Trash bag stories

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Submitted into Contest 56 in response to: Write a story about two people meeting during unusual circumstances and becoming fast friends. Fantasy Romance Lesbian. She slipped around quietly until she could see what it was that was making the noise.

What she saw, shocked her. She saw Veronica Tipton, the richest girl in school. She was standing in the trash cart in a large heavy duty black trash bag. Sharon watched as Veronica dumped a half full garbage can in on top of her. Veronica sat down, wriggled around and then pulled the top in and twisted it shut.

She watched as Veronica sat inside the trash bag for over ten minutes before she opened the top of the bag. Sharon heard the door to the locker room open and the sound of foot steps coming. She hid inside Trash bag stories empty locker and watched as the custodian, Sam, came in and dumped more garbage on top of Veronica and then seal the top of the bag shut with a zip tie. As soon as Sam was out the door, Sharon Trash bag stories out of the locker and followed them to the dumpsters out behind the school.

They were the big twenty foot roll offs. Sam pushed the cart with Veronica in it, about halfway down the catwalk before stopping. He pushed a button on a control panel and a winch started that was cabled to the lid and it opened. He dumped the cart with the trash bag and Veronica into the dumpster and then closed the lid and went back inside. Sharon ran back through the school, got into her car and beat feet for home. Sharon ran upstairs, took a shower and jumped in bed. She had a nightmare about Sam abducting her and putting her in a trash bag with Veronica and then tossing them into the dumpster and locking them inside.

The next morning the trash company picked it up, took it to the landfill and dumped it. Sharon was yelling for help when her mom came in and woke her up. All weekend long Sharon was waiting for the breaking news about finding a young girl buried in the landfill sealed up inside a trash bag. Saturday, nothing; Sunday, still nothing.

Monday morning, when Sharon got to school, she saw Veronica Tipton talking with her girlfriends as if nothing had ever happened at all last Friday night. She saw Sam turn a corner and put the bag in his pocket. Sharon watched Veronica all week long and not once did she act like Friday night happened. She ducked into an empty locker close to the equipment locker again and waited. Veronica came in and looked all around and then she climbed into the trash cart again and repeated the scene from the Friday night.

Sam came in and dumped more trash on top of her and sealed the bag shut. He pushed it out to the dumpster again, but before he could push the button to open the lid on the dumpster, Sharon saw Trash bag stories mouse and screamed. But the bigger question is; what the hell are you doing here with the janitor? Instead, I find you playing some sick game.

What could you possibly get out of sitting in a trash bag filled with garbage and being tossed into a dumpster? And how in the hell do you get out? To each his, or in my case, her own. After a bit, I tear it open and wait for Sam to come back.

Veronica flushed with excitement. The thought of being watched as she was stuffed inside a trash bag with garbage dumped in on her and being tossed away like so much trash, excited her. I had a nightmare about seeing you sealed inside a trash bag last week. We were sealed up inside one together and tossed into the dumpster.

The next day they came and hauled us to the landfill and dumped us in the pit full of garbage, We were trapped and running out of air and yelling. This gave her an idea. This nights shot to hell. See you next Friday. Sharon and Veronica talked as they made their way back inside. Veronica was cleaning up and then called for her ride.

When you put it like that. Yes I am. It was a friggin night mare! And now here we are. What we have here stays on the Q. Our special bond. Sharon drove home and took a shower. All weekend she thought about what went on Friday night. She even had dreams about them. On Monday it was business as usual with Veronica.

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She ignored Sharon and her peeps, tossed her usual donation to Sam and went to classes just as if Friday night never happened again. Something happen? He wheeled them out to the dumpster and tossed Veronica in first and then he tossed Sharon into the dumpster. He closed the lid and walked away. For Sharon the hour seemed to take an eternity. And then she heard the lid of the dumpster open. Sam helped the girls out of the dumpster and they made their way back into the school.

Veronica cleaned up while Sharon just freshened up before heading back out to the parking lot. Sharon waited with Veronica until her ride showed up and then she went home. Sharon was on a trash bag high all weekend. Sharon could have sworn that Veronica was a little nicer to her at school all week.

That Friday evening during the girls basket ball game, Sharon and Veronica slipped away for a few minutes to discuss the nights event. And I have been all over this country and many foreign nations as well. It was all so exciting at first, when I was littler. Then it became so routine. Then one day I was hiding from the maid, I think I was nine. Anyway, I hid in my mothers closet and there were these vinyl dress bags and some plastic dry cleaning bags in there. I hid among those. I felt giddy and I liked how the material felt against my bare skin and they smelled good to.

Later I asked Lucy Trash bag stories put some empty ones in my closet. One night I took one out and unzipped it and climbed inside and zipped it shut. I got such a rush that I stayed in it to long and I passed out. It tore open when I fell and after that I learned how long I could Trash bag stories zipped up in one. I used them for about a year and then one day some of my cousins were visiting. We were in the kitchen having a snack and after we had eaten, one of my cousins pushed me into the trash can.

I was furious but as I sat there a new feeling came over me. It was like when I discovered the garment bags. I literally fell in love with them and the trash. I love the bags but not to keen on the garbage part yet.

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Although, the thought of being helpless inside the sealed bag is exciting. I would need someone willing to assist and share with me my fetish. Someone like you perhaps. You understand plastic bagging and besides. And I would be willing to let you do it as well. Like I said. How could I? Someone who likes to be covered in garbage and tossed into a dumpster. Today is my eighteenth birthday. They stood there staring at each other and then Veronica leaned in and gave Sharon a good long kiss on the lips.

After about a minute they separated. I felt something there. I see the basket ball game just got over.

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The locker room should be empty in about an hour. You must up or log in to submit a comment. This story is but an excerpt from an Erotic Fantasy story I had written. I could it to you if you really would like to read the story in its entirety. Omg yes plz I really love this story. is amy. Over 1 million authors trust the professionals on Reedsy, come meet them.

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Trash bag stories

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‘I was the foster kid no one wanted. The feeling of those thin garbage bags felt so heavy in my small hands. I’d close my eyes and dream of a real bedroom all my own.’: Girl lives her ‘fairy tale’ after adopted from foster care