Stories of forced crossdressing

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He cross-dresses a…. Although she's uneasy about the propriety of much of what Dr. Talbot is asking her to do, th….

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Sissy Stories Crossdressing Stories Similar books. Crossdressing Stories: A Collection of Crossdressing Stories The ultimate collection of stories about crossdressers, sissy boys, and forced feminization. Story after story of unrestricted men who dar… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. When Dustin's best friend Kyle comes out to him as a gay man, Dustin tries his best to adjust. Roger has spent the last nine months living out in the woods, far away from society. He … More. The sense of strain had become downright pleasant, and it was accompa… More.

Shelve Married So when Lauren comes to him, worried that Steven is running off with girls be… More. He needs to find a way to pay his landlord, Jake. Changing Roommates: Feminization by Kylie Mosley. Hayden and Kelly are best friends and have been best friends since third grade.

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One night something happens … More. Shelve Changing Roommates: Feminization. Unfortunately, he forgets that his friend is on his way ove… More. When Cameron's college roommate finds out he wears a chastity cagethe skinny freshman expects the jock to bully him. But his roommate has other plans. He dresses up and feminizes Cameron, until the … More.

When Elizabeth Adams performs a routine welfare check on a young white mother, she quickly discovers she and a dozen other women have been blacked — by the same man! Ramal Clast has been seducing prom… More. Shelve Naive Social Worker Blacked. Curvy Women 4 by Miss A. Curvy Women 4.

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A gender-bending mathematician? He cross-dresses a… More. I couldn't believe this was happening. I went through excruciating lengths to hide my dirty little secret, but somehow, he found it. Of course he did. Chase was no dummy. Smart, sexy, but supe… More. The Governess' Examination by Tamsin Taite.

Talbot is asking her to do, th… More. Shelve The Governess' Examination. Brock has been a bad student and now his old man punished him by forcing him to stay at home with a sitter. The biggest concern of his with that? The sitter is barely older than him, and he is He is tired, short-tempered, snappy — he needs a rest from flying and c… More. Nikki Crescent proudly presents a massive seven book anthology, loaded with stories of succulent shemales and teasing trannies!

This sizzling 32, word collection contains: Shemale Surprise Erica … More. Son of Rome by Matt Kinnaird. The emperor Nero himself once punched me in the face. He has neither money … More. Shelve Son of Rome. For B bomber pilot Al Lycoming, the mission was history in the making.

Dispatched to Benghazi, Libya, on mysterious orders, he finds Stories of forced crossdressing other B bombers being assembled Turning Femme by Paris Skye. Shelve Turning Femme. Shelve After Dunkirk After Dunkirk 1. I Was a Girl for Halloween. And Then. To tell you the truth, I was never really into women's clothes. The only reason I got dressed up like a girl was because it was it was Halloween. Also, I never would have done if a real girl hadn't en… More.

Shelve I Was a Girl for Halloween. This contains adult descriptions.

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A quiet, conservative mother of two, Trish had lived her entire life following the rules. But as soon as Matt and Angie came into her life, the rules changed.

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It was … More.

Stories of forced crossdressing

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