Vch piercing stories

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I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain. I have over twenty tattoos, some of them large ones in sensitive areas.

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I have five ear piercings, one nose piercing, and even got my tongue done twice yes, make fun of me, but they were in fashion then. However, the though of getting a vulva or clit piercing never appealed to me, even though they are supposed to heighten your sensitive down there. So, are intimate piercings painful? Do they give you extra pleasure? I have to Vch piercing stories careful with vibrators. I love it though.

I think it really shines with oral. It still helps with PIV, just oral is amazing with it in. My parents had it done when I was an infant. Helix and VCH are really quick. Everything is marked and lined up, and BAM needle is through, jewelry is in super fast. It felt like a shot. I would say that if you have issues with how shots feel, nipple piercings are probably not for you.

Planning on getting it done again as soon as I find the money. Literally no after care. Never cleaned it other than in the shower. I have a feeling that kind of thing happens more for women with small clit hoods, and more accessible clits. The cartilage was awful. And it hurt for weeks and weeks.

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I think I kept rolling over on it in my sleep making it worse. The clamp was a 5, hurt but could tolerate it, when the needle went through it was an 8 for literally a flash of a second I made the mistake of being mid-conversation Vch piercing stories it was done, the whole shop heard me and provided quite the chuckle for my two friends who were with me and once the ring was in I was good to go. Walked out five minutes later without any real discomfort! Then we were dating and he did my VCH, also with the receiving tube no clamps, he was the best in the State probably.

I would suggest holding them back with your hands and breathing steady. The actually piercing was great. Healing was minimal, probably the easiest after care out of all my piercings. I left it alone for a few weeks. I never came from walking. Toys need to be rubber or silicone.

I had a cheap plastic vibe and it would rattle so loud against the jewelry lol. I never regretted it. I took it out after less than a year because I get bored of my piercings easily. I remember it was slightly easier to orgasm with hand touching but nothing else made a difference. It was a super easy piercing and I had sex a week after.

I wish it made a difference in sex and walking but no luck. Vch piercing stories I sit and fidget the right way I can feel it very nicely. I had pretty bad experiences with my tongue and lip piercing where my body just was not happy with it being there even with going to the best shop in the area abs proper care so I was really happy when my vch piercing went so well. My friend I went with who got hers done before me cried and screamed, however. Thankfully it heals so fast! Even for someone like myself! I believe I did wait the 4 weeks for sex but after about the second week it feels almost like it is totally healed.

I experienced heightened sensitivity for about months after which was great and then once I was used to it the sensitivity went back to normal and three years later is still the same. I completely recommend this piercing to anyone who is comfortable with it Jensters I had the hood of my clit VCH pierced the morning before I had to defend my thesis.

I had insomnia all week prior and I really needed some good adrenaline to get me pumped. I ended up giving an awesome defense btw.

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The crappy part for me was the after care. I was very meticulous to clean it and soak in saline it according to all the best ways I could Vch piercing stories online. The biggest thing I did not like is that it really prevented me from enjoying vibrators, and one of the big reasons I got it was because of reports that increases sensitivity. Not to severe but unfortunate. Former body piercer here. Most reputable piercers will not perform clitoral piercings, the piercing most people are referring to is the vertical clitoral hood.

In my opinion from both personal experience and performing them on others, the nipples are far more painful. As with any body modification procedure though, the anticipation is always the scariest part. And there you have it. Do you have a genital piercing story to share? Would you ever get one after reading these stories? Scroll down to comments and let me know! stories here and here. About Us Latest. Contents Is the pain worth the pleasure? From a Professional. Credit: Shutterstock.

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Vch piercing stories

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