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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It'd been a while since Kyle had made love to a women and he was getting bored. The only chick he liked was the best friend of his ex-girlfriend, who he was still friends with, so that was a no go. He lived in an apartment that his parents had left him when they had gone to live on the coast. It was a fairly good apartment on the sixth floor of a large apartment block, relatively close to the city.

He had three bedrooms, one of which had turned into his gym, and another which had turned into a study for uni. So in essence he had one bedroom. He had a living room with a plasma screen television, a newly renovated kitchen, two balconies and a brilliant view of the river and the city. His friends had invited him out tonight but he had declined. He'd had a rough night the night before, with far too much alcohol involved and he didn't want the same pressure to hook up with someone tonight. Besides, he needed his sleep cause he was going to see the WWE tomorrow night.

After it was over he got up and went to the kitchen. Looking in the cupboard he saw that there was no bread or more importantly, milo and there was no milk or coke in the fridge. So when he dressed for his nightly run singlet, rugby shorts and shoes he grabbed his wallet on the way out. Kyle headed off along the main road, only stopping to make sure no cars would take him out when he crossed the road.

Rain Torrie wilson sex stories falling and cooled him down slightly so he began to run faster along the road. Kyle was 23, lean and muscular, and he knew it. He was always a sportsman, excelling in almost every sport he played including chess and because of his healthy lifestyle of exercise and sleep, Kyle had always been fit. The rain soaked his black curly hair all he ran, and it fell in his eyes no matter how often he brushed it back. His singlet was soaked and you could vaguely see his tanned muscular body behind his singlet.

He turned down a back street as he did Torrie wilson sex stories his usual run and turned left towards the service station. As he kept running he looked ahead. At the top of the hill was a black four wheel drive with its emergency lights on. As he got closer he saw that the hood was up and steam bellowed from beneath.

He slowed as he approached the car. What the hell happened here? Smoke was flowing from the engine and a slight hissing sound could be heard as rain hit the heated car. Just as he was about to continue his run, a woman stepped of the nearest alleyway. Kyle watched as she walked towards him wearily. She was beautiful. She had brilliant blonde hair that fell to her chest, an angelic face that no man could resist and a fit, curvy body.

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She was wearing a tight white shirt, and luckily and black bra, as the rain had soaked her shirt so it was see through. She was wear some pink hot pants with sneakers as well. Kyle knew this woman. He'd seen her thousands of times. But he still couldn't believe it. The woman approached wearily still.

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She was obviously was Kyle was some kind of deviant. Can't say that I do. If you'd like, I'll ask someone to come back with me to have a look at it. Torrie looked at him with increased trust. Nice to meet you too.

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I am a bit of a wrestling fan actually. I'm going to see your show tomorrow night. Stay in the car.

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Not exactly the safest neighbourhood. He ran slightly faster, now that he had a greater purpose, and was at the service station in minutes. He picked up his groceries and headed to the counter. Is there anybody that could come look at a car for me? There's a car about 5 minutes walk from here thats having trouble. I'll check. Some guy wants you to check out his car. Finally, he came back out. Steve'll be there.

He drive you two there and have a look. Kyle went out back with his groceries to see Steve, a short, fat, balding man standing behind his tow truck. Steam had stopped pouring out of the front but the car still would not start. While Steve leaned into the bonnet and had a look around while revealing his bum crack to the world Kyle and Torrie talked. Going to wrestling shows costs money you know She laughed a little.

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You've done more than enough already. Let's just hope this guy can fix this thing. At the moment, there was a loud snapping sound and smoke once again began bellowing out of engine. After a little while he stopped holding his hand and looked in the bonnet again. I'll have to tow it.

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Sorry folks. I used my last to buy these. That's about the only way I can help. I wanted to do my workout tonight. And you know, you're a stranger I just met you. But there are a hell of a lot worse people out there than me.

I know you're involved with someone, I know you're not interested, and frankly, I'm not that sort of person. Yes, you're attractive, but I just wouldn't do that. You're welcome if you wish. I'll help you carry your bags if you'd like. There are a few hills. Once they got inside, Kyle put the groceries in the kitchen and grabbed two towels. Given one to Torrie he said, 'You'll be in the bedroom, I'll be on the couch. The gym's in there, bathroom there, and if necessary, the study, and internet are in there.

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You can see where the kitchen and living room are. I hope you have a nice stay at Hotel Cunningham. I'll sleep on the couch. You need your sleep. You're sleeping in the bedroom. I'll put new sheets on for you. It doesn't bother me. Thank you so much for all this.

Torrie wilson sex stories

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