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Switch to Print View - 9 posts. Getting Physical feat. Victoria Justice by Jude Codes: MF Disclaimer - This story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to real people, places or events is intended as parody— nothing more.

The Works and Bricks are a bunch or pricks, They stoke the fire with wood and sticks. Burn the fire I find myself stuck in the severely back-logged file room of a Doctor Surgery in Hollywood California on an otherwise sunny Thursday afternoon for two distinct reasons. The second, more embarrassing reason was that I had moved to California from the Great White North two years ago- right after my twenty-second birthday- to take advantage of the streets-paved with Hollywood super-hotties all walking around with Daddy issues and fake tits. The office was empty; not even one of the smiling, narrow eyed and gossiping Receptionists or the haggard looking Nurse Practitioners to help me if I had a question.

I grabbed up a stack of referrals and tiptoed my way along the gaps in the papered floor to the door when a sound reached me. It had to be the receptionist, she was the only one with keys. I grit my teeth, reed to being the guy that brought a stack of papers to a dirty needle-fight and emerged from the back filing room, walking the length of the main hallway into the waiting room floor and stopped.

There was a girl sitting front row centre in the waiting room chairs, and she was distractingly gorgeous; high pronounced cheek bones, faint smiling dimples, mousy dark brown hair and a tanned but still slightly pink flushed complexion.

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Her gorgeous face was angled down, staring intently at the screen of her iPhone, little white buds in her ears as she scrolled through the menu. She looked familiar too, where had I seen this girl before, was she here on my first day in the office maybe. I took the extra few seconds to look her up and down, she was slender, edging on skinny, with endlessly long, toned and smooth legs that finally ended in a pair of white slip-on sneakers without socks. Wearing boner inducing denim short shorts, form-fitting to the nth degree with contrast colour cuffs that were hugging around the tops of her thighs.

A pale red tank top stretched taut over a smooth stomach and small but perky breasts. Wrapping Victoria justice sex story the ensemble was a white button-down shirt, three sizes too big on her and hanging open, the sleeves rolled up over and over until they bagged just above the crook of her skinny elbows. Tori, Victoria Shit I was starting to get a woody just staring at the girl. I shifted my stance, tilting a little further back in the hips and trying to look casual.

The appointment was for today, I double checked. I was unshaven today and probably could have passed for Twenty-six. But a Physical Plus the thought of getting to put my hands all over this sexy little thing was a little too good to pass up. This should be fine. I smiled from the outside the doorway until she was inside then sprinted silently down the hallway, skidding around the corner and behind the reception desk. Knowing the filing system for this office inside and out came in handy as I dove for the desk drawer I needed- immediately finding what I was looking for.

Slipping inside I started pulling drawers open left and right until I found what I was looking for. A pair of green scrubs, they belonged to one of the Nurses who worked here; female nurse, female As I hurriedly kicked my shoes Victoria justice sex story and started yanking down my pants Victoria called from across the hall.

Should I take my shirt off? After a few seconds I decided to go with the safer option. I smiled, opening the file on the desk and bending double, reading while I pulled the elastic waisted scrubs on. Victoria Dawn Justice; born Nineteen February Her file said that she had been here once before, for a Physical in January this year. Then why was she back so soon? ACI stood for Actors Contract Insurance, something all of them had to get before getting work in film or television. It was apparently a big underground currency in Hollywood, something bad on your ACI can stop you getting any kind of respectable work.

So why were they? I read the referral through and had to swallow a sinister chuckle. Like I said, something bad on your ACI can stop you getting any kind of respectable work.

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Easy, but not cheap. Too skinny? I looked across to the examination table where Victoria Justice was sitting and immediately my confident stride faltered. Her white over-shirt was removed, now it was just the red tank-top hugging very snug to her long, perky body. Her enticingly long legs were crossed; right over Victoria justice sex story, her right shoe hanging half off, the end still hooked onto her toes as she tapped her foot in time to an imaginary beat.

There were about twenty more questions down the list but I was swiftly getting bored, wanting to spice things up a bit I decided to go off book. Sexually active? She hesitated, lips parted, pink flush in her cheeks and as I watched she articulated her shoulders with a sense of discomfort. She responds matter-of-factly as I jot them down and turn the - looking for some clue as to where to go from here Doggy style.

The next section on the sheet says Height and Weight. I spot the scale and wall measurement in the corner and direct her to take her position- taking the opportunity myself while her back is turned to reach down inside the scrubs and jerk my raging boner into the downward position. I dither for a moment, wondering what the hell to do next when an idea strikes me. After all, when the hell am I ever gonna get this chance again.

Could you stand up, reach down and touch your toes. She stands and without even blinking bends right over at the hips, not just touching her toes but laying her palms flat on top of them. I get excited, not least of all because the position is displaying her tight little denim clad butt at a perfect angle.

So I suggest some more positions; bend back as far as you can, hold your leg up to your shoulder, do the splits, touch your chin with your knee. She does them all without the slightest bit of effort. I can barely take it, thankfully she brings me back to earth by standing up straight and grunting a little in pain. Victoria lays flat on the table with her head turned, one cheek pressed against the pale blue vinyl. I step up, moving around so she's facing away from the raging boner beneath my scrubs.

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I reach out, not sure if I could really do it, since- up to this point I hadn't actually touched her yet. Stop being a Pussymy subconscious barks at me and I lower my hands. Her shoulders flinch at the coldness of my palms; Victoria justice sex story remedy that by rubbing them quickly together and trying again.

