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Share Story. My First Summer Camp. You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. I am looking through my Diaries and came upon the first summer camp I went to. I sat back remembering the friends I made and decided to write a little from it. I was stil very young and Aunt Maggie began telling that she and Uncle Eugene had to go off for a couple weeks and that she had made arrangements for me to go to Summer Camp for a month. THe day came and Summer camp sex story took me to he camp about an hour drive Summer camp sex story and took me to the registration desk and took care of he final stuff.

It was hot and I was wearing cut off jeans and a tank top. My 36CC bra was full and ready to burst and Maggie was asked several times about my age and she insisted tha it was corect and that "She is mature for her age. I was still not only mature but a little plus size and so I was not really into athletics.

I kepy puss clean shaved and the thing is that I had noticed that a lot of girls my age had not only barely begun to develop but did not shave their pussys and let them get all hairy. Anyway, I got my stuff and went to the cabin. I was the only one there so far and so picked a bunk that was downstairs bottom bunk and sat down to wait for others to come in. As they did I said Hi and some came in with friends and there was one other girl, a litle plus sized and shy and so, since Laura and I came by ourselves we hooked up as friends quickly.

Others came in all looking like cheer leaders and none friendly to us and so we just accepted our fate. But one thing that happened is the two staff members that "checked me out" at the front desk were our two cabin leaders. Each cabin had room for 10 girls on each floor. They were two floors and there was a nice bathroom and a shower that had 10 shower he. There was no privacy at all and so, the first time you took a shower everyone knew if you were for real. Well, I was not shy having been living with Magge and Eugene for a while and so when it was shower time the first night I got my robe on and went to shower with my soap and gown.

I would not wear anything under the gown and it was not see through so I thought it was okay. I was in the shower with the hot water running over my body and I heard, "Oh my, she is hot, check out the tits, and I thought they were fakes. Suddenly my arms were being held and several girls in front of me, all were amost flat chested and naked. She was on her knees and had one tits in her hands and began sucking my nipple.

I moaned and my eyes closed from the attention. THey left me, alone and wet. I showered and put on the gown and robe and went to my bunk As one would go by they would whisper "Les, les. The next day we had orientation and one of the girls laughed at the mention of the word "Orientation" and others ed her.

The staff told them to be quiet. We all wore the camp shorts and t shirts and on my they were both tight and my nipples stuck out terribly. The briefing was not too long and I was leaving with Laura and the staff called me, "Ms. Gordon, please come to the office. I was greeted by Ms. Ingold, very trim and athletic yet very fem. She stood and said hello and asked me to sit down. I did and felt comfortable. That one looks a little tight.

She tossed me another and said, "Try this one on. I pulled off the first one and stood there watching Ms. Ingold to see her reaction. She licked her lips just a little and then I knew we had a camp that was very much open for girl on girl play. I was beginning to pull the t shirt on and she asked if I had trouble with my bra straps cutting into my shoulders.

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When she did this she stepped to next to me and was feeling how tight the straps were and her hands touched my shoulders and made the feelings from the shower begin to come back. I pulled the shirt up and so I had my arms up and felt very exposed and I heard her say, "Oh my, how sweet.

It was looser now and really felt comfortable. I decided to play a little and see what happened. Ingold," I said and she looked up, "I do have problems with by bra sometimes and so at night I sleep with nothing under my gown, is that okay?

I knew there was something more and was going to find out. I got back to the cabin and put the shirts away and some of the girsl were there and laughed as I came in. Hey Les, how are ya. LAura smiled at me, "Good going girlfriend. At lunch I told Ms. Ingold I had forgotten the shirts and she said, "Oh, that is okay, why not bring them by tonight after supper?

The day went slow and every time I saw Ms. Ingold I smiled and she smiled back and I knew it was going to happen. After supper I changed into a thin bra and thong and put my camp shirt and shorts on and picked up the shirts and left for her cabin. The staff cabins are away from the others and so I followed the path I got there and knocked on the door and she came to the door Summer camp sex story her gown and by the light behind her I could see she had nothing under it.

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I put the shirts down and sat there and said, "well, I just came to drop off the shirts. She got up and came and sat next to me and looked into my eyes. I let myself relax onto the couch and laid back so that she had access to my body. Soon, I was returning her kisses. She stood and pulled off her gown and her trim body was tanned all over and she had several tatoos and she sat next to me again and I let her take of my shorts and thong and we laid down with her on top with her leg between mine and her moving against my pussy.

I asked her, "Oh can I eat you please? I went to my cabin with the scent of sex all over me and a couple girls made comments, "Les got her some. See ya all later, Brenda. Permalink Reply. Already wet from dirty thoughts bout you. Click the link and get my phone .

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Summer camp sex story

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