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Toggle Toons Empire. in with Facebook. address:. Password recovery. Your working address:. Choose a password:. Prove your identity:. Newest Top Rated. Added: 12 years ago in Simpsons. Heres the money shot Chapter 1 Itwas happening again. TheReverend Timothy Lovejoy looked down at his arm, hoping he wasmistaken. Maybe he was seeing things. But no, he was right. It washappening again. Hisleft arm was fading away; vanishing as though it had never beenthere. It had happened before, but there was one difference; lasttime it hadnt really changed that much. Now, as he held his handup to the basement light, he realise.

Bart lapped it all up eagerly. Her whimpering moans told him just how successful his pussy-eating was. Simpson porn Story: I Spy part 4! Ay caramba! Can I watch you fuck Mommy now Pleeeease! Marge smiled at homer and laid back spread her legs wide. Added: 11 years ago in Simpsons.

I Spy. Part 6 Note to readers this starts half way through the last story when Bart was watching through the window from the treehouseBart quickly put his dick back in his shorts. Stuck in the treehouse Bart had watched enough of the action through the window and had decided it was time he got a piece of it. Climbing down from the treehouse and running around the side of the house and head long in to his friend.

Barts friday night at his aunts house. Simpsons Porn Story Last friday Bart spent the night fucking his aunt Selma and Patty Bouvier his mothers older sisters and he would never have even thought of such a thing under normal circumstances but for what had happened the week before with his sister Lisa and his best friend milhouse. Once again his mother was sending. Please read and review! Both constructive criticism and praise are greatly appreciated!

Slumber PartySmithers, its getting late. Are you ready to go yet? Burns asked, perturbed, as I tied my brand new tanzanite blue bow tie around my neck adroitly but with haste. I had bought it especially for this occasion. Burns and I had been invited to th. So shefilled out a form and came to the last thing an e-mail. Marge didn'thave one so she left and was going onthe internet to get an e-mail. The next day shechecked her e-mail but when she. Added: 8 years ago in Simpsons.

That was before Homer had died, keeling over. It Wasnt Me Chapter 1 Bart groaned and struggled, attempting to loosen the ropes that bound him to an uncomfortable wooden chair. However the rough ropes only tightened and dug in to his wrists more, causing him to be glad that the ropes around his ankles werent as tight. He moved his feet slightly, trying to sit up more and stretch. He had no idea how long he had been here, but he knew he had been unconscious for a wh. Simpsons Truth or Dare Chapter 11 I do not own the Simpsons parentheses are thoughts and bold is me on commentaryHey everybodyits me Depthmon, and Homer and I stroked a deal!

I said Iwill talk in commentary and everybody will ignore me and for exchangeIll give him a penny. What a giant sucker! Homer saidwhile holding his new penny gleefully and giggling like a girl. I dont ownSimpsons and bold is me on commentary. Martin Truth orDar. President Lisa Chapter 1 Chapter 1BartgateIm Kent Brockman and this is Normal Vision evening news, Bart Simpson, brother of President Lisa Simpson is currently being scrutinized for taking part in the Loan Evading policy of his sister Kent could no longer continue, an unhappy Lisa appears, she walks towards her desk waiting, she then moves towards the intercom.

Millhouse would you get Bart in here please Lisa then moved aw. He had been pulled to a festival at a local fair, almost kicking and screaming by his parents. The festival held technologies old and new. Bart hat walked scowling, with his father when he came across a stall with masses The simpsons sex stories electronic equipment on it, there were wires ever.

The Estate Pt4 The Estate Pt4 Bart had woke the next day feeling refreshed, it wasn't until he had got up that the freshness was not quite as fresh as it had appeared, he had felt twangs and aches as he walked to the bathroom. He guessed it was due to his new powers draining him, he shook them off, washed and dressed and went to the dinning room, the smell of cooking filling his no.

Please, stop! Lisa Simpson was crying out her rage and her pain. Her rage because she was useless to stop the fiendish acts of Homer. She was too petite in front of his pounds. And her pain because he was The simpsons sex stories her. It had all started when she was only 5 years old. Back then, she still looked up to him, he seemed to be there when she needed hi. It is a dreadful shame, because now that I do actually want to hear how you keep, my true sentiments are in danger of being lost in a wave of mawkish nothingness.

I am, The simpsons sex stories see, genuinely eager to hear that you are well and happy, and hope. He parked the car and entered him home. The kids were watching TV and Marge was taking meals out of the oven. Sleepover 2 It had been a month since the night Milhouse had toyed with Bart in his sleep and Lisa awaked. Since then, he had not had the opportunity to have sex again, with them or anyone else, even though Bart had slept at his house only a week ago.

Milhouse had to resort to hand, but it was getting tiresome. After having a feel of both Simpson kids, he craved for more. Bart had quickly forgotten.

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Simpson porn Story: I Spy part 5 The turn of events had bart flabbergasted. Bart Simpson had what could only be described as the perfect fantasy. Marge rocked her head back and forth using her mouth and. It was such a beautiful place, the weather was perfect, and there were plenty of trails where the two girls could hike.

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Janey's parents were going to be with Lisa's parents over the weekend. It was a spur of the moment thing, a weekend jaunt at a gambling mecca at a nearby Indian Casino, sor. Her first instinct was to callbut curiosity overcame her and she decided to look at the spectacle. Walking over, her work high heels clicking with each step she took, she made her way up eight feet toward the bod. Marge kept rushing her and Bart out of the door so they would nott miss the bus.

Walking by each of the rows, Lisa took a seat next to Martin, who kept asking her questions about the lessons they might have in Ms. Hoovers class today. However Lisas mind was clouded with the thoughts about the boys.

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At school. This was solely written for enjoyment. Ruth and Marge go on a high speed T. Sufficit to say though, she had a look of complete satisfaction across her face. The Ghost Chapter 1 Hieverybody! This is my first fanfic so go easy on me. Hope you enjoyit. The Ghost Oneday the Simpsons family were watching television, then all of asudden a strange noise started. Its not funny Bart. The door bell rang. Homer saidIll get it. There was no one at the door soHomer shut it, then the window started to sc.

It was all due to the authors lack of knowledge regarding all episodes of The Simpsons. The author was really sorry.

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Even the best prankster can only do somuch jokes, pranks, and wedgies in one day. So he wandered ar.

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No, in fact, Ive read all about mutation in issue 34 of Radioactive Man. Which was why I came prepared Albert snorted, showing Damon and Lisa his hideo. Lost Without You Chapter 3 She closed her eyes only to openthem again and have to sit up in bed as the phone rang.

She leantover to the phone which was on a small wooden table beside her andpicked it up, wondering who would phone at this time of night.

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Lisa,I have a favour to ask you, came a deep voice at the other end ofthe line. What sort offavour? Who is this? Look a few members. Its Easter at the Syzslakresidence and everyone has come to enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately, Elaine, Moes dear old mom, seems to be sewing somewild oats in front of God and everyone and guess who has tostraighten her out? Bartholomew Drunk Chapter 4 Ch. And the saints gomarching he slurred. He then climbed on his bed and startedjumping on it.

Go saints As hejumped this time, he did a twirl and missed the bed, landing flat onhis back. He groaned. Hearingthe ruckus, Lisa came in the room. Are you okay?? She looked in his eyes. Homers bad day Chapter 1 Homers bad dayHomer: Marge can you you change the channel for me please?

Marge: No Homer you can do it yourself.

The simpsons sex stories

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