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You arrived at my door expecting to get down and dirty with me on Halloween and exactly what we did. I opened the door dressed as a sexy cow girl with black underwear, stockings and suspenders. I work high heel boots, a check shirt and a cow boy hat.

We kiss and move to the living room where we kiss and you move your hands all over my body and kiss my tits thru my bra before moving down and kissing my pussy thru my panties. I start moaning as I am enjoying it and my pussy gets wet.

You get up and start underdressing me.

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I take your clothes off and kiss your chest and feel your cock, which is getting hard. You lay me on the couch so you can go down on my pussy, licking my clit with your tongue I moan with pleasure and you finger me and find am very wet. I touch you cock to make it hard and then we fuck. In and out. We sit back relax in preparation for round 2! You are on the train to work, reading your newspaper as usual. When you fold back the paper and see you little blonde slut, who you lust after and even picture her, her big ass and tiny tits getting fucked or sucked by you.

She know you watch her, so on this day she puts on a show for you which includes her adjusting her vest top so you can see her small yet perfectly formed bosom and teasing you with her fingers and lips. She wearing bright red lipstick and she bites her lips and circles her tongue around her lips getting them wet trying to catch even more of your attention. When she see you looking at her puts her thumb in her mouth and start sucking on it - imitating she giving you a blow job on your cock.

You totally wish she was licking your balls and sucking your cock until you cum. Eventually it comes to her stop and she summons you out of your seat and takes you by the hand and le you down an alleyway. Where you kiss and eventually you get to touch her tits - you and mouth is in heaven. They taste so good and they harden so nicely after you have rubbed them and sucked them. Your little train slut lets out a moan - she enjoying it and now she starts touching your cock as its rock hard and hmm you love it but what you really want to do with her is rim her arse and fuck her from behind as you love that big ass of hers.

You turn her around and and go down on her ass. Licking the outside with your tongue. She makes noises to show she likes it. You take you cock in your hand and play with it to ensure its hard and the you plunge you cock deep into her very wet pussy and fuck her like she never been fucked from behind before. Each time you thrust, your naughty little train slut lets out a moan and finally she comes and then you come and look at her ass and she has your cum running down her.

You both wipe yourself clean and head off to work with smiles on your face. You come in from work and am in the kitchen away to make tea. You kiss my neck and tell me how much you want to fuck me over the kitchen sink. You lift my dress up and push my knickers out the way and start fingering Tumblr naughty stories.

Your hands are cold and it just causes my to yelp a bit. I start moaning that I like it and once I am wet enough you put your cock deep into my pussy from behind. You thrust deeply hard as I bang against the kitchen sink. You cum before me and remove your cum soak cock from my wet pussy.

Am so horny all I want is you and i want you to do dirty sex to me. I want to be fucked wildly and passionately by you and your massive cock. We start kissing each other and ripping each other clothes off. You are so fucking hot that just looking at you makes my pussy wet.

My dirty mind is working over time. I want to be fucked hard from behind and talk dirty to you. Hmm it sounds good. You fling me on the bed and open my legs wide I tell you to lick my pussy and clit until I cum. Ooh your good. You plant kisses on my clit and using your tongue you lick and suck it. Oh god oh oh am screaming each time you tongue touches me. I wrap my legs around your gorgeous body. I keep moaning telling you eat my pussy and to feel by big tits. Ohh you run your hands over them Tumblr naughty stories squeeze my nipples and I like it.

I spread your legs and lift your cock to my mouth and start to lick up and down your shaft with my tongue and then I use my tongue to lick, suck and tease the head of your cock and the I take you whole cock in my mouth and suck your balls too. You cum and I let it Tumblr naughty stories down my mouth and stick it on my massive tits which you love watching it flow down onto my stomach. Am massively turned on and tell you to fuck me good and proper as am a horny dirty bitch who needs a good seeing to.

When your hard again you open my legs and pummel you hard cock deep into my wet pussy. Thrusting in and out. I say I want you deep in me and faster and harder you fuck me so good that when am near the edge you flip me over and take me from behind. I love it hot steamy sex where you have your wicked way with me. You are rough when taking me from behind you talk dirty to me asking how I like and what I want you to do to me.

You play with my tits and finally I come. The bed is soaking with both our cum. I roll over and you start kissing me and sucking my tits whilst I continue rubbing my wet click. Tumblr naughty stories was a lovely summers day and we arrange to me up for lunch as I am working in town.

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We sit there chatting away and the next minute we are holding hands and your hands start wondering around my face and you touch my lips with your fingertips. It feel wrong but i am lost in the moment and then you kiss me, slowly at first but it feels so good. That my pussy is twitching and I can feel it getting wet. It makes me think of how much I want to do things to you.

