Succubus x male reader

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Side Note: I kept this as genderless as possible. Also, I feel like I slid away from the prompt for this day but I still like the way it turned out so whatever.

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Daemora crawled into bed with you just as you were drifting off to sleep. You woke with a start as you felt the bed dip down and saw the flash of gold. Your eyes snapped open and stared, the succubus laying beside you in nothing but your thin sheet. You nodded, scooting up in your bed. The succubus smiled in the dark, the glow of her eyes like gold.

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She seemed to purr like a cat and slide on top of you. You felt skin to skin contact and swallowed hard. The sheet fell from her body like watching the water run down a window. She ran her hands up your chest, feeling the skin beneath. A sigh left her lips and she leaned in, looking into your eyes. You guys are so sweet and fragile. She moved the few inches to close the distance and brought her lips to yours. You melted beneath her and felt like you were falling into space.

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Time escaped you. The next thing you knew, you were awake.

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The sun was shining through the window and you were on top of the succubus. The two of you were a mess of limbs.

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She pulled you back down for a kiss. Your hair was getting ruffled up by her hands.

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The earth seemed to spin on its axis and once again, time slipped through your fingers. You were now laying behind her, her leg slipped back over your hip and your fingers gently stroking your stomach. You pressed your mouth into her shoulder, your heart slamming into your chest.

All her curves drove you wild. Your hands slid up her body and gently felt every bit of her. Daemora smiled in the dark and let a horn slide up your doorway. She leaned down into the floor and crawled to you, like a panther hunting in the jungle. The succubus pouted. None my favorite! Your magic was the one that called for me. She leaned forward, her breasts are heavy and she pressed them against your chest. You leaned forward and kissed her, roughly gripping her to your body. She wrapped her limbs around you and clung.

She was a wild animal. Daemora sucked on your bottom lip and nibbled on it. She stared at you and stuck out her tongue. You see right through my illusions. Her cheek nuzzled against your face and she laid her head against your shoulder. Her eyes were large and staring directly at you, maybe even into your soul. I am not your slave. The succubus giggled and kissed you again, your tongue swirling against hers. You petted up her body and groped her.

She moaned against you and ground her hips. I want you so bad. You ran your fingers through her hair and pulled it back. She squealed and looked at Succubus x male reader, tongue out of her mouth and panting. She kissed all over your body and came to face you, chin resting on your chest. Her laugh rang in your ears and she wrapped her arms back around your neck. Home Ask Submit Random Theme. This is where depravity rules. Your mouth felt dry and you gripped the demon in your bed.

You were on the floor again. You pulled her close and gripped her.

Succubus x male reader

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Love with a Succubus