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A few things to get out of the way; first this is a throwaway, since most people know my reddit. I work as a nanny a few days a week for a family; there is the dad, mom, and I watch their toddler. I get along well with them, and have been working for them for about a year.

This story involved the dad. He has never said anything suggestive to me, he has always been super professional and accommodating. He is just a normal, suburban dad. The toddler is about a year and a half old. Most days, its just the kid and I, but once in a while, the mom or dad will work from home in their home True big dick stories. They generally stay out of the way and do their work while I do my nanny duties.

Last week, the dad stayed home to work. He came out a few times to play with his. At one point, the three of us were playing, and the dad said he had to go back to work. In the hallway on the way to his office is a bathroom, and he stopped in there. I instantly followed a few feet behind, but right when I got to him, the kid had opened the bathroom door just learned to open doors last week. I only saw it for a brief moment before I shut the door and apologized, but it was by far the largest dick I have ever seen.

Not only in real life I have been with a few guysbut I watch a fair amount of porn, and this was so big; like comically large. I was super embarrassed, but the day went on as normal, until the next time he came in the room. He apologized very quickly, and said he should start locking the doors.

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I left for the day, and all was fine, but I cannot stop thinking about it. The biggest guy I have been with is about 6. I have never had the desire or considered myself a size queen, but now my inner thighs get hot, and I get really wet when I think about being filled and stretched with such a large cock. I have used a bigger dildo, but its never the same as with a real man.

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That might make everything awkward. This one event; it has complicated my thoughts. Source: reddit. But obviously if it does happen, be sure to tell us about it. How about, like, just, find a guy with a huge dick to fuck you? How hard could it be? Call me crazy but I find that idea to be sickeningly selfish. By all means go ahead and go on a mythical quest for the biggest dick of the land.

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I love how most of the stories are about the biggest cock ever. I recently went through finding out I have a kink for this. Explore porn, fantasize, but often it is best left a fantasy. You may be disappointed in the actuality.

My post history has a whole thing talking about being ashamed of it as a kink and wanting to do it — but the advice I got to keep it a fantasy was probably the best. That said, be careful with your list. Leave the family alone. Women can expediently get sex when they want it.

But its irresponsible to take it for granted. I think you should respect that and stay away. Nice, cute story, if true. All this post is, is an admission of a new curiosity and arousal. Take that into consideration.

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They way you talk I know you watch way too much porn. Let it go. No one likes a homewrecker. post. Next post. You can always ask your boyfriend to try a cock sleeve of some kind to add some extra oomph. Leave it alone. Cheating hurts the other partner badly when discovered. Girlllllll I recently went through finding out I have a kink for this.

Just break up with the poor guy. Just, be careful.

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If it helps, usually dicks that size have a difficult time getting fully hard. If they even can. Go get that dick, girl. post Fun on the road [MF]. Next post Leslie and Adam MF.

True big dick stories

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