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I shook my head. He sighed as if the weight of dealing with me took a lot out of him. I get to choose who I want to spend my life with. My father cast his eyes down, unable to look at me. Only one thing remains. We need a mating to connect us. The blood of not just one but two alphas. Our people respect and admire you. The younger wolves look to you for what to do.

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I snorted. My place in our pack. Anytime my father wanted me to toe his line, this was his go-to argument. I wanted to lash out. Our alpha had been killed in a bizarre accident. According to witnesses, the vehicle had rolled five times before coming to rest on its crumpled top. No one had been able to get to him or his best friend. My father was riddled with scars over his arms and chest from trying. Our alpha had been his only son and my older brother, Rowan. The aftermath had left us splintered. At least, no one the elders would agree to back, and none strong enough to buck against them. Things are going to change.

Starting with your mating. While we had a bit of prestige because of our lineage, the James pack was newly formed. Considering Bastion James had somehow gathered all of them to follow him, I wondered what type of man he was. When already dominant men fell into line behind one bearing alpha qualities, it said a lot about the man. How could this alpha of alphas have chosen a mate for me without even meeting me?

This pack has taken too much from me already. Am I clear? I held his stare for a long moment before dropping his hand and moving away. I grabbed my purse off the counter and headed toward the door. There was no getting through to him right now. He knew me well, and I loved him with every fiber of my being.

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That was the problem with my family. They liked to think they controlled everything. My brother had learned there was no controlling me. It was obvious Bastion James saw me as no more than a pawn, a means to an end. What the fuck was I going to do? He always thought the best of me. This time it was misplaced. My best friend and I had made plans earlier in the day to meet at the local werewolf watering hole.

A few laughs, a few drinks, and maybe some dancing. That had been the plan. Now…my gut was churning. It might be a night of plotting and planning. If anyone could help me, it was Ivy. My fingers clenched.

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Make myself available. My temper seethed. Had he already chosen who he planned to mate me with, or was I to be paraded before his pack so one of them could pick me? The mere thought had a growl vibrating in my chest. Bastion James is a good alpha. He has a strong pack. Something we really need. I nodded. I knew they were strong. My mate. My choice. At the moment, I waffled between reminding my dad of that or running. Both seemed like viable ideas.

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Honestly, I was keeping my options open. All I knew for sure was it would be a cold day in hell before I made myself available for James and whoever tagged along with him to meet the elders. I texted Ivy before getting behind the wheel, so she could have her devious-plot hat on by the time I got there.

I figured between the two of us my future would be fine. I barely remembered the drive, lost in a haze of anger and what ifs. I was still struggling to collect my thoughts when I pulled into the parking lot at the bar. Ivy was at my door before I even shut the engine off, and her first words brought a grin to my lips. I could tell by the gleam in her eyes she was dead serious.

That was why I loved her. Most people wanted that friend who would calm them down. She was the one who would be up for hiding a body at three a. James had the audacity to order me to be ready to present myself when he and his entourage show up tomorrow. As if you have nothing better to do than wait for his beck and call. Should you wear something pretty? Or maybe go naked. Nice breeding hips are probably a must. Plus you have an amazing ass. I slammed the door and beeped it locked as she continued to propel us toward the beaconing neon that pointed the way to the door.

I gripped her arm even tighter, giving it a squeeze as I bumped my hip against hers. We both knew there was a real possibility I would be gone by morning. Natalie and the Nerd by Amy Sparling. Her Reluctant Billionaire by Noelle Adams. Free Novels Online Read Home.

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