Tg pregnant transformation stories

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Charlie was having a good day. He was still in his thanksgiving break, he did not have work, and, for the first time in months, he had no reason to leave his house. However spending the last week cooped up playing video games and binge watching his favorite TV shows left him feeling stuff so he decided to go out. Noting fancy, just a quick food run then back to the apartment for more hours in the couch. He picked up some food from the nearest take out restaurant and made his way back, stopping by his mail kiosk for the first time this week. He opened his ased box and dumped the mail out into his arms, Christmas and Black Friday catalogs filled his arms along with bills and a small package.

He walked over to his door and pushed it open with his foot, stepping in and spilling the mail over the kitchen counter. He quickly at the food he had gotten, and went back to the mail. He sorted it into the keep and trash pile looking at all of the good sales and coupons before tossing them away. He got to the bottom of the stack and picked up the package. He had not ordered a package in weeks so he had no idea what it could be. Tg pregnant transformation stories ripped open the glued package and poured out the story book that was inside.

He opened the book and felt a chill run through his body. In the front cover there Tg pregnant transformation stories a small piece of paper. He thought to himself. They must have delivered the package to the wrong box. He turned to look for the wrapping to check the mailing address but the packaging was gone.

He began to search for it but was stopped when he felt something tightening over his body. He looked down and saw that all of his clothes were changing into a pink, one piece suit that hugged his body. He was not fat or muscular but the suit did a good job defining all of the books and crannies on his body.

He started to panic, nothing in his thoughts could explain how that just happened. Before he tried to do anything else he felt the tightness begin concentrating on his waist. Looking down he watched as his waist caved in, the mass distributing back into his hips now glaring out in the suit. Next the tightness moved to his crotch area and before he could reach to stop it his male parts were no more.

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She ran her hand over the smooth area and felt an electric sensation run through her body. Without thinking she reached back and grabbed her ass, the two globes rounding out into a thick, juicy bubble butt with her thighs following suit. Her voice audibly changing as she spoke the line. Her face had rearranged now the face of a young woman with pouty lips, a small nose and puppy dog eyes. She looked back down at her body and watched as two breasts pushed their way out in front of her.

The collar of the suit, once at her collar bone, now rested atop her breasts exposing a healthy amount of cleavage, the tightness of the suit perfectly cradling her new bosom. Throughout the transformations she had felt a rumbling in her stomach but had attributed it to the take out food. She re-evaluated her assumption when her stomach erupted out from her busty frame. It rounded out, stretching the pink nylon until it looked like a seven months pregnant belly, just supporting the bottom of her breasts.

She ran her hands over her new body but gravitated to her round Tg pregnant transformation stories, placing a hand in the bottom. She grabbed the book she was sent and was happy that she now had something to read her new baby once it was born. She could not wait to be a mother. He stopped at the stairs and gestured that I should lead the way upwards. I did as he suggested and walked up and into the kitchen.

He stopped me at the kitchen window and by gently directing me to face the window. It was odd that it only wanted to part in the center rather than the usual side part. I gave up trying and parted it where it naturally seemed to want to lay. Picking up my tooth brush I quickly brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth. I studied my teeth in front of the mirror and smiled. I pushed it out of my mind as I figured it was from taking such a hot shower…hotter than I normally would have taken.

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As a cold breeze brushed against my body, I could feel a pleasurable pressure mount on my chest. I brought my hand up and felt the warmth radiating from this ever-hardening tower. I quickly drew my hands away in shock, and rolled to face the wall.

I felt movement behind me as another body, not seen, scooted in and threw an arm around my waist. A hand slowly dangled near my chest. I felt it jerk as if in sleep…a thumb resting directly on top of my nipple. Slowly the invisible hand brushed its surface, making my breathing hard and labored. I could feel little tingles racing up and down my body until they bore a hole directly into the place between my legs. I gasped. I felt a warm shaft slowly pushing into the space between my thighs.

I felt shock as my own body gently pushed back.

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The hand slowly came to life and began to fondle the area around my nipple, cupping the skin within a warm palm. I felt lips brush my ear, hands drawing me closer…my breathing heavy with passion. I felt the invisible hand gently massage my chest as whatever it was rolled me onto my back, its kiss fell onto my willing lips. I felt my knees spread away to allow the entity access I wanted it to have. Its shaft fell against my thigh. I slowly took it within my grasp and danced my finger across its smooth tip. The entity allowed this to happen, I felt my legs part and allow greater access to my body for penetration.

Why would I dream this?

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Slowly I guided its thick young shaft into my glistening nether region, eagerly anticipating having it inside of me. I winced briefly as it pushed within my waiting maidenhead, it slow pumping made me dizzy with desire. I could feel my knees drawing upward and upward until the heels of my feet were resting against its warm, tight rear end.

My breathing now sounding more like the panting of a dog with each of its pushes, somewhere deep within me I could feel a strange passionate and Tg pregnant transformation stories pressure building. I tried to hold back the sexual release, but the pleasure I was feeling, prevented me.

The passion that was building was more powerful than anything I had ever felt before. I could feel something being driven deeply inside of my body, pushed by a force that nature could only admire. It slowly became heavier with each little pulse between my thighs, until it finally let out its breath in a great sigh. The pain was unbelievable; he could feel the pressure in his spine. He was giving birth. So, four kids! His large belly was swollen and he ached. Slowly he got into the tub. He had seen those shows on home-births so many times.

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Being in a condition like this as a male, it was hard. Slowly Bri started to pull the water tap. His water had broken about a half hour ago and the pain was so bad! It took him forever to wobble to the bathroom. He did it though…finally. He let the water run and stretched out his legs. They leaned on the bathtubs side and he huffed a bit. The pain around his belly-button was horrible. How was he supposed to give birth?

He had a penis! He used to be female of course. Being transgender was hard during his younger years. So far, the ass idea was the one he was hoping for, even if it was painful. Living was better than bleeding to death.

He could feel the pressure around his abdomen and thighs. He also felt a tingle.

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Then he felt a snap. Something snapped and he jerked upward. His breath became worse and worse and he screamed. He yelled and cussed as the water reached to his chin…his large belly still poking out of the water. John grabbed around the bottom of his belly. He felt movement. They were movement and pushing. The water poured from the side of the tub.

Then he looked down…blood…from his privet!

Tg pregnant transformation stories

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