Tickle feet story

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Moderator: Archiver. Post by Canuck ยป 11 months ago. Remember to give credit where credit is due! Post Reply topic Next topic. Contact Canuck My name is Jon and I'm sixteen and from New York.

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I have two neighbors named Amanda and Jessica who I have played many tie up games with, and here is the first one. First here's some background information Tickle feet story all of us. I am sixteen and have lived in the same house all my life. It is two stories tall with a small backyard but with a forest just outside of my property which we can go on with no problem. I am five foot ten, lbs with black hair and medium build, and I never knew I liked tie up games until I played with Amanda and Jessica.

Oh and I am ticklish just about everywhere and so are the girls, which is something important to remember for my stories. Sarah is 15 years old, about five feet tall very short and no more than 90 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. Jessica is 18, the oldest of the three, and is the tallest at six foot even but is in very good shape, weighing no more than if I had to guess. These two have lived on either side of me for about three years, but I have only really known them for about a year and a half.

Ok so now that you kinda know what we look like here's the first story. It was the first day of summer right after school let out, so I was 15, Sarah 14 and Jess I had only known the girls as friends for a couple months, but we were pretty much three best friends after I met them. They called me over one day at around 10 o'clock, so i went wearing basketball shorts, a Tee shirt, and Sneakers with socks. I walked over to Sarah's house and the girls were sitting on the couch when i walked in.

Sarah had on short shorts and a tank top with bare feet, and Jess had on short Tickle feet story and a bikini top with bare feet as well. We watched television for about an hour and when it came to be about noon we decided to think of something else to do.

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Sarah said her father brought something really weird home and said she could play with it with her friends if she wanted. We all went to the basement where it was and saw that it was a set of medieval stocks that her father had brought home from a Renaissance faire. Basically this is a board with two holes in it that a person can have their feet locked in.

Then, attached to this board which was raised off the ground by posts was a long board the person sat on with a chair back that had two straps at the top for the person's wrists. Nobody wanted to be the test dummy for the contraption, so we picked one name out of a hat to be put in the stocks, and that was Jessica.

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She reluctantly agreed, so we locked her feet and wrists in so she couldn't move. Sarah then said we should make it a little more serious, so she got some nylons and tied Jessica's legs down above and below the knees to the board she was seated on so she couldn't move her legs. Then Sarah blindfolded and gagged her, because she said her father and his friends always did this at the fair.

Then she tied each of Jess's big toes Tickle feet story to these two little metal hooks in the footboard with some twine, leaving the soles of her feet extra vulnerable and extra ticklish, and we were all set. Then, out of nowhere, Sarah said that at the faire's the person in the stocks was always tickled, which caused Jessica to thrash around for a minute until she realized she could not escape.

I agreed that this would be a great idea, so we decided to turn it into a game. The two people who were not tied up had to tickle the person in the stocks for ten minutes, unless the person said "uncle" before that. If they did say uncle then they would be subject to another thirty minutes of tickling, with a break every ten minutes. If the person could last ten minutes, however, then they could choose either of their captors to lock in the stocks or tie up anywhere and tickle for thirty minutes straight.

By the end, two people would end up tickled to death and one would get off without any tickling. All three of us agreed to these terms so Sarah and I took Jess's gag off to be able to hear uncle and we began the torture

Tickle feet story

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