrived in the Koprulu sectorin the shadow of protoss space, the protoss secretly protected them too. Shortly before the Great Warthe protoss became aware of the zerganother race modified by the xel'naga. The zerg had secretly begun infesting a of terran worlds. Executor Tassadar of the Templar Caste was ordered to take his fleet and purify the most heavily-infested world, Chau Sara.

Tassadar followed his orders — sparking panic in the Terran Confederacy — but when ordered to purify the next world, Mar Sarahe refused, as he believed the terrans there still stood a chance against the zerg.

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Following the Aeon of Strifeprotoss society codified itself with the Khala, a religion and psionic philosophy governing their behavior which was intended to prevent another Aeon of Strife. A of protoss, called the Rogues, refused to submit to the Khala and tried to hide themselves from the Conclave. Eventually the Conclave ordered the leader of the Templar, young Executor Adunto terminate them. Adun taught them how to hide Starcraft 2 stories from the Conclave instead.

However, the Rogues were unable to control their powers without the Khala and their presence was revealed when they accidentally created massive psionic storms over Aiur. Unable to hide their presence any longer, the Conclave ordered them banished from Aiur. Over time, they became known as the Dark Templar for their habit of cutting their psionic appendages to separate themselves from the Khala.

Following their exile, the Dark Templar settled on the dark planet of Shakurasled by their Matriarch Raszagal. The zerg are a biologically-engineered species and the second after the protoss to be engineered by the xel'naga. Possessing a purity of essencethe zerg were originally a race of worm-like parasites which over time could "absorb" the genetics of their victims.

They were controlled by the xel'naga-crafted Overmind, which broke contact with the xel'naga and eventually spurred the Zerg Swarm into destroying its masters, stealing their knowledge. The Zerg Swarm formed into a hierarchy, led by the immortal Overmind, the immortal cerebrates underneath it, and the overlords. The modern Zerg Swarm emerged as a collection of breeds, capable of living in harsh conditions — most were adapted for combat. The Overmind became aware of the protoss and was determined to assimilate them into its own species.

Upon discovering the terrans, it intended to assimilate their psionic potential to help it in its conquest of the protoss. When the zerg overwhelmed Chau Sarathe protoss responded by destroying all life on the planet's surface. By then, the zerg had already infested numerous other terran worlds. The zerg prepared to fight a war with the protoss, leaving the terrans trapped between them.

The supercarriers leave Earth. The humans of Earth fell under the control of the United Powers League in The new government believed in the " divinity of mankind " and worked to eliminate anyone who had undergone genetic engineering or used non-essential cybernetic equipment. Government forces also cracked down on criminals, religious people, political activists and other "dissidents". About forty years later, scientist Doran Routhe collected thousands of such prisoners onto four supercarriers as part of a colonization project.

The prisoners were cryogenically frozen and supplied with materials needed to found colonies, including ATLASa revolutionary new AI. However, the ships sped right past their target planet. During the journey, ATLAS detected a relatively high rate of mutations leading to psionic powers in the prisoners, sending the information back to Routhe. The lost ships ended up in the Koprulu sector after three decades of travel, approximately two hundred years ago. The new terran colonists settled the worlds of TarsonisMoria and Umoja. Many Confederate colonists disagreed with their government on economic and other matters, sparking numerous rebellions.

The Confederacy engaged in economic warfare with the military of the Morian colony, Starcraft 2 stories Kel-Morian Combinecontinually stealing their mining claims. Ten years before the Great Warthis eventually broke out into the Guild Wars in The destruction of Korhal. The Confederacy mistreated its colonies, and eventually its most prosperous one, Korhal IVrebelled against it. The Confederacy killed the rebel leader, Angus Mengsk.

However, this action was a mistake, since it put his genius son, Arcturusin charge. The younger Mengsk immediately began a series of bombings and assassinations. When Mengsk was visiting the allied Umojan Protectoratethe Confederacy struck Korhal IV with a massive nuclear blast, destroying all life on its surface. Mengsk, now calling his rebel movement Starcraft 2 stories Sons of Korhalcontinued a guerrilla-style struggle with what few forces remained under his command.

In his first mission against the Confederacy, he raided a secret installation, rescuing a ghostSarah Kerriganand becoming aware of secret experiments with newly discovered xenomorphs. As the 25th century drew to a close, a hivemind of bioengineered creatures, the Zerg Swarmdescended on the Sector.

The zerg, then called "xenomorphs" by the terrans, arrived on Chau Sara and began infesting the planet. The Confederacy sent Alpha Squadron troops and the " Cerberus " attack squad to contain and suppress knowledge of the alien invasion.

The Confederacy were using zerg for weapons development and wished to keep any knowledge of them secret; they did not yet know the full danger the Swarm posed. The protoss were not so complacent.

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The protoss were the scions of the xel'naga, and in the zerg they recognized another offspring of their ancient mentors. The protoss were wary of the zerg's potential and their fears were confirmed when they witnessed the infestation and destruction wrought on Chau Sara. They took decisive action and cleansed the planet of all life. However, it was too late to stop the zerg spreading to other terran worlds.

The Confederacy flew into a state of panic, throwing a fleet in the path of the protoss in an attempt to protect the nearby colony of Mar Sara. The Confederacy fell into a multi-sided war with two alien races. In a short period of time the terrans had come into contact with two seemingly hostile species. The Great War had started. Even as Chau Sara was being put to the protoss torch, the zerg had already arrived on neighboring Mar Sara and begun infesting that planet as well. Marshal Jim Raynor and his troops were arrested by Duke after taking a proactive stance against the zerg.

With Mar Sara falling to the zerg and the Confederacy evacuating, the rebels managed to acquire data showing that the Confederacy was purposely attracting zerg to disloyal colonies with secret devices called psi emitters. Mar Sara was lost to the zerg and then to the protoss cleansing. The rebels moved on to Antiga Prime where they hoped to foment open rebellion against the Confederacy and gain additional support. The Sons of Korhal used psi emitters to unleash the zerg on Starcraft 2 stories Confederate blockade and the rebels escaped.

The protoss followed on the heels of the zerg and cleansed Antiga Prime as well. The fall of Starcraft 2 stories. The road to Tarsonis was clear. The Sons of Korhal attacked the capital as the Confederacy scrambled to meet the threat posed by the aliens.

Nonetheless Mengsk was not confident he had the strength to fatally cripple the enemy alone. Therefore, he again, above the protests of subordinates, ordered the use of psi emitters.

Starcraft 2 stories

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