Too old for diapers stories

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Parenting Writer. The kids get along great. We used to hang out a lot before COVID, then when it hit it became a lot of face-times and outside hanging out, like going to the park or something. When the mom asked the OP to watch her daughter twice a week through the summer, the OP agreed. It sounds awful, I know, my kid was potty trained before age 2 because I just hate it. She of course asked why and I told her. No way. She hid this information from you on purpose to get you to agree, then sprang it on you when she thought she had you.

You did not create her childcare problem here, she did.

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When I first started babysitting most 3-year-olds were potty trained. If I take a job for a 3-year-old I just plan to change diapers.

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The line keeps getting pushed back and back. Still, one person chimed in to ask other Reddit commenters to be aware of the fact that different kids have different potty-training schedules. She just could not be convinced. And yes, we asked both pediatricians and psychologists about it. These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Kweli Wright Parenting Writer. View All. Stack of white baby diapers on table close up. View Gallery 14 Images. Tags mom friends potty training reddit.

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Too old for diapers stories

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Diaper story