Stripping humiliation stories

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Collected by Twstd. My First Shelf stories listed Stories I've read or plan to read. Humiliation 40 stories listed. Self Bondage 17 stories listed. Transformation 26 stories listed Stories about people becoming less than human. Spanking 4 stories listed.

A-R 1 stories listed. Schoolies 5 stories listed. Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Humiliation 40 stories listed Mailroom Girls : by Cambridge Caine Synopsis: Junior executive Kirsten is recruited into a "pilot program" at the corporation where she works.

She is systematically humiliated and made to deliver mail in the nude. Have your new Australian friends seperated you from your Girlfriend and kidnapped you the day before your flight, or is it all just a meticulously planned BDSM session? Written initially as an request for a reader interested in themes of lesbian rape.

Comment: A day in the life : Stripping humiliation stories Alex Kenlon Synopsis: A woman describes her day as a bound slave in an after she is discovered by her concerned and now intrigued sister. Comment: Runaway : by Abe Synopsis: Lucy tried to desert her husband. His brothers will make her pay.

Comment: The Portal : by Sketchy Synopsis: A college graduate is in search of work, instead she finds herself on a voyage down into total and utter submission and humiliation. Comment: Gambling : by Abe Synopsis: She lost, and now she will pay by modeling sex toys.

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Will he get her back? After she came back from the auction, she couldn't contain her feeling about it and wanted to share it with others. So when the chance came in, she got her best friend into the same situation. She always has everything so easy and is one of those girls who just breezes through life. She is sickeningly cute and ever so goody-goody. So cosseted in her own little world she would not be able to imagine the contents of the story below, let alone thinking it could ever happen to her.

Comment: Just one hour with my sister-inlaw : by Finc Synopsis: Kidnap and nasty cellar rape fantasy about my real life snooty bitch sister-inlaw.

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Comment: Legally Binding : by Finc Synopsis: Rich bitch widow does whatever it takes to get her husbands inheritance. Comment: My Slut Girlfriend : by fireball Synopsis: A nice girl gets turned in a submissive slut who will do anything her master orders her to. Comment: Graduation Party : by Anne Synopsis: A teacher receives an unusual gift from her former students: A weekend of slavery and humiliation. Comment: 93 : by kemosabe Synopsis: 93 is the ased to Denise Howard as she is sentenced to prison for prostitution Comment: The Atonement Continues : by Kimberly Lavly Synopsis: Barbara fell into deep submission in the story "The Atonement.

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Comment: Stephanie : by Wiley Hunter Synopsis: A coed, ashamed of her fantasies, is horrified to see them slowly come to be, and finds she is helpless as she slips deeper and deeper into a life of sexual subjugation. Comment: Bitchtrained : by lucia Synopsis: A slave object learns to be her Mistress bitch. Comment: The Game : by Nialla Synopsis: Holly decides to act on her fantasies and takes the advice of her friend Vanessa to volunteer for a very, very painful game Comment: Teacher Training : by KysaQ Synopsis: Jane Fellows returns to her old school much to the delight of the Headmaster who can remember no girl before or since whose punishment had excited him more.

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We started having a quiet girls night and now I find myself exposing my new kinky attire to the passing public. Tami is a young mom desperate to wear clothes again. Comment: Molly : by Acacia Synopsis: Molly is a maid, taken from an orphanage at a young age.

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However, she is now a woman, and her employer is intent on keeping her off the path of sin by means of harsh punishment and discipline. Comment: Tara's Nude Offer : by katie lynch Synopsis: A shy girl gets an offer that she can't refuse Soon they were Stripping humiliation stories to complete a series of tasks before they can get their nasty photos back.

Comment: Office Screw Up : by katie lynch Synopsis: A young woman takes a lesser position to stay with the company after a big mistake nearly costs millions. Unfortunately, she has no idea how low she will have to go. Comment: Tracy in Trouble : by Charles Frank Synopsis: A young 16 year old highschool teenager finds herself betrayed by her best friend and ends up being a submissive slave to them.

Comment: Skirt Day : by C. Maxwell Synopsis: Lisa is rising in the workforce but bored in the bedroom. When her therapist suggests that she start wearing shorter skirts, she reluctantly discovers the intense arousal brought to her by submissiveness.

The pdf version contains illustrations by Biker.

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Comment: Pledging Omega : by blairbrek Synopsis: Three coeds pledge a sorority that has special plans for them. Comment: Caduceus Club : by C. Lakewood Synopsis: A year-old school teacher agrees to "model" for a Stripping humiliation stories of medical and nursing students and faculty. Comment: Rita's Department Store Adventure : by Alec Leamus Synopsis: Rita Donovan, an arrogant year-old sophisticate, is victimized by a thief, runs afoul of a sales girl and others, and is reduced to the status of a spanked and diapered child in a school uniform by the slightly younger woman AND a host of intimidating memories.

Will she sink or swim? Unfortunately the event is witnessed by an unscrupulous Gentleman. Comment: A Sister's Blackmail : by Iggy Synopsis: Sarah's younger sister takes some pictures of her in a compromising position and compels her to do some embarrassing things. Comment: Sorority hazing drinking party : by Jay Haystack Synopsis: Unfortunate freshman pledges are forced to play a drinking game to determine their unpleasant sexual duties for the week.

Comment: Cynthia's First Time : by SoftGameHunter Synopsis: Teen Cynthia is working at a fast food place when a police officer phones in instructions on how to strip search her for stolen drugs and money. Things get a trifle out of hand.

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Comment: Self Bondage 17 stories listed Transformation 26 stories listed Stories about people becoming less than human Spanking 4 stories listed A-R 1 stories listed Schoolies 5 stories listed. More Links.

Stripping humiliation stories

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