Tape gagged stories

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I did not invent Battle Royale. Chapter One-Hard Core Souma Megumi Eto lay shivering with fear under a table in the house in which she had taken refuge, her thoughts chasing each other through her head. I've never done anything really wrong, so whyohwhyohwhy do I have to go through the hell of a Battle Royale??

I don't want to kill my classmates, but I certainly don't want to die Mitsuko Souma. Hard Core Souma was what many of her classmates called her behind her back and there were rumours that she was pimping one of her classmates. I mean, men are fine for sex, but not much else. Megumi blushed a deep red.

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Oh, and you might be able to escape, but remember, there are at least a few out there who are allready playing this game,and a few more who don't want to die a virgin. What do you think they would do to a bound and gagged girl? You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story.

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Tape gagged stories

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