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Always forward, never left or right, Theseus remembered. The tear on his left side continued stretched against his increased bulk, ripping up to his armpit. The cool air that flowed in and against his skin made him shiver with pleasure. His small breasts Tf story cow grown enough to show through the tear, the swell of the new skin soft and white against his tanned skin.

White fur sprouted between his breasts, lengthening into a small Tf story cow that tickled his thick, hardened nipples. Theseus walked forward, wincing in pain with each step. As soon as he was out-of-sight of the soldiers, he stopped to retrieve the ball of yarn tucked away.

His slim, deft feminine fingers quickly undid the small knot and he unraveled a bit of it to tie around a protrusion in the wall. Satisfied, he continued forward. The heat within the Labyrinth was stifling. And yet, light dim somehow found its way into the massive structure.

Whether by accident or masterful artifice, Theseus could only guess. Despite the breeze caressing his body, the youth began to sweat profusely, large drops of the liquid sliding along his new curves and light fur. A bulge appeared at the small of his back and he mindlessly massaged it while lapping at his face and nose with a widening, lengthening tongue. Forward, never left or right, he chanted. Slowly, as he walked, a new scent floated to his wide nose.

Theseus gasped and fell against a nearby wall. Something twisted and pinched between his legs and he collapsed onto his plump, soft ass. But, suddenly, that muscle relaxed and Theseus gasped. He could feel things moving slightly within his body and his ears began to ring with a high pitched noise. Gasping, breathing as deeply as possible, he reached between his legs to try to touch the new muscle. To feel it between his fingers.

His cock throbbed and twisted, trying to grow erect. He touched himself and then his hand went higher, fumbling over the four nipples growing on the soft skin of his lower belly. He pulled and twisted the nipples and his feet rubbed against each other in front of him. Within seconds, the bones in his feet began to fuse, the ts solidifying and fusing together into a solid lump. His feet lengthened. The unkempt toenails at the tips of his toes clicked together. The dense, solidified nail spread to cover the front of his toes and then curved around to line the bottom of the balls of his feet.

Below the four new nipples, the skin of his stomach was incredibly soft. His slim fingers slid against the smooth, silky skin. The sensation made him gasp and arch his back.

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Small bumps rose along the length of his arm in a wave. A third and fourth vein appeared on his udder, bulging against the creamy flesh. He massaged himself and the udder responded, slowly swelling under his attentions. The pleasure he felt distracted him as his testicles dwindled away to nothing, leaving a loose sack of skin hanging beneath his useless penis.

The bump at the base of his spine pushed further away from above his wide hips. Long white hairs grew from the very tip of it and his tail flicked against the wall. His jaw popped. Tf story cow slid and grew beneath his skin. He licked his face against the aching pain caused by the growth of his muzzle.

Light brown and white fur grew along his expanding face. Beneath his torn clothing, his breasts swelled further and he groaned as the hard, throbbing nipples rasped against his tattered, rough clothing. Only partially aware of what he was doing, Theseus pulled at his chiton. The already torn fabric ripped the rest of the way, freeing his large, half-furred form.

His breasts hung on his sweaty chest, swelling as they filled with milk. With one hand on his growing udder and the other pressing uselessly, hopelessly between his legs, he felt the skin of his ball sack pull into his body. Something opened within his body and he screamed out from the alien, erotic feeling.

Theseus clawed at the dirt floor, breasts heaving and hoofed feet kicking as his vagina opened for the first time.

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Skin folded and pulled and a tiny slit appeared under his limp cock. Slowly, he brought the traitorous finger up to his face. His eyes crossed over his long muzzle. When they refocused, the muzzle half-vanished, a shadow hidden by a trick Tf story cow his mind. His fingertip was coated in a clear liquid. He could smell the familiar scent. Light brown fur covered the back of his hand. He turned his hand back and forth as if seeing it for the first time.

Slender and soft. His fingers were long and ended in clear, thick nails. The fur continued up his hand to his elbow and small, irregular white spots of fur mixed with the brown. A sudden gust of wind made Theseus flex his hips. He tried looking down at the sensitive spots on his chest but his muzzle blocked his view. Instead, he saw the bulge on his lower belly. And the four long nipples growing out of it. Although his small udder partially hid his sex, old and new, from view, he could feel the head of his cock against the small slit that had grown between his legs.

Magic from the Labyrinth changing me into this monster. Turning me. With renewed resolve he stood and his torn chiton slid against his body to pool against the floor. Theseus moaned. Everything felt sensitive. Everything on his body begged to be caressed. To be touched and licked and scratched. Kill the beast and I break the curse. That has to be the way. Our children. Long fingers tipped with short, clear nails slid against his wide, furred hips and a line of fire raced along his belly to set off small, pinching pleasurable aches in all six of his nipples.

Theseus sighed, leaning against the nearby wall until the intense feeling passed. He resolved not to touch himself again. Tf story cow body… this accursed, false body would tempt him no more, he vowed silently.

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The cool handle felt odd and somehow smaller in his hands but he held it tight. The ball of yarn had bounded away but he retrieved it and continued down down the passage, marking his journey. It crept down to the white fur mixed in with his still-human pubic hair.

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The hair Tf story cow out and around his cock and down his inner thighs. The sensation was maddening but Theseus focused on his task. He found himself continuously drooling and licking it away with his long tongue. Clear liquid leaked through the slit between his legs. Theseus stumbled, falling painfully to his knees at the sudden sensation of it. At the smell of it. His own scent. He could feel his insides sliding together as he walked. Sliding wetly together and making him even more turned on.

His body cried out in its arousal. A slow, maddening, thrumming sense of need that was completely alien to his old male body. Brown fur grew down his neck and along his shoulders. Short and soft, it covered him, sprouting down his arms until it reached his elbow. Sudden sharp pains in his stomach made Theseus pause. He grunted, again leaning against a nearby wall. His udder swelled suddenly. No longer a gentle bump on his belly, the skin ballooned out as his milk came in.

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Drops of translucent white liquid welled from the tips of the four nipples hanging from his udder. Almost as if in sympathy, a single drop of milk formed from the tip of nipple on his right breast. One of the four long nipples pulled tight and spurted a jet of milk and he gasped, knees dropping slightly from the sensation. His cock disappeared completely from view as the udder continued to grow. Black coloring appeared on the nearly pink, silky skin.

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Theseus clutched his growing udder, supporting the new weight as it pulled heavily at his body. The skin along his back bulged, rippling patches of short brown fur. Muscles grew and thickened. His biceps bulged, twitching and jerking under the coat of fur covering them.

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With a muscular back and stomach that flared into a wide ass and powerful thighs, Theseus was distinctly feminine. Patches of bare skin were still visible along his stomach and back and calves. His udder ached and burned on his belly.

He was swollen and he knew he needed to express the milk but he refused, grunting through the pain that bordered on a sick sense of pleasure. Another long string of clear liquid leaked out of his pussy, sticking to his thigh before falling to the ground. His face and ears burned. His traitorous fingers slid from his udder down to his thighs.

The brown fur along his brow was darkened from sweat and he was gasping, chest heaving. The growth of his udder had stopped and, slowly, he found himself calming.

Tf story cow

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