Tighty whities embarrassing stories

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Tyler sat on the bed of the room in his house near his college, enjoying a bit of peace. When you share an off-campus house with six other 21 year old guys your age, peace is a bit of a rare thing. Then he heard a knock on the door and he scrambled towards his dresser; after all, part of what was making it peaceful was the not wearing pants part. He managed to pull on a pair of athletic shorts just as his housemate Walt burst into the room.

Confident in everything but public speaking, he was less concerned about the content than the delivery. Walt nonchalantly dropped his sweatpants to his ankles to change; no surprise there. Tyler was surprised that Walt had been wearing pants to begin with, considering he hardly ever wore them. He had on a baggy pair of red plaid boxers but when he put his new suit pants on it was clear he got a size too small. His boxers flopped out over the top and their outline were clearly visible through the pants. He sheepishly went to leave the room, but not before Walt playfully pulled the shorts below his ass and revealed a lot more pink and black fabric.

That night, Walt wanted to rehearse the speech one more time in front of Tyler and their other two housemates, James and Christian. James and Christian, avid distance runners, had just returned from a run. James had just showered and now wore nothing but an old t-shirt and a pair of gray Jockey boxer-briefs. Christian was shirtless and in a pair of short running shorts, with his boxer-briefs poking out underneath. As Walt rehearsed one last time, Tyler noted that he seemed to have sorted out the issue with the pants. But Tighty whities embarrassing stories he dropped a notecard and bent down to pick it up, Tyler saw the difference: Walt, usually confident in his boxers, had visible brief lines.

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Christian and James shot each other looks, but said nothing. That night, the four guys stood backstage with the other award recipients and Walt was growing nervous. He noticed his shirt was untucked and unbutton his. He shot Christian a look. It did the trick; embarrassed in front of his friends, giving a small speech felt ike nothing. But would his friends ever let him live this down? I want to apologize to everyone for my post last night. Though my mental health is admittedly not great at the moment, I want to assure everyone I would not do anything to harm myself or others.

I also apologize for not replying to the messages. I really appreciate them, I promise, I just want to not be tied to my phone at the moment. With still a week to go before the spring semester started, Walt had decided to take a break from his college house and see his older brother Carson. As much as Walt wanted to sleep, he had already agreed to go to the gym with his brother.

Carson, 25 years old and having to work harder to maintain his six pack that came more easily to him in college, was already dressed in sweatpants and a sleeveless sweatshirt. Walt threw off the blanket. His body exposed in a pair of orange Pair of Thieves briefs. While he lacked the defined six pack Tighty whities embarrassing stories his brother but had the naturally in-shape body of a college male who only drinks light beer and dabbles in ultimate frisbee.

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Carson held his tongue. While he knew his brother used to be a boxers guy, over Christmas break he had seen him wake up in an absurdly small pair of smiley faced briefs. Though Walt had been embarrassed about it at the time, he had been flaunting his tiny underpants since the start of his visit. Carson suspected that may have to do with the fact that on that same Christmas break Walt had pantsed him to reveal a jockstrap, as the first time Carson called out his brother for his budgie smugglers Walt had smugly retorted that at least his underpants covered his ass.

The whole thing infuriated Carson, as he was usually a boxers man but literally only wore the jockstraps when working out.

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Carson and Walt walked the five blocks to the building where Carson worked. As the two were about the step into the building, Carson heard himself being greeted by name. He was surprised; he usually got to the gym well before his coworkers, and the few other people he encountered normally at this time were people on different floors he did not know. But this was his boss greeting him, Norm.

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He had no plans to introduce his nuisance of a brother. Norm chuckled. The two exchanged a few more pleasantries before Norm went upstairs and Carson and Walt walked into the locker room. They started to change into their workout clothes and in a few moments the two brothers stood only in their underwear: Walt in his orange briefs, and Carson in some boxers with dark blue and light pink vertical stripes. He grabbed the teal jockstrap from his bag and prepared to changed into it.

He was wearing nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein trunks.

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The man chuckled to himself as he pulled on a tank top, and Carson turned beet red. He swatted Walt with the hand he was holding the jockstrap, the minimal teal fabric whipping through the air. Screw it. He put the jockstrap back into his gym locker and pulled his workout shorts over his boxers. Guess everything was going to be flapping in the breeze for this workout. Working out in boxers was not something Carson ever wanted to repeat.

His workout shorts were about the same length as the underwear underneath them, so he was constantly readjusting. He had to pick between two evils: either have fabric ballooning over the top, or have the legs peek out the bottom. Both atrocities occurred repeatedly Tighty whities embarrassing stories the workout. He finished the workout before Walt and took to the showers before he got dressed. As the locker room was empty, he sat on the bench fully clothed and waited for his brother. Walt came back from the shower and slipped a pair of white briefs on underneath his towel before ditching Tighty whities embarrassing stories.

Fully clothed and looking at his brother in a pair of tiny white briefs, Carson felt his time to get revenge. Walt just laughed. At least my ass is covered. The two picked up their gym bags and walked into an empty hallway. Still early, Carson had wanted to show Walt his office, but after all of this teasing he was no longer sure he was in the mood. A boxers guy. He pulled his khakis to his knees. So now while his top half has a button down light blue shirt and a black tie, his bottom half revealed a pair of black American Eagle boxer shorts dotted with orange peaches.

Boxers guy through and through. In the confusion, Carson had not even noticed another man next to Norm. It was the man from the locker room, dressed in a light pink dress shirt and khakis so tight he had visible trunk lines. NOTE: Hey everyone! But I also get things may be confusing, and I also know not everyone has read all the stories. James walked downstairs shirtless in a pair of oversized Hanes boxer shorts with jockey briefs underneath.

He wanted to keep everything in place without putting on a show, hence the briefs for comfort and the boxers for modesty. He was apparently prepared to do this run leaving almost nothing to the imagination. He had actually gotten rid of all of his non-briefs underwear. He had to buy these ugly boxers last night to wear.

I know we like to tease you for your panties a lot but this is an underwear run; everyone will be in their underpants. Look at why the rest of us are wearing. James looked at the other guys. Tyler was in a pair of neon trunks, and Christian had on navy blue trunks with white polka dots. Dan, usually a boxer briefs man, had on navy blue Calvin Klein briefs and Patrick wore some yellow and blue striped briefs the guys made him wear for a while after he lost a bet. James had to admit that compared to the other guys having fun with this run, he was letting his low confidence put a damper on things.

He now wore nothing but his socks, sneakers, and red Jockey briefs. The guys opened their front door and stepped outside. On the street by their house were all the runners. But James noticed something strange. None of them were in their underwear.

Tighty whities embarrassing stories

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