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MSG Board. Love is a story. Superman is gay and. New Body swap castin. Tamil Ponnu Ambala V. Turned into your own. Kim Kardashian Body. From: guest amonths, post 1. There's another bodysuit story, an old one, with a touch of that too, called "Skin. This is a story I recently found on writing. Magic-book story on writing.

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On the Addventure on the free side of bearchive. But, didn't turn into a woman It can and it can't be.

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Suezz is a really, really nice guy though and if you him on the site is more than willing to help people out, bounce ideas off of, keep continuity straight and whatnot. I might try adding to it. The disappearance of the bodysuits. Better to write my own proper stories Sorry, unblocked bodysuits. I keep getting slagged off for the quality of my writing so keep setting things to private.

It's pretty demoralising. I think your writing is okay, and you certainly get interesting ideas. The Bodysuits. Nah, it's rubs. I'm retiring. I'm leaving the writing business for all the other writers in the writing business.

Honestly people saying something whether positive or negative about my stuff doesn't bother me since it at least means they're reading it. What bothers me most about writing. I can get stuck pretty Tg skinsuit stories as well so combine the two and it can kill my passion to do anything despite still constantly thinking of how best to continue a certain story or thread.

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I know I'm constantly mulling over good ways to continue those as well. One other thing that annoys me is when I see a TF interactive devoted to one series like Naruto or Bleach or whatever and the character starts going into other series because I guess it kind of takes away for me at least the point of the story. All made public. Yeah, it is depressing when you're the only person on the 'recent chapters' list. It's like you're talking to yourself.

I think the main reason is that everybody has their own personal tastes and also like to have control over their own work, so they set-up and work-on their own interactives, which is understandable. Usually I don't bother with criticism either, but in this case they make valid points.

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And the feeling of being judged on something you just do for fun it sort of sucks the fun out of it. I'll probs just set up another so I can contribute without the legacy of crappy chapters on my shoulders. Also I know what you mean about the series crossovers.

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Probably guilty of a few crossover violations myself though. I think part of the reason I tend to have a big problem adding to fanfic Tg skinsuit stories is familiarity. Like I wouldn't mind adding more Bleach or FMA stuff or whatever but I'm not terribly familiar with those series beyond cursory knowedge so I get too wrapped up in making sure it's "right" to the point of constantly looking up information on wikis and stuff to make sure the characterization matches at least reasonably closely the series.

My tastes don't really extend much beyond typical gender transformation and specifically characters turning into other characters really. Whenever I check a writing. I think blot's style of writing would be rather suitable for a "Book of Masks" story line.

Ah, yes, all that with the guys turning into a lesbian couple and making body suits and so on. I know what you mean. Comics are annoying, since some series have like decades worth of canon behind them, but I think even comic writers have stopped caring by this point. Generally though I don't hold other people to any standard of accuracy or quality, since I don't hold myself to any.

I agree with you, tocoda; blot and rugal are both really good writers. He did a lot on writing.

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Maybe his absence is enough to make a difference, or maybe there are better reasons.

Tg skinsuit stories

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