For a few minutes I work her over, giving the slender Nineteen-year-old a good rub-down, getting higher and higher and finding knot after knot of tension. She sighs a little, and I leaned over to see that her eyes are closed, a dreamy look on her face.

Feeling bold, I go further, focusing my hands on her lower shoulder blades I intentionally clipped my fingers against her bra- then I did it again- and again. Instead I started rubbing her down again, working briefly over the faint bikini tan line that had been hidden by the bra-strap before getting bold again.

If she let me unhook her bra what else might she let me get away with. I move down, rubbing my thumbs into the wide, shallow dimples in the small of her back, rubbing out to do the sides of her hips then down. My hands stop for a brief second at the waist of her denim shorts, no belt. Her back flexes and she starts to push herself up- I react quickly, rubbing my hands up her back, smoothing her spine out and surreptitiously encouraging her to lay flat again.

Once my hands rub back down I decide to try a new tact. Letting go of her back altogether I instead lay my hands on the back of her left knee, rubbing up the back and sides of her thigh in slow, circling motions until I get to the bottom edge of the shorts. I let go and reach across, repeating on the other thigh, I then take one thigh in each hand and start rubbing deep into her muscle, up and down, climbing higher and higher each time.

Victoria sighs, a different sigh, not relaxed at all, but pent up- at the same time as her pert little butt flexes, rising off the table for a moment before settling down again. I almost cackle with glee, keeping my hands on her thighs as they dip inward, my thumbs rubbing over the more sensitive flesh of her inner thighs right below her sex. I repeat the move again and again, eventually sliding most of my fingers in between her legs and rubbing exclusively her inner thighs back and forth, increasing pressure the closer I get to their denim covered apex.

I pat the sides of her hips to indicate what I want then a moment later I start to tug down on the legs of her shorts. Bright red, clearly not deed to be paired with her boring bra- super small with lace edges, curving up in the back to exposing the lower half of her perfect nineteen-year-old ass. Fantastic, God I can hardly believe my luck. Without wasting a second in case she comes to her senses- I take one little butt cheek in each hand and begin to rub them over, tensing and pressing against the firm, soft skin, exploring all over her tight teen ass. This lasts for a few more glorious minutes before I start to curve my fingers inward again, rubbing hesitantly at first over her tight little asshole covered beneath the red satin, then upon seeing her not react I do it again, and again.

With nothing else to lose I decide to go for broke. Running my left hand down from the small of her back to her panties I hook my fingers under the narrow strip of cloth and pull it to the side. Her sex is amazing, small and tight and very pink, the outer lips sitting slightly open as her arousal leaks out onto the vinyl table.

Holding my index and middle finger straight I line them up and quickly rub them against her bare, unguarded snatch and- with a steadying breath- I start to push my fingers inside her. The smooth, flesh walls of her sex are clenching hard like a sucking mouth to my fingers greedily eating them up inside her gorgeous sex. I get all the way to the last knuckle and the rest of my fist touches her outer lips when suddenly Victoria tenses in a different way.

Her eyes snap open and she tries quite suddenly to press up on her elbows, turning to look with shocked accusation at me. Victoria squeals in surprise and panic- losing her balance on her elbows and falling on her face on the bench.

I take the opportunity to start thrusting, finger-fucking hard and fast Victoria justice sex story her sexy sex as best I can, separating my fingers and rubbing hard against her inside walls, getting rough with her. Yanking my hand away from her butt I instead press up under her belly button, lifting her lower half off the bench- again unbalancing her and keeping her from getting up- the fingers of my free hand find her clit and attack it savagelyrubbing and rolling the little fleshy ball of nerves.

Victoria is still swearing and yelling at me to let her go but the words are being broken up more and more by a litany of moans, groans and gasps. She flops down onto the bench again, breathless and seemingly exhausted, her molten hot pussy clenches and unclenches around me, eventually loosening to the point I slip out of her with a wet slurp.

Victoria is panting, tired but dreamy-eyed with her cheek lying half off the side of the bench. She blinks, trying to contemplate as Victoria justice sex story pull the waist of my scrubs and boxer-briefs down, finally freeing my raging eight-inch hard-on right in front of her face. She resists for half a second before complying to part her lips around my member, sliding it slowly and casually inside her hot little mouth. Victoria swallows around my cock, lips pursed tight around the halfway mark before working her jaw wider and sliding me deeper inside her.

I moan with pleasure as I start to fuck her pretty teenage mouth, sliding slowly deeper and deeper, loving the hot wet clasping against my cock flesh as she takes almost all of me- the tip dipping down into her throat. I started pumping faster into her, jerking her neck back with each stroke and having to pull her head forward to keep throat fucking the girl until finally I feel her hands closing over mine, releasing my grip- I pull back and eventually pop out of her mouth. She looks at me, both of us silent and still for a moment, the only sound in the room is the faint humming of the fluorescent lights.

She smiles again, then takes my breath away by grasping around the base of my cock and feeding it back into her mouth. She sucks sudden and hard like a dyson, pulling my whole length inside and down to her throat, then she lets me back, her cheeks pulling in as she sucks- dragging her lips back up to the tip of my cock. Her tongue lashes the head for a moment before her cheeks puff out- her neck cranes, sliding all the way down to the base only to repeat the whole thing all over again.

The bra stays on for Victoria justice sex story moment, the cups hanging off of her upturned nipples before she pulled her arms free of the loops and lets it fall away.

Victoria justice sex story

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