Testicle torture stories

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Increasingly that feeling could not come from the string of dominatrix's that I had visited. While being tied up, forced to lick a woman's shoe, have nasty clamps attached to many sensitive parts of my body, whipped and paddled, and finally forced to masturbate and perhaps swallow my own cum did work for awhile, I needed to get to the next level but had no idea how.

I needed to move from feeling like I was playing a game to some genuine fear. A business trip to San Francisco, always a destination I eagerly anticipate, did not give me any reason to suspect that things were going to change soon. After a day of meetings I took a walk through the Union Square area, and picked up a local newspaper to see if I could find an interesting destination for my evenings fun. After flipping through for local clubs I came to the classified section. Many were routine escort describing impossibly beautiful women for hire.

Some advertised dominant services, as usual causing a slight tingling in my lower regions. I was especially intrigued by the for several Asian mistresses, a novelty not often available on the east coast, and considered making a call. It was then that the ad jumped out at me. Extreme genital torture for men only. The ad shook me to my core. I kept reading it over and over. As I read further into the paper I kept coming back to it, and felt my heart race and breathing quicken each time I read it.

I knew that this described that new plateau I needed, beyond having your butt paddled crimson. Genital torture, the thought makes you feel so vulnerable, so helpless. Testicle torture stories goes to the core of vulnerability as a man. Just reading the ad had me sweating, but it also had created an uncomfortable bulge in my pants and a rapidly spreading spot of pre-cum on my underwear. However, there was a catch. Call Roger. I am not gay, or even bi-sexual. I have never found a man to be even remotely attractive. I soon found myself imagining a submissive scene with a guy, and found the added humiliation of submitting to a man starting to turn me on even more.

I dialed the phone. Roger sounded like any average guy, well spoken, articulate, intelligent.

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I described my interests to him, and he listened enthusiastically. He then described a life-long fascination with genital torture, particularly torturing a guy's balls. We talked about safety and safe sex issues, and set a time for the following night. I was terrified at what I had gotten myself into, but was also unbearably aroused.

I couldn't even imagine what I had ed up for, and was somewhat disgusted at the thought of being forced to submit to a guy. The next 24 hours were filled with a constant flip flop between not showing up, and unbearable curiosity. Finally I found myself standing outside the Castro area address, and knew that decision time was now. I rang the bell. Roger was a regular looking guy. On the short side, stocky and muscular, 40ish.

He greeted me with a firm handshake and a warm hello. He showed me into a spare Testicle torture stories with two directors chairs, a small table on which we set cold drinks, and a massive king sized bed. The bed had the largest posts at each corner I had ever seen in a bed frame, at least 8"x 8". Each post had a heavy steel ring attached. The post and ring combination could easily hold back livestock. I started to sweat. It was obvious that once I allowed myself to be attached to those rings, my balls were totally at the mercy of this man I had just met. My fears were not assuaged when I asked what he used for safewords.

Roger looked amused, and said, "I don't really use them. As far as I'm concerned, the dick doesn't lie. If I'm into a scene and the dick stays hard, I keep going. If the dick starts going down, I go a different direction. When he said it was time to get undressed, I followed his instructions.

This was when my first shock came, as Roger stood and quickly removed all of his clothing as well. I was now naked in the presence of another naked man, a situation I had been in many times, but was suddenly incredibly disturbing when the setting was not a locker room but a bedroom for the purpose of sexual pleasure. I was near panic when Roger instructed me to lay face up in the center of the bed, and then he climbed on top of me.

I didn't know what to do, and froze as Roger just laid on top of me. After a long silence, Roger instructed me to put my arms around him. We laid in that position for several minutes. Finally Roger got up and started attaching leather bracelets around my wrists and ankles. He carefully attached each limb to one of the massive posts, and I was now spread quite tightly and securely to the bed.

Rogers muscular body loomed over me, with his above average Testicle torture stories cock semi hard. Roger next made the whole safeword issue moot, as he worked a ball gag Testicle torture stories my mouth and buckled it behind my head. My cock was pointing skyward, a fact I found terribly embarrassing in the presence of a man. Roger made note of this as he climbed off the bed, slapping my erection a little harder than I would have preferred. Roger approached the bed with what appeared to be a two headed electric massager.

