Stories of lust and desire

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Films like Lust Stories and Veere di Wedding are marketed as feminist works, but are they really? Let me tell you a story. A professor in his 30s, married but exploring, propositions a student in her 20s. They get drunk one evening and end up in bed.

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Come morning, he warns her against developing any ideas of love. Soon, the professor hooks up with a colleague, but when the student finds a boyfriend, the professor is furious, scolds her in class, stalks her, even makes her record a disclaimer saying their sex was consensual…. Horrified yet? Because in the film, the professor is female, the student male. This short is the first in the rather clumsy Netflix anthology called Lust Stories that has taken the online universe by storm.

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Her sexual escapade not only targets Tejas, a young student, it is accompanied by hysterics, jealousy, and manic-obsessive behaviour. This sly stereotyping is offensive, but it gave me pause. Is Kalindi not so far off the mark perhaps? Take Tejas instead. It is intriguing how impervious he seems to any sense of being exploited.

He appears bemused, flattered that the attractive professor lusts for him. But he just as easily moves on to a classmate. He is at peace with himself and the world. Tejas goes to sleep, Kalindi goes to a therapist. What would happen if, as I did initially, the film interchanged roles? If the professor was male and the student female? I wrote an ending in my head: The fling ends, the young woman forgets the idiot professor, goes on to have other affairs, finds or does not find the love of her life, and they all live happily ever after. Are we capable of writing this ending for the female half of a casual fling?

Or will she, whether aggressor or recipient, always feel ill-used? If yes, the question to ask is about how the female mind has internalised sexual freedom. Men are naturalised to treat sexual encounters as adventure — there is no tedious virginity or honour to protect.

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Possibly because even as women seek sexual emancipation, they are conditioned to believe that female physicality is somehow still sacrosanct. They define their core selves by their bodies in a way men never do. An unexpected touch is allowed to fester into a flesh wound.

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Stories of lust and desire

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