Stories of submissive women

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The second volume of Submissive Women combines another three of Charlotte Edwards' popular stories in one collection. Always ready to expand her experience, tonight he takes her to a lap dancing club and watches her entertain both the patrons and the other entertainers. Besides, she needed to get on with her life and her biological clock was ticking.

Realising she was wrong and desperately needed Him, she invited Him for a chat in a hotel room. He came to repossess her with his bag of tricks and his wife! Extract: 'Still holding Charlotte firmly by the neck, I strip off her jacket and firmly fasten the cuffs to her wrists. Dragging her to where a rope hangs waiting from a pulley in the centre of the room, I fasten the clip at the end to a convenient ring between the cuffs and haul her up on to her tip toes.

Tying off the rope, I move to stand in front of her to watch her futile struggling.

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Her mouth is still active though, now spewing obscenities at a rapid rate. Her mouth immediately falls silent and her big eyes fill with tears. I admire her splendid body. Her breasts are displayed at their finest, her succulent nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She is a rare beauty, her flame red hair frames the face of a china doll and her upper body appears to have no fat on it at all.

Unzipping her skirt, I let it drop around her feet and gently caress her little pussy. If that sort of stuff offends you, please do not read it! Convertir moneda. Language: English. Brand new Book. But things don't quite go as expected. The moment I Stories of submissive women my hand from her throat, she begins to struggle and protest that this wasn't what she wanted, threatening me with all sorts of reprisals and ordering her husband to stop me.

Her lithe body is now stretched out as tightly as a bowstring and she can't do much but sway from side to side; even that is rapidly tiring her out. If that sort of stuff offends you, please do not read it!. This item is printed on demand. New copy - Usually dispatched within working days. Edwards, Charlotte J. Tapa blanda.

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Stories of submissive women

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