Super short sex stories

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Wonder how much the lines between art and erotica can blur? Curious if porn can work with a plot? Me too. The erotic short stories in this dirty little collection are stories first and erotica second. I hope you enjoy them.

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Final warning: These stories are NSFW and include profanity and explicit depictions of sexual encounters. Beach Read A chance rooftop encounter between neighbors takes a dark, erotic turn. Length: words Read it now. Backseat Betty Betty, a late-twentysomething woman stuck in a rut, meets her oldest friend in Vegas for a bachelorette party and some erotic revenge.

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She and her friend have a lot of history—and baggage. How far will Betty go to exorcise a high school-vintage demon? Is she really ready to move on? Or does she need more time to grieve in her own quirky way? The Letter A college student receives a shocking letter that drastically changes her approach to intimacy…and her sexy professor.

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Loup Garou A woman who struggles with unruly desires breaks free for one wild and squalid night. This story explores infidelity and self-loathing. The Reluctant Assassin A female assassin meets a target she wants to kiss and kill. Which one will she choose?

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Trash Night A man is fascinated by his beautiful neighbor from across the street. On trash night, they meet…and what happens is both erotic and unexpected. Pin

Super short sex stories

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Dirty Little Lies: A collection of 8 erotic short stories