He told me that this first device would make me feel uncomfortable, but shouldn't hurt. For the next ten minutes the massager buzzed loudly as Roger cupped my balls and worked the massage he all over and around my testicles. Just as he predicted, the sensation was uncomfortable and a little achy, but not painful.

Still I was relieved when Roger finally shut the device off. I breathed deeply for a few minutes and rested. Roger busied himself with our next device.

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Before I could see what our next round of fun would entail, Roger cupped my balls and started bouncing them lightly in his hand. My dick was rock hard and drooling a little. In his other hand Roger held something that induced nothing short of terror in me, a blindfold.

Without asking me, he slipped it over my eyes and the room went black. I was scared of what could be happening on the other side of the blindfold, and tried to express my fear. The ball gag made sure that all I could do was Testicle torture stories a mmmmff sound. I could hear chains rattling, and a device being fitted to my balls. Roger told me to flatten my back and lift my hips so that my balls were lifted up high. He explained that it makes the pain more bearable for reasons that he has never understood.

I complied as I felt something tighten around my balls. Roger next ordered me to count to five slowly. The sound of me counting was amusing, as the ball gag muffled each word. As I counted, a discomfort in my balls would gradually increase, and at five I would gasp for air and focus on the throbbing.

Eventually, the pain would level off and become bearable. Roger would then order me to start the counting process over. This process was repeated five times. By the third time I was hoping we would stop, at five times the throbbing was unbearable.

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I started grunting and my hips bucked, which only caused the device to bounce and increase the throbbing. Roger was laughing. He leaned over and said in a low voice, "Wanna see the fun we've been having? With his other hand he lifted a chain. Attached to one end of the chain was a pair of clear Lucite 6" x 6" panels with bolts in each corner.

Wingnuts on the bolts controlled how snug the panels got.

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Sandwiched between the Lucite panels were my grotesquely flattened balls. The sight was horrifying, and Roger knew the effect it would have on me. I sucked air desperately through my gag, panicked by the sight of my flattened balls. Despite the pain, my fear, Testicle torture stories my feeling of panic, my cock was rigidly erect. As Roger started to loosen the wingnuts he continued to chuckle. The sight of my intense erection fascinated me, as I was becoming acutely aware of how turned on I was despite the abuse my balls were taking.

With my wrists still tightly bound, I now became aware for the first time that Roger not only was free to do what he wanted with my private parts, but he also controlled my increasing sexual need. This frightened me as Roger was also sporting an intense erection of his own that was ificantly larger than mine, indicating he might soon be demanding more than just free access to my nuts. Roger however, was nowhere near done using my balls as playtoys.

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A bracelet was attached around my scrotum above my balls, forcing my now swollen and tender balls into a tightly stretched lower portion of my nutsack. As I watched in horror, he pulled out a wooden kitchen spoon. He announced the new game, fifty lovetaps per testicle with me counting out loud. As he detailed my instructions, he was unsnapping the ball gag. As the ball popped free, I slowly started to flex my aching jaw. The aching jaw became secondary though as the spoon rapped my left testicle, after a few seconds the spoon rapped a second time.

The rapping started over. Each rap was consistent in severity, but the spacing was erratic. Sometimes there would be a ten second or more gap between raps, sometimes there would be three or four in rapid succession. At thirty raps, my left nut was ached like never before, and pain radiated through my abdomen.

I tried to block out the pain and keep my complete focus on counting, knowing I could not survive starting over. I gritted my teeth through the last ten, and at fifty I felt jubilation, and intense pain. I writhed silently on the bed, sweat pored off my body. I temporarily forgot about Roger, so focussed was I on the ache in my groin. As the pain slowly subsided I started to become aware of Roger's presence in the room. He was kneeling over me, spoon in hand, grinning.

His now condom covered dick jutted upward at a 45 degree angle. It was much larger than my cock, and looked as much like a weapon as anything else in Testicle torture stories room. I suddenly realized my right testicle was due for it's fifty whacks.

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I started to beg that we not go forward with the spoon game. Roger listened bemusedly, and idly stroked his hard-on a few times.

Testicle torture stories

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