Tumblr erotic audio stories

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Lit and Tumblr will be the only places I post from here on out. I recently began streaming on Twitch. Stop by and hang out sometime.

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This week OnlyFans issued some changes to their platform. If you want more details you can read about them here.

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Long story short — these changes ultimately hurt adult content creators by limiting their ability to earn on the platform. It was only last year when Tumblr suddenly changed their guidelines, which purged many of the adult content creators and destroyed their respective communities. A lot of people were left scrambling trying to find a new home. This is nothing new. Anyone who has been in the game long enough, 7 years for me now, knows the world of the adult content creator is a hostile one.

A new platform that needs content and traffic will gladly welcome us with open arms. Keep reading. My birthday is coming up.

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Due to the circumstances of this past year I have decided to not count this one and I will be taking a redo on my current age instead. Thank you. He kept her letters in a little tin box that he built in freshman year shop class. It was not particularly well-made. The folds in the tin were not neatly done. Some of the rivets were set better than others.

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The lid was slightly crooked and prevented it from closing all of the way. It was the quality you would expect from a novice that understood the principles, but lacked the experience. In the quiet of the night she grew restless. Her mind wandered. She found herself in that place between consciousness and dreams, where fantasy can be real.

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There she could feel his hands on her body. Posts Submit a post Archive. Twitch I recently began streaming on Twitch.

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OnlyFans — A Warning. And there it is. The same old story once again. It was 8 years ago today that I created Endless Ro. It has been quite a journey so far. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

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Lips challenge the patience of pleasure. Ghost Your touch is a ghost on my skin, A restless spirit that lingers, With faint memories and whispers, Haunting the halls of my desire. Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on your partner using a toy during sex?

Tumblr erotic audio stories

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Tumblr Erotic Audio Stories