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And what's hotter than lesbian sex stories? According to stats from one of the biggest porn sites, Pornhub, the lesbian category is the favorite among women. And if watching isn't your thing, we've got you covered with 10 erotic lesbian sex stories that will leave you ready for a fun romp. From answering the front door in nothing but a tank top to toys, games, and more, these stories cover a wide range of topics you won't want to miss! As we were already in the shower, I had no reservations about using my tongue, so I licked her up to her neck to her ear.

This elicited a gasp from her accompanied by her opening her legs a bit for me to slide one of my own between them. I dropped kisses all over her neck and collarbones while she ground her hips into me. My hands then trailed to her breasts which were pressed into mine. I squeezed each one and worked my hands towards her already hard nipples. I brought my mouth to each one and used my teeth and tongue to lash them individually.

When I knew her nipples could get no harder, I peppered her chest with more kisses, sinking lower and lower towards her center Read the full story here : Rock, Paper, Scissors. I will tell her though. I will tell her, I will show her, I will lay her down upon my bed and I will show her how you touch and caress a woman. I will be patient and I will resist the urge to ravish her.

Where should I start with one so alluring, when every bit of her is calling to me, begging for me. As she lays before me, I dip my mouth to hers. Oh my, to kiss those lips is like taking a sip of heaven itself. So soft, so full, so tentative, and then she relaxes into my kiss and those lips become eager. She likes this, this kiss of mine upon her sweet Story that will turn me on.

I hope so. I slow my thoughts down, we have barely begun Read the full story here : Curious Friend.

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I was suddenly sandwiched between two beautiful Latin women. Their arms wrapped around me and each other, and to my surprise, Maria began to kiss me This dance floor seduction between the three of us — me, pale, lithe, and blue-eyed, being groped and kissed by two gorgeous, dark-skinned Latin women This was heaven Read the full story here : San Jose.

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I close my eyes, thinking about my car payment and debt, and how this could take care of that. Her soft fingertips tease my skin, sending chills up my body. She leans in caressing up my legs, slowly pushing my skirt up, and looking up into my eyes, waiting for a response. I look back, staring at her eyes, then down to her chest, her full cleavage before me, her breasts pressing against her top.

Story that will turn me on breathes in deep, her chest rising and falling with each breathe. I finally get the courage to respond, drinking the last of the wine. She pours me another glass, then stands between my legs, one hand begins to slide up my thigh, pressing my skirt up, the other holds the back of my neck. She leans in, her lips almost touching my ears, her breath tingling. Read the full story here : An Unusual Job Offer. I was aroused beyond belief!

My nipples were never satisfied — they didn't understand limitations to pleasurable satisfaction. I could play with them all night and still want more. But nothing beats the feeling of another woman's lips around my buds, sucking and tugging at my nubs to bring me to a full and satisfying orgasm. Oh yes, girls, I am one of those lucky women who can easily orgasm from a few wondrous moments of nipple rubbing.

And as I recently discovered with Katie, only a woman knows how to truly satisfy my lust-filled needs when it comes to breast play. Oh, how I miss those lust-filled sessions with Katie. Rubbing our breasts together, nipple to nipple, pulling, licking, and sucking on each other's pleasure points. Enjoying climax after climax Read the full story here : Nipple to Nipple Play. She smiles as she slowly moves towards the bed she looks as if she is hovering above the carpet rather than walking; as she reaches the edge of the bed she places her hands between my parted feet and crawls slowly up between my legs.

Her eyes staring deep into mine as she came closer and closer to my face. As her lips met mine, she sank on top of me, her fingers gripping my short blond hair and pulling my face to her. Her pelvis rested against my own, forcing my legs as far apart as they would go, I moved my groin to try and get some friction, but she arched her back away as she continued to kiss.

Her tongue darted between my lips, smooth and soft, her breath warm breathing me in as our breasts pushed against one another as our breathing got harder and faster. She pushed herself up far enough to push a slim hand down my body to my breast, rolling the nipple between finger and thumb before breaking our kiss to take it in her mouth.

I gasp as she nibbles it gently before moving back down my body the way she had come Read the full story here : The Two Of Us. She slowly began going through the book, one at a time, examining the pictures. At times, she would gently bite her bottom lip as she was reading, and I noticed her sweet Story that will turn me on legs, crossed at the ankles, sometimes moving, like she was pressing her thighs together.

I found myself looking at her more than I was reading my book, and she knew it. It became a game. She would glance up to see me looking at her, and I would smile and look down at my book. This continued for some time, and we were both smiling. Then at one point, I glanced up at her and saw that she was staring at my legs.

She glanced at my eyes but did not look away, instead, returning her gaze to my legs. I looked back at my book, pretending not to notice, but turned slightly toward her. Then I looked directly into her eyes and slowly let my legs open.

Because of how short my tennis dress was, I had no doubt that she could see the crotch of my light blue panties. Her eyes focused on the spot between my thighs, and I spread my legs a little further. She looked up into my eyes and looked around as if to make sure we were alone. She lifted the large photo book higher, placing it against her waist, allowing me to see the thin strip of blue denim between her legs. She returned her eyes to her book, and her legs gently and slightly rocked open and closed.

I watched with intent interest as her motion moved the denim fabric. After openly watching her for a few minutes, I got up and walked to a spot at the shelves near her, to put my book back on the shelf. Read the full story here : Bookstore Encounter. Photo: Rawpixel. So my sense of humor kicked in and I said I don't enjoy it, I love it.

Then it was my turn. As we were kissing I allowed my tongue to penetrate her lips and kissed her very hard and passionately.

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With our tongues rolling on each others, I felt her hand cup my breast, glad that I had slipped my bra off in the car in case for a moment like this, and rub my nipple with her thumb, before switching to the other one. When she pushed my top up I had my fingers on her bra closure and released the girls so I could weigh them in my hands. They Story that will turn me on heavy and firm and I couldn't resist kissing and sucking them, which I immediately did to a chorus of approving moans.

With that she suggested that we get in bed, and it seemed like a contest who could get undressed first, and she won, which was fine with me, because I could stare at her wonderful figure, before climbing into her bed and allowing her to position me where she wanted me, but first, she said she wanted a shower and asked if I wanted one too, thinking how sexy that could be with both of us in the shower, of course, I said yes Read the full story here : Nightclub Songbird.

As I was looking at the s and pictures I had promised that I would get a tattoo someday so why not today. Just then the prettiest girl came out and looked at me asking if I want a tattoo, and I said yes, so she invited me to come in and go right through to the back. She helped me up in the chair which looked to me as if it was an old dentist chair with the back that would go back, and after we picked out a tat to get she had me lay back, and asked if I minded her sitting on my leg and I said no, so up she climbed with her legs around my leg and the left one was tight between my two legs, and we started Read the full story : Women's Festival.

It is a small space. There is a bed in the corner, a fireplace, a table next to it, and some pots and pans on the other side. I untie her and push her towards the bed. I also take off the black bandana hiding the bottom of my face. Ignoring her question, I walk to the side of the room with the container full of water and fill two cups. I hand her one, her eyes watch my every move Read the full story here : The Captured Princess.

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Story that will turn me on

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