Warm fuzzy story short version

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You might have felt it marching in a social-movement demonstration, or participating in a support or recovery group. Now think back. At any of those times, was there a wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart? Did you cry tears of joy? Were you choked up with happiness? Did you get goosebumps or chills of delight? Feel so buoyant you were almost floating?

Next, you probably wanted to hug everyone, or call your grandparents to tell them how much you love them. Although there is no exact word in any everyday Warm fuzzy story short version for this emotion, English speakers seeking to name the feeling might call it, depending on the context: being moved, touched, team pride, patriotism, being touched by the Spirit, burning in the bosom, the feels, or, when evoked by a memory, nostalgia. However, none of these terms captures precisely what the emotion is — and using any one of them conceals the fact that though it has many names, it is one emotion.

Kama muta is recognisable by six co-occurring features:. In several experiments with more than 10, participants in 19 nations in 15 languages, involving observation, interviews, diary studies, comparative ethnology and history, we have shown that these six features frequently co-occur, in the specific contexts mentioned above, and many others where love ignites.

We have explored hundreds of historical sources and hundreds of ethnographies from diverse cultures all over the world. So, for example, when we show participants short videos that involve love springing up between fictional characters, the participants tend to get warm feelings in the heart, often along with tears or goosebumps, just as we find in participant observation in Sufi and Pentecostal services when the worshipper suddenly feels divine love. K ama muta is closely related to, but not the same as, love.

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Love is an enduring sentiment, whereas kama muta is the momentary emotion that occurs when love ignites. That is, you feel kama muta when new love emerges such as a first kiss, or someone shows you kindnessor existing love suddenly becomes salient, or a sense of belonging, connection, and identity emerges, for example at a march or demonstration. The suddenly created or intensified love can be romantic, platonic, or religious. It can be with one person, with a family or team, or with the entire Earth. It can be the gratitude for an unexpected kindness, or the sense of connection and belonging at a warm welcome.

That feeling is all around us.

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Social media posts that evoke strong kama muta often go viral — for example, cute kittens, puppies and special animal friendships. The popularity of some literature especially sentimental novels and movies especially romantic comedies is, we suspect, often largely due to the kama muta they evoke. Many kinds of music evoke it in multiple ways, as do certain experiences of oneness with nature.

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It appears to be a universal emotion, present in diverse cultures throughout history. Many social practices have culturally evolved via their capacity to evoke this appealing emotion. The more a form of worship, a type of music or a narrative evokes kama muta, the more people seek it out, tell others about it and reproduce it.

When a Pixar movie, a wedding practice or poetry or photographs evoke kama muta, they spread across the globe. Preachers, orators, marketing creatives and political consultants who can create pitches that effectively evoke kama muta are more successful than those who cannot. Religious practices that engender kama muta presumably attract more worshippers and motivate those who have experienced kama muta to proselytise and to found new congregations. Kama muta moves the world. When people are isolated and vulnerable, excluded and distressed, kama muta can reconnect them. Patients who feel kama muta with their psychotherapists seem to become more trusting and more committed to healing.

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Women in residential treatment for eating disorders who bond through kama muta apparently become more motivated to recover. Addicts who experience kama muta in support meetings might be more committed to stay sober. Immigrants who have kama muta experiences with people in their host country are likely to feel a stronger sense of belonging and identification with their hosts. And people who have kama muta experiences with immigrants or LGBTQ persons become more likely to embrace them. Even a small unexpected kindness kindles kama muta: a thoughtful gift, a hug, an invitation to a meal, an appearance at your bedside in the hospital.

The lonely are more likely to fall ill and more likely to die; in contrast, kama muta connects, probably enhancing wellbeing and health.

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We are planning many more studies in diverse contexts, from psychotherapy to charity giving to religious devotion. us on our journey of discovery by following our latest research into kama muta on our lab website. Computing and artificial intelligence.

Algorithms associating appearance and criminality have a dark past. Catherine Stinson. Gentle medicine could radically transform medical practice. Jacob Stegenga.

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Childhood and adolescence. Forbeing carefree is intrinsic to a well-lived life. Luara Ferracioli. Meaning and the good life. Sooner or later we all face death. Will a sense of meaning help us? Warren Ward. Philosophy of mind. Kristopher Nielsen. Kama muta: a new term for that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get. Aww… kama muta. Anthropology Mood and emotion Love and friendship.

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Warm fuzzy story short version

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