Wedding cuckold stories

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On board were close family and friends that had flown out with them to the Dominican Republic ten days earlier for their wedding. They both waved at their two boys and then Jayne turned to their parents. Her mum was still laughing from her parting remark. Her mum laughed. He seemed a lot happier now that she had tied the knot. She could still remember the look on his face when, at nineteen, she had told him that she was leaving home to move in with Steve. She saw the sadness in his eyes as the knowledge sunk in that his little princess, as he called her, was leaving home.

He had always been protective of her as far as boyfriends were concerned. Her grandfather, God rest his soul, was more forthright in his opinion. Ten years on, with the relationship producing two boys of eight and six, they had finally tied that knot. A tear filled her eyes as she watched the coach slowly pull away to take them to the airport for their flight back home. After marrying two days earlier on the beach at Punta Cana two weeks of honeymoon now awaited them. What made it even more special was that this was the first time in eight years that they had holidayed on their own.

Her mum was supposed to be taking it back with her. She turned and looked back and saw the coach in the distance. He smiled at her and reached behind and patted her bottom. Sex suddenly seemed so much better now that they were married and yes, Wedding cuckold stories had not only planned on adding to their family but they had also begun in earnest.

They made their way to one of the lounge bars and found themselves with a crowd of people. They had just got served when suddenly a bride and groom came into the room. The other people began to crowd around them and they quickly realised that they were in the midst of a wedding party. They stood up to go when suddenly a woman came into the room. They quickly recognised her as the Registrar that had married them.

They sat back down again but a couple turned to them. Jayne looked at Steve. He shrugged his shoulders and stood up. Moments later they found themselves following the couple out of the room. Steve shrugged his shoulders again and smiled at her as they followed them up to the next floor and into a small conference room. The room had about five rows of chairs ten deep and at one end of the room was Wedding cuckold stories long table with documents on it. The Registrar moved around to the back of the table. As Steve and Jayne were the last ones in the room they ed the couple that had brought them in and sat down in the back row.

Jayne looked around with disappointment. Though they had married on the beach their area had stands decked with flowers. There Wedding cuckold stories a round of applause as the couple stood up. Jayne and Steve looked at each other. Jayne guessed them to be in their late thirties or early forties. Though both were the same height the woman was much slimmer. The Registrar then turned to Tom. Turning back to Sandra she said. Turning back to Tom she asked. The Registrar then looked back at Sandra. She turned around and looked in the direction of two tall black males seated behind her.

The Registrar looked at them and motioned them forward. Tom moved to the side to allow the two males to stand either side of her. In doing so you are, before these witnesses, removing all vows of fidelity, faithfulness and forsaking all others that Sandra agreed to on your wedding day. Do you understand? The Registrar then turned back to the bride and the two men standing either side of her. Jayne noticed the flushing of the cheeks on Sandra before turning to Steve.

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She just smiled. She had heard of cuckold relationships but she had never heard of a cuckold wedding before. It was the woman who had spoke to them earlier. They are even catching on in England too, so I hear. It keeps me on mine anyway. The appearance of the Registrar at their side suddenly interrupted their conversation and the couple left. They both acknowledged her and then got into a short conversation with her about cuckold marriage ceremonies.

Steve noticed that a side door had been opened up leading into a small bar. They found a quiet table to themselves and sat talking quietly and drinking. Jayne shook her head. They both looked up as they noticed the return of the Registrar with a tall, broad shouldered black male. They were looking in their direction and suddenly the man started to walk towards them. The Registrar turned and walked away. She stood up and he gave her a kiss on the cheek before offering his hand to Steve. They shook hands and sat down as he introduced himself as Marvyn.

They both nodded. Jayne smiled and told him that she never even knew they existed until now. Marvyn laughed. They kind of formalise things and bring a new dimension to the relationship. He laughed again. Steve sat nervously as he watched Marvyn smiling at his wife. Steve quickly shook his head as Jayne spoke. Anyway, we are happy as we are. Jayne laughed. Marvyn shrugged his shoulders. Steve smiled as Marvyn laughed as well.

Steve left them to talk. From time to time he glanced over at them as he waited to get served. Jayne laughed at times and Marvyn Wedding cuckold stories leaning forward Wedding cuckold stories get her full attention. He was obviously interested in her and her response told him that feelings were mutual. At one point he looked away and caught the attention of the husband of the wife was upstairs somewhere with two other men. The man smiled at him. He seemed quite happy. He could visualise her on a bed somewhere with the two men either side of her. They would have probably stripped her out of her wedding clothes and got her down onto the bed.

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He knew the reputation of black males with white females; they always seemed to find that extra strength to fuck them longer and harder and they always seemed to have larger and thicker cocks than men of other races. He turned again to Jayne and Marvyn. They were laughing again. He suddenly found himself thinking about the two of them together. She had Wedding cuckold stories been critical of people who had affairs. But she was making him wonder now if she still held those views.

After finally getting served he ed them back at the table and Jayne left to go the ladies cloakroom. Steve laughed nervously wondering if she had said something to Marvyn. I doubt if she would ever consider it. Marvyn leaned forward. Marvyn smiled. Steve never got the chance to discuss it with her when she returned. Marvyn remained with them and talked about himself. Wedding cuckold stories had started out as a kid from the Bronx and ed a football team. With the money had made from the sport he went into business selling sports equipment and clothing and had done quite well for himself.

He had been briefly married for a couple of years and had a daughter. Jayne asked him if he had a girlfriend. He could see that she was sexually attracted to Marvyn; there was chemistry there. He felt a twinge of jealousy and yet he also felt a sexual excitement rising within. The bride and the two males had returned and people started rushing out to take their seats. Jayne and Steve stood up and moved to the door as well but Marvyn remained seated. The Registrar also entered the room just as they sat down and she walked round to the front of the table.

The Registrar turned to Tom. Tom turned to Darius and Henry in turn, smiled and shook their hands before turning to Sandra and kissing her firmly on the lips. Suddenly Sandra bent down, raised the hem of her wedding dress and began taking down her silk garter of white with red bows. As she stepped out of it she turned her back once again to the audience and tossed the garter high into the air behind her.

Female hands rose into the air in readiness with squeals of delight. Steve looked up at it with bemusement as it began its descent into the crowd in front of them. There were still squeals of delight as she turned to face him, still grasping the garter.

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Steve turned around to see the smiling face of the woman that had brought them into the room earlier. for Free! There is and this is based on a true story. Score 4. Famous Story. Recommended Read. Published 3 years ago. She was still laughing now. It was obvious that the Registrar had been talking to him about them.

Wedding cuckold stories

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