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Online sincehere for your office equipment needs! The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge Every February, you're invited to chronicle the music that has influenced your life! Change my Ways Things are not always the way they seem. Rollin' With It Sometimes reprieve is found in arcades. Trample and Facesiting Stories. Collection of any trample experience, human couch or fictional stories I found on the net. Intro Rated: E. Paging: Item.

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Location: My Portfolio. Genres: Other. Chapter 4 Unknown trample at a Barn. So I wanted to somehow get stepped on and I love unknowing trample. I talked to him about it and he said he was cool with whatever I came up with. I asked him if he was worried about getting caught and Unknown trample stories said well dont get caught and I dont have anything to worry about,so we picked the darkest part of his barn my idea was to be a dead body in the path of the girls,the way it was set up is the path was wood for the most part but if you removed a section of it there was just dirt,so I worked to make it where parts of me were like a little bit buried so I would be even with the dirt.

I wore a mask mostly to not be found out and to protect my eyes just in case. I mostly wanted my hand and my cock to get crushed as much as possible everything else was an added bonus,I wore a plastic piece on my chest under a few sweaters so no heartbeat or breathing would be very noticable. I didnt put anything over my cock just my sweats I wanted tofeel as much as I could there,I did put two pieces of this foam spongy material on both sides of it one to keep it laying facing strait up and two so if ssomeone was feeling around it wouldnt be obvious,cause I anticipated being hard pretty much the whole time.

I put my arms up above my head so they could get stepped on as well also I didnt want to put them at my sides I didnt want them to choose my hands or my mid section. Thern I lied their trying to rest. What I didnt know was my friend though it would be funny to open the haunted house to the public and let everybody Unknown trample stories. Where will this interactive story go? You now have these choices:. All rights reserved. TrampleFantasy has granted Writing. Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work within this interactive story.

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Only Non-fiction foot/trample/OBJECT crush experiences. I’ll post plenty but feel free to participate.