Turned into a cow story

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This story is one of the most special stories of my life. It started several years ago, when I began wanting to switch from milking a Dexter cow to a Jersey cow. My family was growing larger, and my interest in making cheeses and butters had only grown, so I simply wanted more milk.

This was one of the first things that came to mind when I decided I wanted a new breed of dairy cow. So I prayed. So there were many, many times I would find myself shopping around online, looking to see what was available. You pair that with the fact that I had a handful of personal criteria I was looking for, and you can understand why it was few and far between that I would find a cow that got my attention!

I mean, I would really give it everything I had, because I just wanted it so bad I could taste it! But the feeling was always the same. I would go back to the computer, and look at the pictures again, and read everything all over again, and wish and wonder.

Of course the doubt would come in. My intentions are sincere. I remember after about a year, I found a cow that seemed perfect. I talked to the owner, and we shared an immediate connection that made us both feel excitement over the possible purchase of this cow. This time, after talking to her and discussing payment options, I prayed a quick prayer, gave it about 3 seconds worth of wait time for an answer, and rushed out to put a check in the mailbox, messaging her that I was sending her the money. Turned into a cow story excitement consumed me from the time we began talking until after I got back from the mailbox.

You wanna talk about a hard walk to make! Back to the mailbox to take the check out. Oh, and the phone call to explain. And everything she was saying, I had already processed in my own mind, but there was no denying that I knew what God was telling me. That was a changing point for me; I decided I was done looking for cows.

I felt it in my heart, too, after that. See, it was around this time that the Lord laid it on my heart that He was going to provide me with my cow.

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And I had finally given in to that. He stopped creating animals on day 6. Please, just get you a cow. So more time passed, and my heart became content to wait. And in that time, I also became confident in what I knew the Lord had let me know: He was going to give me a cow. One night, Steven and I were in the living room talking, and somehow the topic of a milk cow came up. He wanted me to have one because he knew how much I wanted to have one. The next day, I got a knock on my door.

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I had met them once before about a year prior, but in that moment, I had totally forgot about that. As far as I knew at the time, this was our first meeting. They asked if I had a second to talk. We are going on a 3 week vacation, and we have a handful of Jersey cows that we milk every day. We talked for maybe another 5 minutes about the details of getting the cow over here, and then they left.

I have tears in my eyes even now, just remembering. He was amazed.

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Two days later Carmel, was in my field and I kept her that whole month. I milked her twice a day, and loved every minute of it. I mean, that would be totally normal. The day after they returned home from their vacation, they called to see if they could come by that afternoon.

They brought their 5 children with them. Our families were getting to meet for the first time. Their youngest played with my children as Steven and I got to hear all about their vacation. It was as though we were all well-acquainted friends. We all talked for probably 45 minutes. Every single day of our vacation, we would pray as a family, and we prayed for your family.

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Throughout the vacation, and during our prayer times, God made it extremely clear to us over and over again that we are to give Carmel to you. I immediately started crying. They had no idea why. Steven then began to tell them about the year and a half long prayer that I had made before the Lord, and everything that journey had entailed. Before long, we were all crying. But guess what. I thought it was at the time. And so did everyone else. But there Turned into a cow story so much more…. After they got home from their vacation, the Maxwells became very dear friends of ours. And Carmel became a very special milk cow to me.

I milked her daily, and so many times, I would just be in awe that I was looking at, petting, and loving a gift promised to me from the Lord. It never ceased to amaze me, and leave me grateful. And then, a little more than a year later, Carmel died. It was random and unexpected and crushing. I was devastated. I even began thinking I must have done something to upset the Lord. Out of all the cows that I had, why her??! And then, as clear as anything the Lord had ever laid on my heart, I gained understanding, and it gave me such joy and gratitude towards the Lord.

None of that was what He had in mind; it was about so much more than that! I just wish we had someone that we could go to for advice when we need it; people to look to as an example, who have the same values and lifestyle as us. That would be so great. Their 5 kids are all around 10 years older than ours, and they are a homeschooling, Jesus-loving, church-going family that value all the same things we do.

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They are incredibly close-knit, they work hard, and they are what we would be proud to be in 10 years! Not only that, but one night while we were hanging out, they told us that a prayer of theirs had been that the Lord would give them some close family friends as well, and they had found it in us!

The cow was just the means for us to meet. He had answered an even deeper need of mine, and everyone else too!! So today, I find myself with an incredible group of people that have become some of my dearest friends. I have wonderful examples for all of my children, and I have people to look to when I am faced with decisions in the future.

Oh, and on top of all that, I have a beautiful Jersey cow that provides more than enough milk for me and my family. The Lord is truly amazing and I love him so much! I encourage you to be confident that if the Lord gives you direction, listening will leave you fuller, happier, and all the more grateful! Pray about everything! Wait for your answers!

You might not get an explanation for your answer at the same time, but have faith always!

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of a good cow, great friends, and unwavering faith. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Cow Story. My cow??! But there was so much more… After they got home from their vacation, the Maxwells became very dear friends of ours. Homemade Chocolate Gravy From Scratch.

Turned into a cow story

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