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I hated it when my parents got divorced, and I hated it even more when my mom got remarried to a guy she had met named Devin. I had to move from my home into a new state miles from where I had grown up. He was only a few months older than me, and we had absolutely nothing in common.

It has been almost three months since we moved into this house. Cole and I had not spoken more than Step sibling sex stories words to each other. A few days ago my mom announced to me that her and Devin were finally going on their anniversary trip. Of course, I smiled and pretended to be happy for her, but inside I was dreading spending a week alone with Cole.

I planned on spending the entire time in my room on my computer. School had just let out for the summer, but I had not managed to make any friends while I was actually in school. I stood on the front porch with Cole, waving as I watched my moms Sudan disappear down the road. I leaned against the column and let out a sigh. I shut the door behind me and took off my clothes. I tied my long red hair up into a bun and started the shower. I stood looking at myself in the full-length mirror, waiting on the water to get hot.

I cupped my D-cup breasts in my hands; my nipples were hard. I squeezed them softly and let out a soft moan. I was going to have to head to my room very soon. I hopped in the shower and did my shaving routine. After about 10 minutes of standing in the hot water, I couldnt stand it anymore. I turned off the water and quickly got out. I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door, heading towards my room. I ran into Cole, causing me to topple onto him. I felt his erection grown between my legs. I Step sibling sex stories more as I realized he was only wearing boxer shorts.

We stared at each other for what seemed like hours before he slid his fingers into my hair and pulled me into a kiss. I didnt resist; I was already wet. I kissed him back; his tongue slid into my mouth and carressed mine. I felt his hand slide up my body to my breasts.

I let out a moan into his mouth; I felt his boner poke my slit through his boxers. He picked me up still kissing me. I wrapped my legs around him as we made our way to my room. He flung the door closed behind us and lowered me onto my bed.

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He slid his boxers off revealing his large erect cock and I discarded my towel onto the floor. He cupped my lower back and slid me up onto the bed before taking his dick in his hand and slowly rubbing it up and down my dripping wet slit. I shivered as goose nips rose on my skin. I couldnt wait much longer. I let my fingers trace up his body and to his shaggy black hair.

I tugged on it softly with one hand while my other found its way to my clit. I gently massaged it with two fingers and rose my hips to press my wetness against his warm skin. He slid the head of his dick inside of me; I moaned and began rubbing myself faster.

He slowly slid the length of his member inside of me and sat there with it all the way inside of me. He slowly pumped in and out getting used to being inside of me. I was still rubbing my clit; my eyes were closed now and I could feel my orgasm building.

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His hot mouth found mine and I moaning into his mouth as my orgasm grew nearer. My legs wrapped around his waist; I was pulling him further into me. My head pressed back against the pillow and my legs tightened around him as my orgasm spread through my whole body. I moaned his name; my back arched my body into his. I came on his dick as he continued to pound into me. He slipped my nipple into his mouth, sucking it gently, before he slowly pulled out of me. He flipped me over onto my stomach and straddled my ass.

He ran his hands over my butt before sliding two fingers inside of my pussy. He stroked the inside of it, massaging my g-spot making me moan into the pillow. He withdrew his fingers and slid his dick inside instead. I moaned and gripped the bed as he entered.

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He was deeper than he was a minute ago, and the head of his dick was pressed against my cervix. He leaned his body over mine and kissed my neck as he started a slow rhythm. I moaned with every stroke. Slowly he picked up speed and lifted his body. First, he gripped my ass as he started fucking me harder and harder. I could feel his dick start to swell as he folded his arms behind his head fucking me harder and faster. I was moaning loudly and breathing heavily; another orgasm was close to exploding. Cum inside of me, Cole! He slammed into my pussy as I backed myself into him making him go deeper.

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He pulled a handful of my hair as he began to shoot his load into my pussy. Feeling his hot cum inside of me pushed my orgasm out of me and I came around his dick once more. My muscles tightening around him, my back arching; I moaned his name as we rode out our orgasms. We collapsed on my bed, him still inside of me, breathing heavily.

We lay in total silence as my orgasm finally came to an end and he slid out of me.

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Step sibling sex stories

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