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Theses include giving you a hand job on the bench we are sitting at whilst others walk past and then you fingering me knowing that I like moaning but hate doing it in public and you want to see me go for it but I decide that we should run and find an alley where no one can see us. The thought of getting caught in Any situation is turning me on. Hmm a very wet pussy can be found underneath my Lacey black knickers. The thought of this scenario is making me reach inside my knickers and play with my very damp and wet pussy. I can tell you wanna eat me out as you read this. We run from the park to an alley between a few shops.

We only have 30 minutes to make each other cum or for me to pleasure your cock.

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I push up up against the wall and start unbuckling you belt and unzip your work trousers. You look so fucking hot in your work clothes it just make me wanna take them off and do bad things to you. I go down on you and I take you cock out and start stroking it using my hands, building it up til your hard and then I take your whole cock in my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, hold it there for a moment, letting my tongue and gums and cheeks absorb every flavour, every bit of skin.

When you start groaning, I begin to suck and thrust, swallowing you whole and releasing, only to swallow you again. I eventually move out the way and watch you shoot your load - what a beautiful sight it is. I undid my bra and exposed my large set of tits, they were heavy, but in need of a good suck. I started to rub my nipples with my fingers and brought them up to my Tumblr naughty stories and sucked them.

They tasted good. Whilst doing that I started to finger myself. I put my finger on my clit and start rubbing it in small circular motions and then I start rubbing it harder and faster and then I start moving about and moaning and cumming and the more I do that they more I finger myself. Unbeknown to me you have been watching me all the time and got turned on and are now hard that you remove my knickers and spread my legs open and mont me.

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We fuck and once we get a rhythm and finally we come. We then fall a sleep. I was at a festival and I had noticed this guy, who asked if I had water. I gave him a drink and he said he wanted to repay me for it. I told him what he could do to repay me. I was leaning against a tree and we were kissing and he put his hand on my pussy and started fingering me it was good and he was good at making me wet.

Being fingered and wet i started moaning. I loved how he touched my clit. I put my hands around his cock and was tugging it to make him hard. He was enjoying it. He then got down on his knees and started eating my pussy. It felt good, the next minute he hit a sweet spot and I was moaning very loudly and in my own wee world as I came. He turned me around, my face against the tree where he spread my legs apart as wide as my wellies etc could and he took me from behind - he was rough and I began to enjoy being taken that way.

I started scream yes and harder. Fuck me boy, fuck me good and make me cum. As I said this he thrusted his cock in my pussy and after a few times it was all to much for me that I came and he came to before we left each other and headed back to our friends. I was turned on. I started to feel Tumblr naughty stories cock and making you hard. Then you started to remove my trousers and panties and fingered my pussy to see how wet I was. You all notice that my tight pussy has had a few visitors to it.

You then went down on my licking and sucking my clit and I was writhing about as it felt so good that I wanted to come. I then get on my hand and knees and open you legs so I have access to your cock and balls. I start sucking on your cock and you are enjoying it as you are relaxed and you start coming and all that dribbles down my mouth and onto my tits.

I wipe myself, before taking you through to the room and I go on top of you. We start of slow and then we get faster and I drop my tits over you mouth so you can suck them whist we are fucking. Hmm with every movement I want it harder and faster as scream at the top of lungs that am coming. But your not finished with me and flip me over and put your clock into me from behind and you start fucking my really fast and thrusting deeply in to my dripping wet pussy.

It feels amazing and I discover I like doing it doggy style and eventually you come and my pussy is dripping wet. To show you how good it was I finger myself and take you cum on my finger and lick it off. We fall into a collapse heap together…waiting til we have the breath to do it all again.

Just before our stop on the train I put my foot up and rub your crotch and you start to get a bit excited. You then do the same to mine and find out, much to your delight I have crotchless panties on. But you know I like kinky sex. We get to the hotel and once in our room, I walk over to you slowly, Tumblr naughty stories sitting in couch, taking off Tumblr naughty stories coat, then dress and finally I straddle you and kiss you in my black underwear including stockings and suspenders.

You whisper in my ear, am going slap your arse, for being a too hot, too sexy and too fuckable and you deserve to be punished. You skelp my arse a few times and each time it is harder than theI let out a noise and telling you, seductively I have been a very bad girl and I deserve to spanked.

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You whisk me over to the bed and lay me down and start taking off my underwear and planting kisses all over my body, teasing me, making me ask for more - I want you to go down on me I want to suck my clit and make my fanny wet, I want to finger me and lick me out. You take off my knickers slowly and the dive with you tongue to see how wet my pussy is. Hmmm, your excited as I am.

Tumblr naughty stories

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Tumblr Naughty Stories