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This is where I go to be myself. This has been my refuge and a home I am Trish Nielson. While this is me, it could also be you. As we go through various stages of our lives, we go through periods of education, of risk, of curiosity, of staying safe, of exploration. There are challenges, and ups and downs. Questioning how we want to define ourselves, our relationships, what we choose and need to include, that which we have excluded.

My journey is in many ways feeling as if I am at the beginning again, even though it is somewhere in the middle, because now I have returned to that of place where I am once again learning me. While I explore myself and learn better who I am. As I expand my knowledge of myself and increase the places I may dare to dream. This will all be a part of my blog. This is simply a running journal, things I feel, think,see or imagine. What I am now daring to dream.

If Submissive stories tumblr never dream? How can the dream come true. Most of what you see written is mine I will make a comment if the words are not my own. I do very few re-shares, unless they impact me deeply Most posts are originals, with borrowed internet photo content, If credit has been omitted in the post, Please let me know so I may include it. You deserve the credit for your beautiful works.

And thanks to my followers, for continuing to encourage me to explore, and write. I had asked that she come to me wearing nothing at all except her illuminating smile. And she did. She stepped up on her perfectly manicured red toes, And kissed me on the cheek. She leaned into me while she stretched her arms up to take the hat from my head. Her broad smile shown under the hat with her batting mock innocence, her humor contagious.

And now she wears, my hat and shadows, I like that there is no fear as she approaches the new experiences we are about to share. I am not certain that until now, I have ever actually felt like I could be sexy. But with his tall form leaning casually on the shelf over the fireplace, Swirling the amber liquid around in the snifter, intently staring at me with light dancing in his eyes. My insides clinched and my lady parts began to get wet while his eyes, never drifted and left me sitting as if I were completely naked in front of him. I felt the chains bite into my flesh from the deep breath I took in a desperate attempt to calm myself.

Wishing I could rip off my own clothes, inviting him to touch me everywhere at once, But he promised slow, so slow it would be, Because above all, I realize it is he who is in control. Not I. There are if we are fortunate people who come into our lives, who can spark a flame. This is good they teach us that we can feel more alive, and even if it does not last there is something we got to learn about ourselves.

Sadly so often the spark is simply that, a little spark, which can sputter out Submissive stories tumblr and barely be remembered a moment later. But there are some, who come and stay. When the others would quiver a little and disappear, these tend to stay.

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They become a blessing in our lives, they become a part of us. They move into our hearts and minds, and they stay. They have the ability to help us be more than we were without them.

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And better than we could ever be alone. The have the capacity to build us into that person we were always meant to have been, but we would never have even known had they not stepped into our lives. They are not a coincidence or a chance or a happy accident. They were always meant to have been with us, Do not ever doubt it. And even if they disappear from the place where we share our yesterdays and tomorrows. They have still made us better than we were before, and will always be a part of us, and will be vibrant and strong in our yesterdays.

The difference that they had the courage to show us, is love. That deep sense of belonging, of love stays and stays. Weather or not they are in a room with us, we know that they are there. And even if they do not stay, they do live on in our hearts. Leaving us more secure in life and in ourselves. You Are the darkness, and strangely the light in the darkness as well, You easily illuminate the path Submissive stories tumblr choose for me to walk with you.

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You are the white hot in flames you create inside me, and the blue tongues licking at the bark in the glowing embers, You are both fire and light reaching deeply into my heart,soul. You have melted my resolve spearing Submissive stories tumblr into my very existence. Your red hot mastery holds me close while you ignite my sex with your icy hot electric charges.

Daggers of excitement stab deeply with erotic sensations, Teasing, awakening, urging orgasmic explosions, Each eruption of pleasure which flows through me is owned by you, You have created within me an endless evolution of desperate need which is dominating me completely. You successfully bent my will to yours by rewarding my heart and mind while enriching me for yourself. I am proudly and completely devoted to you. And humbled you sought to claim me as your own, Thank you, tn. While only wearing the collar he gave me the day I became his, there is comfort in his touch.

While he allows me to curl up inside of him, He gently strokes my hair, His loving hand resting on my neck his thumb brushing up and down on my chin, I am his, and I am so grateful to be comforted at his feet. I am his sub, I belong. There is something special to me in that moment before the spanking starts, knowing it is about to happen, Not really being able to anticipate it, accompanied by the certainty it will begin, I finally breathe in deeply and exhale.

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Disappear in the moment, with the knowledge I will feel him with me everywhere I go tomorrow, tn. To be bound to one another completely does not have to be awkward or complicated, It is as natural as skipping a stone across the water. It can be caring loving and whole, but only if you want it to be so. Establishing trust through touch, Opening hearts and minds to more, Leave nothing behind, Live today to its fullest. Charles was an enormous fan of fine art. It made since that he also adored Penelope, All the texture and detail, fine angles and contours.

She was a true treasure, one he intended to make his forever. His eyes can see so far into me I feel as if I am stripped of all defenses. Even dressed, I stand naked before him. I am humbled by his simple gaze, Submissive stories tumblr it is his words which take me to a place which no man can even begin to approach with their entirety, let alone a simple glance in my direction, My knees go weak with the intensity of look.

He can touch me in places no one else has found, let alone myself. Places I did not know existed. His tenderly spoken words are like the softest most sensual touch, I am reduced to a trembling needy mass. His voice carries the nuance of touch, conveying a message of dominance.

Submissive stories tumblr eyes speak in tandem with his smile, a communication, that I am his. His gaze holds a whispered nuance like a soft touch along my spine and then my breast, his breath a wisp of warm air on my sex, in demonstration of how completely I belong. With a simple glance I became his without question. And when I nodded acquiescence, he nodded acceptance of my surrender to him. It can be as simple as this committing forever with knowing understanding nods. But when he said to me.

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With his arms supporting me I accepted my fate to be one with this man. Why complicate this which is so intensely real, with the rituals of man, Accept and live that which was meant from the inception of time, that you belong to him and he Submissive stories tumblr you,You two together, forever.

When he says his shirt never looks better than when I am wearing it, I make sure to show him how it can look even better. Some shoes are never meant to be walked in. They are deed to be worn however. Sir loves when I dress like this for him but I think I need to keep these stockings for Halloween however.

I hate spiders unless they are just like this one, a decoration. Little spanks, and little massages. Bring lots of pleasure as these moments develop into so much more. Mmmmmm Yes please, and thank you. Paper theme built by Brickspace Lab. Cheers to new beginnings tn. I but await his command and touch. Let go of doubt. You can doubt love before you know it.

But after you know it, you never will again. Love is not magic, but it sure can help us believe in magic and miracles. Let go of doubt, and let yourself believe. Reblogged from: iamthedom. He was so glad that she was his good girl tn. With his arms supporting me I accepted my fate to be one with this man Why complicate this which is so intensely real, with the rituals of man, Accept and live that which was meant from the inception of time, that you belong to him and he to you,You two together, forever.

Submissive stories tumblr

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